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You are here: > News > January 16, 2010

Haiti provides opportunity for free energy roll-out

The calamity in Haiti and other disasters like this provide an opportunity for new, emerging free energy technologies to step forward in coming to the rescue. Matt Imber gives a short list of technologies he would like to see make their debut where the need is great and hearts are softened.

by Matt Imber
for Pure Energy Systems News

Skybuilt Power's renewable energy modules are designed to be transported to the site and to be rapidly deployable.  They can also be airlifted in.


Wouldn't it be awesome if an exotic free energy technology made its debut in coming to the rescue in Haiti or another such disaster?

As I watch the latest events unfold on cable news of the recent Haiti disaster, I am on the lookout for a story that I think may be there that is being missed and it’d be great if someone scooped the story. While the immediate efforts and concern are and should be focused on dealing with the living and the dead, and for providing shelter and medical care for those in need, I am also very interested in the media’s coverage of the technical aspect of disaster relief, and how breakthrough technology might be used in such remote locations and for dealing with the long-term aspects of sustainable recovery, and used where it is needed most. 

Certainly, we would expect that companies like SkyBuilt Power will make a showing on the scene with their disaster-relief drop-and-go renewable energy modules in shipping containers.

The technology I would most like to see for such disaster relief is renewable energy used for remote power generation. The Dominican Republic was reportedly helping to restore power, but what is desperately needed in times of such emergencies is remote, decentralized power -- preferably available in trailer sized (or smaller) units which can be airlifted and dropped to remote sites. Of course there are such "portable" generators, but these usually run off of diesel fuel and are big, loud, expensive, impractical and unaffordable for small villages. I would hope that US AID or the Red Cross would have something up their sleeve besides more of the same fossil fuel based, inefficient diesel generators, and that they would have advanced energy generation technology that they are free to use without intervention or more suppression we’ve seen from the oil & energy cartels. 

Does US AID or another government agency possess Breakthrough Technology and do they have it at-the-ready for emergencies like this? If so, what kinds of technology are they using, and where is this covered during the mass media’s focus on the disaster?

I can not recall seeing very much of the technical side of humanitarian relief efforts, such as supplying clean power for a portable hospital, or how clean drinking water is supplied in remote locations, or the inefficiencies of disaster relief, and how past problems were solved with breakthrough technology, such as zero-point energy devices, or something similar, involving perhaps HHO gas. I have seen some interesting bits on today’s news coverage of the Haiti earthquake including an inflatable hospital being used by Doctors Without Borders which are being deployed there, but not much on remote power generation, or water purification. 

One such technology that may be applicable for the relief effort in Haiti is an engine generator (genset) that I’ve seen in a video from American Hydrogen Association. In one video, Roy McAlister shows to the camera a skid-mounted trailer-sized unit that appeared to be an on-demand hydrogen powered (or enhanced) engine generator that was used for disaster relief, and can be dropped anywhere in the world with a cargo plane, and used where it is needed. The unit, or another similar one in the demonstration had an oven and stovetop mounted on the unit, and provided a remote kitchen and power supply which supplied enough power for a small village or to power a remote hospital for the disaster relief. The video I describe was apparently posted on YouTube by someone who posted it without permission to post it, but I’m sure you can find it and purchase it at the company’s website.

What about Dean Kamen’s efficient water distiller the Slingshot, and its potential use in the disaster relief effort in Haiti or other recent national disasters, or more importantly, as part of a national rebuilding effort? What about implementing Xogen’s Water Fuel Cell technology to treat wastewater, and showcase its use in Haiti and expand upon their pilot study in Orangeville Ontario.

Epoch Energy is another company I’ve found that is producing such HHO generation-based equipment for disaster relief (biohazard abatement), using large wet cells that are used to supply large quantities of HHO for water treatment, or cooking. The company also has a great solar water heater. 

B.E.S.T. has similar products. I’m personally perusing the funding of a pilot study using HHO to treat runoff from local small streams draining off corn & soybean fields and to measure the effectiveness of HHO gas on nutrient removal and endocrine disruptor abatement by using small scalping plants located at key points along to local waterways. If I secure the funding I can purchase the equipment off-the-shelf right now. So if I could do this, why can’t US AID be doing this?

Sun Oven, International has just announced its joint effort with Friends of Haiti Organization (FOHO) to deploy as many of it Sun Ovens in Haiti as it can to provide remote cooking needed for hot meals in the relief camps now being set up in the area. 

The Biowatt is a biomass-fired Stirling engine generator that would be ideal for not only Haiti, but I’d love to put one in my basement and heat & power my home with it. 

These products I mention, and their applications, are what is needed most now in Haiti, but also everywhere on the planet, and in mass. We should make them the center point of a much broader global economic and ecologic recovery, by empowering the people both figuratively and literally by creating a truly sustainable way of life, by providing clean, free electrical power and clean water. 

Septic is another easily solvable problem in poor countries, and one such technology is now ready for deployment. It's the perfect septic tank that treats the wastewater more efficiently than any other, and can be easily deployed and used in Haiti, right now with relatively little money.

As the mass media now turns its focus once again to Haiti, and to the disaster relief effort following the devastating earthquake there, I will be keeping my eyes and ears open for coverage on the technical side of disaster relief, and what sort of breakthrough technology may be applied in this instance. I will also keep asking the mainstream media to look for such stories of hope in the current disaster relief efforts, as well as future disasters. I’ve been waiting for years now hoping for disclosure of zero-point/free energy and decentralization of power at all levels, but I’ve heard next to nothing about this in the mass media. I’m reminded of the lyrics from the B-52’s song "Channel Z; Good old boys, telling lies, 'bout time I got wise!"

I will continue to let the mainstream media know about Zero-Point Energy and other Breakthrough Technologies the most I can , and ask them to look for such stories in events like natural disasters, and I would encourage those reading this to do the same by blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking and the like, and commenting on national or local news outlets like NPR (e.g. Diane Rehm) or by emailing or calling in questions that center around this issue, and to also blog on the Whitehouse’s YouTube channel, or by faxing the President, your senators and congress members a message about this issue by going to the Orion Project’s website. They can send a fax to these people for you over the internet, provided that you keep your subject limited to this issue (the disclosure of such breakthrough technology, and to end the intentional suppression of it by such groups as the NSA, CIA, AMA, and DOE). 

Maybe together, we all can make the mass media cover what they’ve been kept from covering, and the truth will get out soon. 

Here’s hoping!

# # #

Edited by Sterling D. Allan 


Pendulum pump for Haiti disaster relief

On January 16, 2010 6:30 AM Mountain, Veljko Milkovic IRC wrote:

Dear Sterling Allan,

A lot of people around the world are contacting us these days with the idea of using the pendulum pump for urgent water supply on Haiti 

The pump can be easily replicated and can be built of any available local material, so it can be applied in Haiti because it will alleviate the human efforts in water supply.

Maybe you could spread this idea further and inform the public by posting this suggestion in the news section.
Thank you.

Yours sincerely.

PR & Web team
Veljko Milkovic Research & Development Center

* * * *

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