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You are here: > News > April 14, 2010

Perendev closes its doors

Over the years, the term "Perendev" has become nearly synonymous with the idea of all-magnet motors. Citing the need for sole director, Michael Brady, to take care of severe legal proceedings abroad against his person, Perendev Power Holding AG is saying that he will not be able to attend to Perendev tasks, which may lead to its insolvency. Their website is gone.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2010

Sterling with Brady in Dec. 2002


Eight years ago, I got my start in the world of free energy by becoming acquainted with Mike Brady, then in Johannesburg, South Africa.  I had posted a page about free energy on my religiopolitical commentary website, and he responded with a link to his website about his all-magnet motor.

I then got involved with arranging to bring him on a tour through the United States to demonstrate his motor and to help establish a network to manufacture and market it to the world.  My associates and I started a company, PerenTech (the forerunner to PES Network), and purchased (which we still own, redirecting it to our PESWiki coverage of the company and technology claims), and worked on the logistics of his visit to the states.  He had tickets in hand twice (which I verified), but had to cancel twice -- once due to the terror alert in the U.S. going to orange, and once do to his associate getting scurvy -- the same associate who shortly thereafter was discovered to be embezzling funds from Perendev.  The third proposed visit attempt was scrapped due to an "eddy current" problem in the aluminum housing causing the motor to slow down.

He then fabricated a new rig out of some kind of plastic; and two associates, including Susan Carter, and myself flew over to Johannesburg in December of 2002.  We arrived in time to take his newly-fabricated magnet motor out of the machine shop and assemble the motor.  However, we were not able to get it to run in the week that we were there.  He said it is a matter of getting the magnets positioned right.  Not all the holes are populated.  It's a matter of timing.

Two months later, he sent me a video of it running, though the footage wasn't skeptic-proof.  Our engineer suspected that there was some kind of cheater device behind the motor to get running, which was then removed during the walk-around.  I've always believed that the footage was genuine. That is the footage which a couple of years later he allowed me to post with a story where we announced Brady's intention to do a demonstration of the technology on German television. (Ref.)  Though the TV thing didn't materialize, the video ended up on YouTube and has been seen millions of times.

(YouTube; by PESNetwork; September 27, 2007)

A mechanical engineer associate of ours, Douglass K. Furr, built a beautiful 1/4-scale replication of the Perendev all-magnet motor, with Brady's permission; but we couldn't get it to run, though we tried a bunch of different magnet configurations.  Quite a few people have seen videos of that replications, and even though I state in the video that I'm spinning it by hand, I still occasionally get calls or emails from people who think it is running from the power of magnets alone.

Our replication varied from Brady's design both in scale and by bringing the rotors in from the side rather than via the clam-shell design of Brady's.

(Google Video)

Ever since we launched in Aug. 2004, our Perendev page has been one of the most visited pages on the site.  Our Magnet Motor general index page is also one of the most popular pages.  On our Best Exotic Free Energy Technologies page, Perendev has been the only entry under the heading "Alleged Commercial".

Though I consider myself a steadfast believer in the possibility of an all-magnet motor being able to provide base-load power, I have not yet personally seen such a motor running, though I am hopeful that this status will change soon, due to a couple of alleged Perendev replications that I've become aware of.  We recently ran a couple of stories about other apparent replications.  And I've talked to three or four people who claim to have personally seen Brady's all-magnet motor running.

During all this time, I've believed that Brady actually did get an all-magnet motor running, and possibly even an electromagnetic version of that motor, but I have taken exception to his business practices, and have urged caution to any who have asked me my opinion; and I've expressed that caution on our PESWiki page about Perendev.

More recently I've become aware of a 1989 patent that embodies Brady's design, but pre-dates it by a decade -- and which is now expired.  Brady apparently was also aware of that patent, and it may have been the primary basis of his design.  I know that when he was taking us around Johannesburg, he didn't have any compunction against buying some pirated DVD's being sold along the roadside.  To his credit, he was a very gracious host.

As long as I've been aware, the story of Perendev has been a story of continued promises, continued hope for pending delivery, continued delays, continued alleged back-stabbing episodes by formerly trusted associates, continued disenchanted customers who haven't received product they paid for, and alleged pilfering of money by bad associates.  It's the perpetual "soon" that never quite materializes.  I've never spoken to a customer who has received a working product (though that is somewhat understandable inasmuch as he supposedly makes them sign secrecy agreements).

Just guessing, I would say that in the eight years I've know him, there have been at least eight times when he was going to be going into production, but I was never able to verify any of the times when he was alleged to have actually made it to production.

Today I learned that Perendev is apparently closing their doors.  The following statement comes by an auto-responder when an email is sent to Brady.  The website is gone.

Dear Customers and Partners of Perendev Power Holding AG

We regret to inform you that our sole director Michael J. Brady has to take care of severe legal proceedings abroad against his person and has therefore no longer the capacity to fulfil [sic] his functions with regard to Perendev Power Holding AG. Michael J. Brady regrets deeply that this leaves the company and its plans for a bright future with all of you behind. But he has no other choice, now, than to put all his efforts into fighting these false allegations. Although he has no possibility to evade this constellation, he apologizes for all the problems this causes to all of you. In this situation, Perendev Power Holding AG will most probably not be able to avoid in-solvency [sic]. To those who have investments or claims at stake, we give the advice to appoint a lawyer in Switzerland to follow such proceedings. 


Before their site went down, it said in part: 

"Perendev is planning a production plant in Switzerland. [...]

"Our plant once in production will produce the Magnetic motor/generator, Hydrogen technology ( water to Fuel ) and a number of other technologies aimed at improving our world.

"We are planning a show in Switzerland to demonstrate Perendev's technology in the very near future.

"Perendev is the No 1 Alternative company in the world today.  It is not something that happened overnight.  It has taken years and total dedication to achieve this goal, through hard work and the vision to change the way the world uses energy.

"We would like to point out that in 1998, there was very little in Publicity regarding magnetic motors, Perendev advertised on the Internet that they had developed a magnetic engine, since then many people have developed or try to develop Magnetic engines. We wish all who are doing this to continue and show the world that there is a better way of using energy.

"Demonstration planned in the near future, please return for update and dates for the projected launch of the 300kw motor. Our Hydrogen project is going well and we are getting ready to install the unit in our Toyota Hybrid.

"We will demonstrate the Hydrogen project on stage with a mounted running engine."

Despite all their problems over the years, I've always told Brady that I hope he succeeds in bringing an all-magnet motor or a self-looped electromagnetic version to market; and I've hoped that the right kind of people could come along to help him overcome some of the heavy challenges he has faced.

If he personally is removed from the ring, he deserves some kind of credit for spurring the imagination of so many, including two I know of who may have achieved a variation that could appear in the market not too long from now.  Despite all his challenges, I think Brady deserves "honorable mention" in this magnet motor saga.  Maybe he will yet rebound from whatever it is that is closing his doors for now.

# # #

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan Apr. 1, 2010
Last updated May 06, 2010


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