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You are here: > News > March 5, 2010

Top 100
Izumi claims their run-of-river turbine is cheaper than grid power

A Slovenian turbine-generator that is designed to work in relatively slow and shallow moving water supposedly could not only provide clean energy but at a price point many times cheaper than the cheapest grid power presently available. 

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2010


Slovenian inventor, Vladimir Markovic, is not bashful about touting the virtues of his run-of-the river turbine design, which he thinks can come in 70 times cheaper than solar and wind, while being far more reliable; and 7 times cheaper than grid electricity in Europe where he resides.  

Though that optimism is probably borne of the "my baby is the most beautiful baby" exuberance that is common for inventors, the design has been given thumbs up by our New Energy Congress, listing it among the "Top 100 Clean Energy Technologies."  Back in October of 2008 when we first learned about this technology, then New Energy Congress member, Mark Dansie said of it: "If manufactured using modern materials and production methods, this is real top 10 material.  I did some math, and replacing the pumps with sealed submerged genset could supply huge volumes of electricity at install costs less than wind turbines."

With the water, sand, rocks and other unfriendly environment found in rivers, it's hard to imagine that a river-borne turbine system could produce electricity more cheaply than what one can presently get from the grid.  Markovic told me "all driven units, pumps, generators or other elements are closed and installed in a central drum, which is placed inside of a concrete plate. That way, all driven parts are securely protected against pieces of wood, gravel and other dirtiness which can be present in the river."

The company has recently presented a new video, which they have allowed us to post on our channel; and they have prepared a document explaining the math and logic of the design.  In uploading this video, which originally didn't have any audio, I randomly clicked on a music track that YouTube had in its offering, and it turned out that the audio I first selected matched up very well with the visual elements in the video.

(YouTube PESNetwork; March 4, 2010)

Regarding his latest generator design, Marcovic told me (slightly edited):

" I actually produced [it] based on standard industrial parts (for piston pumps for water or air, etc.). Practically, I am not patent protecting centuries known designs of solenoids and magnets, but actually only the systems of driving at least three solenoidal units as one integrated solenoidal generator in such way that everything is offering constant electric tension and operates even with the smallest number of driving revolutions. The electrical results we have reached are excellent, because everything even calculated to operate with [as low as] only three or more revolutions per minute."

The company is entertaining licensing agreements for deploying the technology.

# # #



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