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You are here: > News > April 1, 2010

Energy from the vacuum cleaner

U.S. inventor, Dr. Thie, gets more than he had hoped for when he figures out a way to harness the vortex formed in his vacuum cleaner, combining the principles of quantum physics, Schauberger's vortices, and Tesla's radiant energy.

"The bagless Tornado vacuum cleaner has Ariete cyclonic system, allowing its power to stay constant during use. With the 1.6 kW motor, the cyclonic system creates a special vacuum vortex, spinning grime and preventing it from settling and clogging the vacuum cleaner filter." (Appliancist)


Rotoconversion Energy Saving Method accepted into Tech Briefs contest - An inventor who proposed a system similar to the "Energy from the Vacuum Cleaner" design I posted on April Fools day has had his Rotoverter motor design accepted into NASA Tech Brief's "Create the Future" contest. His Rotoconversion motor purportedly can cut energy waste by up to 90% compared to a conventional motor. (PESN; April 4, 2010)

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2010

An inventor in Tennessee, Deor O. Thie, has discovered something absolutely phenomenal.

Spending a lot of time studying quantum physics, he has been especially intrigued with the vast amount of energy alleged to be found all around us, sometimes called the "quantum vacuum". 

Earlier last month, while doing some "honey-do" chores around the home, Thie said a flash of inspiration came to him.  What if he plugged his vacuum cleaner into itself?

"Nah, that's silly", was his first reaction.  But then he remembered what his friends said to him so many years ago at a bar when he said he was going to date the beautiful blond across the room, who is now his wife.  "Nah, that's silly."

Thie also got to thinking about the vortex that some of these new vacuum cleaners have built into them.  "You know those mini tornadoes that get going inside of these modern vacuum cleaners?  Science still doesn't fully understand how so much energy can come from tornadoes.  And there right inside of our vacuum cleaners is a tornado."

That was when he started grinning.  "What if one of Victor Schauberger's vortexes is being created in my vacuum cleaner, making  free energy?  And all this time we've just been oblivious to it, not even using it!"

Thie now had his work cut out for him.  All he needed to do was somehow capture that vortex energy, and viola, he would have a self-running vacuum cleaner that draws energy from the vacuum!  

Little did he know what lay in store.

He pulled out his trusty duct tape, twisted some wires around into some toroid coils like he'd seen some Tesla replicators doing, with a Marco Rodin twist, and put some small magnet fragments in the tornado chamber.  The idea was that as the little magnets spun around in the tornado, the coils would pick up the flux from their movement, generating electricity.

Certainly that would work.  The question is if it would be more energy than what was required to run the vacuum cleaner, due to harvesting the quantum vacuum via the Schauberger vortex.

His next task was to come up with a circuit to convert the electromagnetic forces coming from the coils into something that wouldn't fry the motor on his vacuum cleaner.  After a little poking around the Internet, as well as sourcing a few things from his neighbor's shed, he found just what he needed, though he didn't want to tell me this part of his system.  "It's the simplest part, and if I tell you that, you'll know just how to do what I've done."

Thie might open source it, but he's got to think about it for a while.

Anyway, he said that after he got the vacuum cleaner up to speed by having it plugged into the wall, he flipped a switch on the cord so that the electricity would then be drawn from his circuit that pulls the energy from the magnet chips spinning around in the vacuum tornado.

"It's the damndest thing," he said.  "Not only did the vacuum cleaner keep running, but it started to go faster and faster; and the vacuum cleaner actually started to lift off the floor.  The damn thing was doing some kind of anti-gravity gig."

"I had a hard time holding on to it."

At that point, Thie said he flipped the switch back.  But he wasn't prepared for what happened next.  All the lights that were on in the house suddenly grew very bright, then blew out.

You see, when he first had the vacuum cleaner plugged into the wall, it was to get the system going.  But now that it was running, and speeding up from the self-looping, when he flipped the switch back to the outlet power, because of how he had it wired, the generator was actually apparently sending power back into his house via the plug.  "And it wasn't normal A.C. electricity, because the breaker switch would have blown.  There was some kind of longitudinal radiant energy travelling not THROUGH the wires but ALONG the wires as a conduit, with no limitations from the small gauge of the wire."

Around his living room, he could see sparks coming from the various appliances that were plugged in, as the surge of electricity hit them.  So even though the light bulbs were blown out, the place was illuminated by a sparkler type of effect from the appliances that were going up in smoke. 

"And there was a crazy bluish glow around the tornado chamber on the vacuum.  It freaked me out."

Meanwhile, Thie said the vacuum cleaner kept ascending, and at an increasing rate.  He couldn't hold on to it.

"It smacked into the ceiling, climbed to the middle of the vaulted ceiling in the double-wide, and the motor continue to increase in speed.  I thought for sure the motor would burn out or something, but it just kept spinning faster and faster, so that pretty soon it sounded like a jet engine."

Apparently, just as a tornado sucks things in toward the middle of the vortex, not shooting them outward from centripetal motion, the rotation of the motor was also being prevented from spinning to destruction by a similar electrical effect.

Next, he said the vacuum cleaner started punching through the ceiling, then suddenly, like a bullet being released from a chamber, it shot up though the roof, pulling the cord out of the wall, and flipping back and forth like a jigsaw as it followed the vacuum cleaner up into the sky.

He said he just caught a glimpse of it in the night sky as it rocketed upward, "This bluish ball racing up into the sky."

All of this happened so quickly, it took a minute before Thie's wife came into the room with a flashlight, her eyes wide, asking "what the hell was that?"

Luckily, he was able to grab a fire extinguisher and douse the few smoldering flames around the house from the fried appliances.

When Thie stepped outside to go tell his neighbor about what happened, he noticed that the neighborhood was dark as well.  He saw the next day that he had blown a main circuit for the entire neighborhood.

Remembering the grief Tesla caught from the City of Colorado Springs when he blew out the city's power during one of his experiments, Thie realized he had better just be quiet about what had happened, and hope the utility workers wouldn't trace it to his home.

As for his one and only prototype that ended up who-knows-where, he said: "It's not worth much as a vacuum cleaner.  It's pretty hard to clean the carpet if the vacuum cleaner won't even stay on the floor."

As for his wife, she's not sure whether to throttle him for nearly giving her a heart attack, destroying their new Tornado vacuum along with most of the bulbs and appliances in the house, not to mention the hole in the living room ceiling and the fire and smoke damage throughout the house; or to give him a big hug for being such a brilliant inventor.  For now, she says she's happy to be alive.

Meanwhile, he is willing to entertain investment inquiries (emphasis on "entertain") to do additional research and prototyping.  Thie just wants to make sure that they realize that this whole story is an April Fools joke.

# # #



Shame its a Joke

On April 2, 2010, silverfish wrote:

Shame, because I suspect there are echoes of truth somewhere in this imaginatively written fake story. Read: 1) Nature as Teacher, 2) The Water Wizard, 3) The Fertile Earth by Victor Schauberger, translated and edited by Callum Coats, Gateway Press. The vortex-type phenomenon is also reminiscent of Floyd Sweet, where he reported a loud sound like a tornado before he was forced to shut the device down, and one of his fingers got shocked and frostbitten, from the sound of it. Cold electricity? hmm. Anti-gravity effects too, I seem to recall? There are others who have worked with spinning toroidal coils/magnets, rotating magnetic fields, etc., and reported similar effects.

* * * *

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