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You are here: > News > February 9, 2010

Bedini 10-coil energizer kits now available

Tony Craddock has posted a new infomercial video about the 10-coil energizer kit being manufactured by Rick Friedrich.  Their purpose is to educate about Tesla's radiant energy technology, especially pertaining to its desirable effect on batteries, to rejuvenate them and charge them with much less input electricity required.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2010

John Bedini (right) and Rick Friedrich demonstrate the new 10-coil energizer as assembled from the kit Rick has prepared.


The Bedini crew has been very busy.  We have another story about them that we'll be posting hopefully tomorrow about an upcoming conference in which they will be debuting a new product that will increase the output of solar panels by quite a bit (think window dressing).

But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

On Sunday, Tony Craddock, Tom Bearden's webmaster, posted an "infomercial" video announcing the availability of a new 10-coil energizer kit developed by Bedini's associate, Rick Friedrich.  

If I understand correctly, the Bedini energizer does several things.  Its primary purpose is to charge batteries in a way the helps rejuvenate them.  It extracts radiant energy in the tradition of Nikola Tesla, and that radiant energy doesn't show up on traditional meters in the form of volts and amps, but it does show up in the form of battery capacity and longevity.  Also, there is a minor mechanical component (torque) that is over and above what is being input and output electrically.

The purpose of the kit is for learning and research purposes, to help people experiment without having to spend many more thousands of dollars having this system made up by machinists.  With a price tag of over $4,000, the kit is hardly cheap, but given what goes into it, that price tag isn't gouging either.

This is an advanced and more useful version of the Bedini_SG, a one-coil open source project that we (PES Network, Inc.) launched with Bedini's permission back in 2004, and which Friedrich took leadership of and developed far beyond what we first launched.  Friedrich who has been working closely with Bedini for several years, recently moved to Hayden, Idaho to be able to work directly in Bedini's lab.

I was the first to build the Bedini SG, and my associate, Susan Carter, was the second (to illustrate how easy it is to build).  The name "school girl motor" was to illustrate the ease.  Hundreds, if not thousands of people have since built that motor or variations thereof, thanks in large part to the work being done by Friedrich.

Here is the infomercial video:

"John Bedini and Rick Friedrich assemble and demonstrate the Bedini 10 Coil Energizer Kit" (YouTube;

The 10-coil energizer kit, authorized by Bedini for Friedrich to manufacture, provides all the parts and instructions required to make it "easy for anyone to assemble."

The kits can be purchased through Friedrich's website:   You'll see there that he has a lot of options available.  You can either buy the individual components (rather than source them yourself, which might save some money but takes a lot of time [speaking from experience]), or you can purchase everything all ready to go -- coils already wound, stand already cut.  All you have to do is piece it together, as is shown at the end of the infomercial video, then solder the wires into the circuit board.

Quoting from the site (slightly edited):

[Example of a battery bank that can be charged (not included) with the energizer.]

Large Bedini 10 Pole Monopole

This is the monopole replication of the large classic Energizer. 

It is not fully assembled and will not be assembled for people upon request. It is for learning and research purposes. Customer assembles rotor, frame and circuit.  Experiment at your own risk. 

The kit is molded and machined to the highest quality and includes the following:

  • ten 3" motor coils 
  • a 17" aluminum rotor
  • 80 wires with 80 circuits on 10 circuit boards
  • an aluminum base frame with Plexiglas top
  • 80 SSG circuits
  • a generator coil that powers LEDs to light up the Bedini logo and clear plastic
  • heat sink and pads
  • wire to batteries, clips
  • small sample of xcelplus
  • instruction CD 

You will be able to run the machine not only at 12V and 24V inputs, but over 100V. The larger the battery bank used the more you will get out of it (provided the batteries are in good condition). The system allows for the charging bank to be considerably higher voltage than the primary battery bank (or the same if desired). 

Related to R-Charge Devices

Here I am with the R-Charge device hooked to the battery of my minivan.

For about three years now, Bedini has had a line of commercial battery charger and rejuvenator products called the "Renaissance Chargers".  They are described as "the first radiant battery chargers that radically reduce battery replacement costs while dramatically increasing battery capacity."

Friedrich sells these, as do a few other dealers.  It is a solid state system powered by a plug into a regular 60-Hz, 110-V wall outlet.  The charger pulls much less current from the wall than competitor chargers doing the same task (and the competitor products don't improve the battery at the same time).

I bought one more than a year ago and have had some success with it.  Most notably, the battery on our minivan was beginning to go out last Fall.  I put the R-Charger on it and saved myself from having to buy a new battery.  It's not yet up to "better than new" status that lead-acids are said to achieve with this product, but I've only just the other day given it a second treatment with the R-Charger.

Owen Mullen, who is one of Bedini's dealers, says that there is a great deal of interest in this technology.  "70 percent of the batteries that go to the landfill could be reclaimed," he said.  Companies who use electrical forklifts, for example, could save a lot of money and time by using this technology.

The purpose of the 10-coil-energizer kit is to help teach people some of the new principles involved in these Tesla-related electrical systems.  Friedrich is working on a 5 kW version of the system.

While these themselves might not be the ultimate free energy device so many of us are looking for, they provide a meaningful step in that direction.  And if you want to see some really cool stuff, stay tuned for what is coming next.

# # #


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