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You are here: > News > May 19, 2010

Water-for-Fuel tech among Pepsi Refresh contestants

Kevin West claims to have been able to replicate Stanley Meyers water car technology on the bench, and is nearly done applying it to a vehicle and making a kit for others to do the same.  He has entered the monthly Pepsi Refresh contest to draw attention to this work and possibly win $250,000 for his project.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2010

Inspired by the late Stanley Meyer, Oregon inventor, Kevin West, is one of the thousands of researchers around the world seeking to wrest power from water so as to be able to use it as a primary fuel -- not just as an energy carrier. And he intends to open source his plans, sharing them with the world to help turn things around on a downward-spiraling planet.

He is a contestant in the Pepsi Refresh contest, which anyone can enter, where the two ideas with the most votes by the end of May will receive $250,000 each. Can our community help boost him to the top? I think we should at least try, and at least draw some attention to the maturing HHO/hydroxy field in the process.

Promotional Video

Here is his promo video, which is really quite well done, and would be a suitable representation of the field if it did get a lot of attention.

(YouTube; Feb. 25, 2010)

After giving the reasons why water for fuel is preferable, and giving a brief history of Stanley Meyer's water car, west describes the five steps involved in bringing this technology to you so you can use water as fuel, as well as the status of those steps.

  1. [DONE] Read the Meyers patents and make a bench top working model.
  2. [DONE] Put the information and videos on the web. 
  3. [DONE] Get a test vehicle and attach the conversion kit to it.
  4. [ALMOST FINISHED] Get the test vehicle to run on water.
  5. [ALMOST FINISHED] Make a kit for everyone to use.


You can vote once per day. Bookmark Tell your friends to do the same. Put his vote widget on your site(s) and blog(s), post it to your Facebook profile and MySpace. He is presently at around 165th place. I think we can easily boost him into the top 20 where this can get a lot of visibility – well deserved.

His objective with the winning money is " to create a business that allows for R&D to develop a new Hydrogen technology using water for fuel. Sharing this technology will create widespread market competition, employment, pollution reduction, and ease poverty."

His goals are to:
• Complete two water powered vehicles by year end 2010. 
• Design a universal kit to fit most vehicles and electric gensets.
• Distribute kits to create a positive change throughout the world.
• Share the information with the public to encourage reproduction.

About Kevin West

West owns the domain name, which is an awesome name and says a lot for his vision and focus. His YouTube channel is likewise 

You can read his profile at where he says, "I'm an x computer hacker, wildland firefighter, shadetree mechanic, guitar player, carpenter, plumber, electrician journeyman, Class B commercial driver, fisherman, gold panner, and I've been known to cook a few good meals." 

He's the kind of humble, down-to-earth kind of person so common in the outside-the-box, do-it-yourself, take-initiative-to-help world. I hope he wins. But then again, I've not looked through the list of other contenders.

I think you can vote for up to ten a day.

Pepsi is giving away $1.6 million each month to fund great ideas.  Maybe your technology could be the winner next month.

# # #


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