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You are here: > News > February 20, 2010

GAP Power magnetic amplification and neutralization illustrates regauging

Art Porter has posted a video series that demonstrates what John Bedini calls "regauging", a principle involved in being able to replicate some of Tesla's later work.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2010


The other day when we were in the middle of all those Bedini stories, I had asked John Bedini what he thought of GAP Power Magnetic Amplification & Neutralization, linking to Art Porter's websites.  

I asked him, "Is it a variation of the Bedini?"

John called that night, and talked to me about this system and how it is an excellent illustration of the controversial principle of "regauging". He also said "It is not close to my design at all. These motors are based on monopole, open loop design, not a closed loop path." 

According to one of Bedini's patents, in regauging, 

"the flux fields created by the coils is collapsed because of a reversal of the magnetic field in the magnetized pole pieces thus allowing the capture of available back EMF energy. Additional available energy may be captured and used to re-energize the battery, and/or sent in another direction to be used as work. As an alternative, the available back EMF energy may be dissipated into the system."

Note that Bedini has stated that he is forced by the patent office to employ the term "Back EMF" even though the device does not even utilize BackEMF at all. He is using high voltage radiant energy spikes to electrochemically re-charge batteries.

Bedini seemed delighted to have learned of the GAP-Power site and thought it did an excellent job of documenting the phenomenon, giving you pounds and force.

"Pay attention", he urged. "[Porter] did great on it."

Bedini said, "I'm building a whole series of motors on regauging."

He said that neodymium magnets are not good to use in regauging because the heat involved causes them to lose their strength.

"He hasn't captured energy out of it yet."

Bedini said there are two ways to get this energy. One is through the Tesla Plate developed in the 1900s, in which the magnetic fields are manipulated. The other way is to regauge the magnet by flipping. "In the future, we're not going to waste anything."

# # #

Art's Other Work

On February 19, 2010 Art Porter wrote:

Dear Sterling:

You may find these two web-sites interesting. The first one is about another invention I have. The second is also on the first web-site. It's a little about my business, Tri-Tube, Inc.




Best article of the Year

On Sunday, February 21, 2010 6:56 AM Mountain, Tom Conover <tomcon {at}> wrote:

Subject: The Art Porter Article Rocks!

Hi Sterling,

I just wanted to say thank you once again for the work you do for all of us, standing in the middle of the road courageously allowing skeptics to take shots at your opinions and presentations. This last article of yours about Art Porter and the films he published merit a "Best article of the Year" from me for you so far in 2010. Art is credible, his background seems to speak for itself, he makes no astonishing claims, and yet ... I see the Grand Canyon. It is very beautiful. "Regauging", eh? Sweet.

I've been tuning a completed a DC/DC 555 based switch mode power supply that pings a coil and harvests the positive and negative energy from the coil and am beginning to design some basic tests for optimizing coil size, frequency, and duty cycle factors to increase the yield of the negative energy. The switching process used with capacitors and diodes seems to have interesting results for me in powering motors from both sides of the voltage lanes. 'Tesla Switch' seems to be the key factor in my results so far. I'm harvesting power at a COP of at least point nine seven right now – without tuning, at 354hz;12v using a pair of 16v super caps and 4 unmodified computer fan motors. One cap gathers positive voltage, the other negative voltage, both run motors effortlessly. The COP is based on worst case readings from six concurrent millimeters reading voltage and amperage consumption for sub circuits. Gbluer on utube is demonstrating similar concepts with diode/capacitor harvesting, and both of us are wondering if the more power we use in the circuits the more power the ether yields. It's great fun if nothing else.

Hope your house is coming along. It's a big project in life, and generates challenges. Sometimes we have to be careful what we pray for. 

Keep up the good work on the web site, we all appreciate your efforts. 

* * * *

Model Presentation

On Feb. 21, 2010, Albert wrote:

This video page should be considered as a model for doing this sort of video: No shaky hand held cameras, no clutter in the background, everything is short, clear and precisely to the point: close-ups, clear use of measuring equipment, graphics and captions. Even old master John Bedini might learn something here, as some of the videos done by Tony Craddock and others have such bad camera work. Why is much of the stuff shot by free energy fans so amateurish?

* * * *

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Last updated March 22, 2010


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