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You are here: > News > January 29, 2010

Investors win $26M award against Tilleys

A Nashville jury found Carl Tilley and his wife guilty on several counts and levied both compensatory and punitive damages against them jointly, individually and the two companies. Tilley made a splash in 2002 with the claim he could run a DeLorean he had converted to electric, powered by his device that could keep the car running indefinitely.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2010

Former NASCAR driver Bobby Allison drove Tilley's electric DeLorean in a 2002 demonstration at Nashville Superspeedway. (Photo courtesy of Doug Littlefield)


Those of you who have been in the Free Energy community for years have heard of Carl Tilley and his claim to have a battery charger technology that could keep a system running indefinitely, though in fact he stole the technology, exaggerated its abilities, and was only interested in money, not in getting a working technology to market.

After silence for several years on the Tilley saga, I heard from Doug Littlefield the other day, a right-hand man who had been "buffaloed" by Tilley.  He said that a Nashville jury has now found Carl Tilley and his wife guilty on several counts and levied both compensatory and punitive damages against them jointly, individually and against the two companies.

According to the Nashville Post, Jan. 19, 2010:

The jury handed down a $26 million judgment last week against the Tilleys and affiliated entities in U.S. District Court. The award, which includes $3.57 million in compensatory and $22 million in punitive damages plus pre-judgment interest, comes three and a half years after a group of investors filed suit against the Tilleys.

The lawsuit's plaintiffs said Tilley sold unregistered stock in his Tilley Foundation Inc. to them for $1,000 a share. They accused him of defrauding them and other shareholders by falsely claiming the motor recharged itself without fuel – and that he had been offered "billions of dollars" by major companies that wanted to commercialize it.

The complaint said Tilley and his wife perpetrated a fraud using "intricate schemes, promises and lies" and engaged in "a pattern of racketeering activity."

Back on Sept. 7, 2002, the Tilley Foundation first captured the attention of the Free Energy community with a demonstration they had planned for the Nashville Super Speedway. They were going to run a DeLorean they had converted to electric, powered by their technology that was going to keep the car going, lap after lap after lap after lap -- proving to the world that free energy had arrived.  We arranged to have people on the ground to report in real time what was going on.  The traffic on our news story reached nearly 80,000 hits that day, if I remember correctly.

Tilley Demo Indepdendent Follow-up Site -- logo design by Kevn Lambson of

After just a few laps, a bearing supposedly failed on the car, bringing the demo to a premature halt (within a distance that could have easily been accomplished by batteries alone, hardly showing any drop in voltage).  Someone in the crowd had a DeLorean in the parking lot and offered to provide the necessary parts to repair the car, but he was declined.

It was actually that story that launched me into my career as a reporter for the Free Energy community.  I began by posting updates day after day on the latest developments in the Tilley saga.  The image to the left is the logo we used for several years.  Then I started including other things, and eventually was born as a domain of its own, later forwarding to where it now resides, as we aggregate Free Energy news from around the world into "the Wikipedia of free energy."

Despite the hampered Superspeedway demo, Carl Tilley continued to spin spellbinding stories and claims.  They were converting all kinds of things to run on their system -- purportedly -- cars, trucks, golf carts, etc.  Money flowed in, people's life savings were put on the line, but nothing ever came of the technology. 

Or coverage switched from optimistic to negative by January of 2003, when we posted a series of stories documenting the operation as being fraudulent, including whistleblower testimony, video footage of Tilley in play, scamming the crowd, and other evidence.  One whistleblower described finding a hidden extension cord running from Carl's house to the workshop that was allegedly being powered by the Tilley system.

At one point, at an annual stockholder's meeting, Tilley told shareholders that he had received a phone call from General Electric with an offer of 2 billion dollars to buy the technology "sight unseen."  I posted a video of him saying that.  When we contacted GE, they said they had never heard of Tilley, and of course they would never make such an offer without thorough due diligence.

I even had a daughter-in-law of Tilley contact me to tell me the stories of what it was like for her husband growing up -- moving suddenly, in the middle of the night, without notice, like 17 different times.  She told of the mortal fear she had of Tilley, for reprisals for even talking to me, and threats he had made to her.

Tilley was the classic snake oil salesman, and he kept right on going for years.  Even when he was run out of town in Tennessee in Oct. 2006 for some securities violations, he picked up again in Nebraska.

During all of this, he threatened to sue me a number of times, but I held my ground and did not back down.  I had the evidence of his fraud, and I wasn't going to cower to his threats, even though I realized that he had a lot of money and had used some of it for lawyers against others.  He had intimidated more than one whistleblower into changing their stories in court.

As for this most recent trial, the Nashville Post states: "The Tilleys did not attend the trial and had no lawyer. In a 2008 letter to Judge Robert Echols, they stated that they had no more funds to defend the lawsuit."

At some point, someone was talking about making a movie about this saga.  It looks like the final act has finally been played out in real life.

While were on the subject of fraud, I should mention that Bob Potchen, who has been harassing Bob Boyce, claiming his technology as his own, bastardizing the technology so it doesn't work, taking hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment money from well-meaning people who can't afford to loose it, stiffing complaining customers, and threatening those who speak out with legal action -- reminds me very much of Carl Tilley.  Hopefully it wont take as long for him to be shut down completely.  There is likewise a great deal of evidence against Potchen, yet he continues as if he's in the right and he's going to prove it.

# # #



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