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You are here: > News > April 24, 2010

Perendev magnet motor inventor arrested for embezzlement

After declaring bankruptcy in Germany, Mike Brady rented a house at Lake Zurich in Switzerland and leased a fleet of Maserati and several Range Rovers.  He was arrested on March 29 and extradited to Germany where 61 customers wanted their money back ($1 million Euros+) for non-delivered 100 and 300-kw electromagnetic motors.  Patent pirated?

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2010

Michael B. (60) should have cheated its investors millions


MUNICH, GERMANY -- After reporting on April 14th that Perendev, famous for its all-magnet motor claim and viral video, had closed its doors, I noticed a couple of comments saying that the inventor and CEO, Michael J. Brady, had been arrested.

Finally today, I was pointed to two German newspaper articles that confirmed that he was indeed arrested in Zurich on March 29 and extradited to Germany in answer to a request made by the Public Prosecutor of Munich.  He now sits in a jail in Stadelheim.  I've posted a translation of these articles over at PESWiki.

Embezzling 61 German Customers

Three years ago Michael Brady moved to Switzerland, renting a house at posh Lake Zurich, and leasing a fleet of Maseratis and several Range Rovers. And Brady's company in Gruenwald, Germany filed for bankruptcy early this year.

This is hardly the expected lifestyle of someone who should have been working diligently to funnel all available funds into bringing the long-promised devices into production.

That was after taking money from 61 German customers, many of whom paid half down on the purchase price of 20,000 to 40,000 Euros for a generator.  The total amount embezzled is estimated to be 1 million Euros -- and that is just from German customers.  He was pre-selling these worldwide.

The German papers report that the promised motor was never delivered.  Neither have I ever been able to verify any customers that actually received product.

Brady has claimed since 2006 to have available for sale both a 100 kilowatt and a 300 kw electromagnetic motor (EMM) -- a free energy generator that requires no fuel.  He told me this was a variation of his alleged all-magnet motor which millions have seen in online videos, the original of which I posted on the web in conjunction with a demonstration that he was scheduled to do in Germany in 2004, but which did not materialize.

In addition to the magnetic and electromagnetic motors, Brady also claimed to have a 60 kW nitrogen motor for non-polluting power for motor boats.  One person reported: "His nitrogen motor works, but the consumption of nitrogen is excessively high, and the performance output is not good -- not suited for any motor vehicle."  He was also working on a hydroxy system, which had some of the same elements as above: claim of unprecedented output from his special electrolysis, but without substantiation.  For a few years, he was selling a magnetic ring the customer was to wear to boost health.

No Endorsement from Me

For those who are new to this saga, I should make it clear that for several years I have been letting my skepticism be known about Brady.  I have expressed my belief that the magnet motor was probably real, but that Brady's business practices are not something I would be comfortable endorsing.  I have hung onto the domain name,, forwarding it to our PESWiki page, in hopes that anyone searching the subject would find our cautionary statements.  Brady has threatened to sue me several times over the years because of my negative statements that turned potential customers and licensees away.


Over the years, there have been several nominal replications reported that have close similarities to the Perendev magnet motor, though we've not been able to verify any of these.  I presently know of someone who claims to have replicated Brady's magnet motor design, and claims to have been powering a house for nearly seven months with it, in a load-following manner, running essentially flawlessly.  I have not yet verified that claim, but have many reasons to not dismiss it.  We'll be reporting more on that in the coming months.

In response to skeptics who say obtaining power from magnets alone is impossible, I would respond: "Where's your imagination? Just because you can't see where the energy is coming from doesn't mean it couldn't be coming from somewhere not yet understood. The magnet motor could be setting up a local vortex in the magnetic field that is massive and inexhaustible."

Dreaming Big

When I met with Brady in Johannesburg for a week in December 2002, he dreamed of the day he'd be able to live large, on an island, with a yacht, and nice cars.  He was already living pretty comfortably, just a block or so away from where Nielson Mandela lived at the time.  One of the things that drove me away from him back then was his greed.  He wanted $500 million dollars for a license to manufacture and market the technology in the U.S.; yet he could not even produce a patent, though he claimed to have one, and promised dozens of times to get us the information about it.  I found out a couple of years later that his international PTO application was not awarded.

Pirated Patent

It turns out that he probably pirated the technology from a South American inventor who patented a nearly identical concept long before, in 1990 (of which I have a copy).  That inventor remembers getting frequent calls from a guy in Johannesburg asking in-depth questions about how the magnet motor worked.  That inventor went on to other things, tiring of the continued skepticism about it, and discouraged by the degaussing of the expensive ceramic magnets that he used in his design.  (The contact in S. America requested not to be identified or contacted.)

S. American magnet motor patent awarded in 1990; now expired

What's Next for Brady?

Now it's Brady's turn to go on to other things, such as probably scheming ways to get smokes in his jail cell.  When I knew him, he was a chain smoker.  He will have to come up with some clever way to keep up that habit in a place where such things are taboo.  He might have to resort to smoking dried banana peels, which inmates prepare behind the urinals, out of view of their keepers.  The dreams of yacht living on an island will have to be confined to his sleep.

# # #


Wrong Career

On Apr. 23, 2010, Pres wrote:

Brady seemed to have the right objective... just in the wrong business. 

Had he worked for a Wall St business then he could get handsomely rewarded for such tactics. :-)

* * * *

On Apr. 23, 2010, Ken Rasmussen wrote:

Kind of small potatoes to Goldman Sachs. Brady never got a dime from me. But Goldman has money from ALL of us, and I was never given a choice whether or not to give it to them.

* * * *

Previous Coverage

  • Magnet Motors > Perendev >
    Perendev closes its doors - Over the years, the term "Perendev" has become nearly synonymous with the idea of all-magnet motors. Citing the need for sole director, Michael Brady, to take care of severe legal proceedings abroad against his person, Perendev Power Holding AG is saying that he will not be able to attend to Perendev tasks, which may lead to its insolvency. Their website is gone. (PESN; April 14, 2010) (Comment)

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