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You are here: > News > February 28, 2010

Free Energy hope for doomsday and ET disclosure

The primary reason why most national governments have been suppressing UFO sightings and downplaying the possibility of extraterrestrial visitation and technology is that once people realize that these things are real, then their creative genius will liberated, and replications will follow shortly, making oppressive governments obsolete.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2010


This morning, my wife was telling me about some interesting shows she was listening to yesterday regarding the Web Bot technology, which gathers samplings of dialogue from across the web and is able to pick up certain themes that the collective intuition of people are foreseeing for the future, without realizing it. 

They first developed the technology with the intent of predicting stock market trends, and soon realized that it was useful for general prognostication. They became aware of the effectiveness and accuracy of the method when they saw 911 clearly depicted in advance of it happening. One of the associates commented to the other to the effect: "Something must be about to happen in New York. Check out these phrase clusters." I heard a show about this last summer on Coast to Coast. It's fascinating stuff.

In one of the programs my wife was listening to yesterday, Web Bot associate, Cliff High was talking about how during WWII, the military did an experiment in which they had two groups of three creative people each. The military showed one group a new technology working and set them to the task of replicating it. They gave the same task to the second group, but did not show a working prototype, and suggested that the task was "impossible." As you can imagine, the second group was unsuccessful, while the first group accomplished the replication.

The conclusion of this experiment was to show the power of the human spirit and mind to manifest something when they have confidence that the outcome is possible. I might add that ridicule is the antithesis emotion to hope, and is probably the most effective and most commonly-used tactic employed by the powers that be (PTB) in suppressing the emergence of the new thing.

They were saying that this is the primary reason why the governments of the earth have been so quick to suppress UFO sightings and downplay the possibility of extraterrestrial visitation and technology. Once people realize that these things are real, then the creative genius is liberated, and replication will come shortly thereafter. And a people who have cheap, free energy and antigravity technology can't be controlled or manipulated by the methods of the present governments. It spells an end to their reign of corruption and increasing tyranny.

I might add that this also explains why those black op projects that are privy to the truth about extraterrestrials have been able to replicate the technology for themselves, which they sequester for their own nefarious purposes. They have a huge advantage over the lay population: confidence that the technology is real and possible, while telling the lay population that it is bogus and silly. I'm convinced that many of the UFO sightings are craft of human origin by black op elements that are in on the suppression of the planet.

Then they call anyone "crazy" who claims to have seen a UFO. A corollary argument is that if people aren't making fun of you, you're probably not much of a pioneer. That is one of the reasons I have the quote on my websites: "He who is one step ahead is a genius. He who is two steps ahead is a crackpot." I hope to make the term "crackpot" a compliment, as a point of endearment and motivation so that the PTB tactics backfire, serving to spur rather than impede the emergence of these technologies from the lay public.

High said that what is showing up in the Web Bot predictions is that because the governments continue to withhold the ET disclosure, the ETs will get around them by having an interview with a major network. The network (which has long been in cahoots with the powers that be) will think that they are just interviewing some sage, and nothing will be visible as far as they can see during filming, but when the program airs on national TV, ET craft will be visible in the background, and the person being interviewed will clearly be in communication with the craft. 

Many people have reported incidences in which they were taking a photograph and didn't see anything unusual, but when the film was developed, something unusual, such as a UFO craft, appeared in the photo. My own mother-in-law, Susan Carter, has had the experience of taking a photo of scenery, only to have orbs of light show up when the film is processed. It's pretty cool stuff.

Ed Grimsley is best known for a variation of this phenomenon. He takes expensive (several thousand dollars), military grade, night vision glasses and looks up at the sky, and is able to see sometimes legions of craft flying around in some areas, and sometimes even in apparent combat with one another using what appears to be laser type weapons. 

Their cloaking mechanism apparently is unveiled by such glasses. They fly at speeds far beyond anything the public is aware of, and change their trajectory at rates also not possible by anything the public is aware of. No wonder the military troops are instructed to never look up at the sky with the glasses. The reason they are given is that the starlight and moonlight can be blinding. I know people who have looked through such glasses and can vouch for what Ed Grimsley claims, including George Noory of Coast to Coast AM.

The Web Bot apparently predicts that these space battles will get increasingly intense in the days to come. Who the parties are in the battle and why they are fighting is a complex issue, with many dynamics, partly because our level of understanding is not yet sufficient to comprehend the advanced civilizations that are showing up here and the conflicts that might arise between them as the earth emerges as a player in some galactic federation. When you consider that opposition seems to be an inseparable part of existence and growth, it's not hard to imagine that even advance civilizations will have opposing forces. Also the factions within the black op human realm and their nefarious agendas are contrary to an enlightened evolvement of humanity and thus are prone to conflict during our coming metamorphosis.

High said that the Web Bot predicts the emergence of a free energy technology to the world population somewhere around 2013. However, collective human choice is a dynamic element; it is not cast in stone. Someone reading this account, for example, could decide to open source his free energy technology rather than take it through the traditional roll-out process, which is full of bureaucratic obstacles and suppression opportunities for the powers that be who do not want to see such technology come forth to the general public.

That choice, by one person, could completely change the outcome for humanity. It could spare us of at least some of the intense misery that the world is presently facing in the near future. Imagine the power of the mere word going forward that an affordable, free energy technology has been developed and will be available soon – or possibly even available now by just downloading the plans and building one for yourself, and for others. In a very short time, the world could be transformed from a paradigm of scarcity and enslavement to a corrupt Orwellian government, to a paradigm of abundance and liberation from oppression and reliance on a corrupt government.

Of course I should mention that there are presently some bogus plans being sold that make such claims.  Be sure that such claims are accompanied by adequate evidence, not just testimonials, but photos, videos, data, etc…

Meanwhile, on the subject of pending economic and societal meltdown, I should urge you to be sure you are doing what you can to prepare for difficult days ahead. This baby of an enlightened civilization is not going to be born without birthing pangs. The corrupt powers that be are not going to leave their seats of power without a struggle. It is nearly certain that very soon we are going to see hyperinflation, food scarcity, and the social disruptions that will accompany economic meltdown. You should have alternative ways to get water, food, health implements, and other necessities. If you think things have been difficult lately, one intuitive put it this way: "we've not even begun the marathon; we're still warming up and stretching out prior to the race."

Neither should you despair. Remember that you chose to be alive during this time and to accomplish certain things. You knew it was going to be hard, and you knew that you would not be pushed beyond your ability, as long as you put your faith in God, whatever that means to you.

Hope is a crucial component to survival, especially in situations such as we are facing in the near future. There is hope that many free energy technologies are going to emerge, which will make life much easier and more peaceful than what has been. There is hope that though the Orwellian powers that be seem to have an iron grip on the planet, their days are numbered. There is hope that a higher power will aid in delivering us from the grasp of the beast that has been coming into power and is securing its hold. That higher power is a function of our collective hope; so the greater our hope, the less severe will be our peril.

So if you are one of these inventors with a free energy technology that could change the course of the planet, I urge you to come forward with it as a hero, and let us open source it so that the hope can spring more rapidly and firmly sooner in the hearts of mankind.

Giving the technology to the world doesn't mean leaving you with no financial gain from it. There are ways to generate substantial revenue in the open source path – not that financial gain should be the motivation. Helping humanity should be the primary cause. Visit our open source page and read through some of the overview documents to see if open source is the way to go with your technology. Is it easy to understand? Is it inexpensive? Is it easy to build? Is its IP unencumbered? Does it produce a practical amount of energy? The closer it is to these ideals, the better it can do as an open source project, and the more likely it is to spark the imagination and inspire hope in the world – something we could use all we can get of.

I personally don't like the thought of the hard times we're facing ahead. Our propane ran out yesterday morning, and I spent half the day cutting wood to put in our wood stove to keep the place warm until Tuesday, which is the next time the delivery truck comes around. My skill saw motor burned out and I had to buy a new one, costing as much as it would have cost to have the propane truck make a special delivery two days prior, when I first saw that the meter read "zero". (I should also confess that Spirit had been nudging me to go check the meter for about a week, and had I obeyed, we wouldn't be in this predicament.)

Living in survival mode takes us away from all the creative things we could be doing. We'll be so focused on just keeping warm (or cool), scraping together some food and shelter, that we'll hardly have time to be pushing the envelope technology-wise or in other ways that our fore-ordained callings in life direct us. The more we can do now, while we still have the comforts of civilization, the less severe and prolonged will be our collapse prior to the phoenix rising from the ashes. And no, that phoenix isn't going to be a socialist new world order, it's going to be an enlightened society based on principles of freedom and individual goodness. That is our destiny, and free energy technology can play a pivotal role in its emergence.

# # #



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Addresses Key Issues

On March 01, 2010 11:43 PM Mountain, Michael Saleha of Exopolitics wrote:

Mahalo Sterling, 

I enjoyed your article greatly. It's well written and addresses key issues concerning free energy and ET disclosure. I hope it gets wide circulation. I will let others know about it.

* * * *

Good One

On February 28, 2010 6:16 PM Mountain, Dr. Ted Loder, board member of The Orion Project, wrote:

Good article Sterling, Well said! I guess that is because I agree with essentially everything you wrote.

* * * *

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Last updated April 03, 2010


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