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You are here: > News > January 3, 2009

Top 10 Free Energy Stories of 2009 and Beyond

In 2009 we encountered plenty of amazing free energy claims, some of which still look very promising for bringing practical devices to market soon; while others turned out to be bogus, or worse yet, fraudulent.  New info and insights reflecting on the past year.

"Sterling Allan gives a review of the fringe free energy news world — far outside the box of conventional renewables like solar, wind, geothermal, tide, wave. Did you know that TUV Rhineland certified a working all-magnet motor this last year — a motor that turned out to be a hoax, costing investors nearly 1 million U.S.? Another inventor found a Verichip implanted in his shoulder, probably by a guy who commercialized a non-working version of his mileage booster hydroxy technology. But not all news was scandalous, though all of it is controversial by its very nature of being far outside the box." - submitted to Slashdot


by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2009

2009 was quite a ride in the exotic free energy world -- we're talking about non-conventional free energy -- beyond solar, wind, geothermal, tide, etc. We encountered plenty of amazing claims, some of which still look very promising for bringing practical devices to market soon; while others turned out to be bogus, or worse yet, fraudulent.

Bear in mind that the following list of top ten stories is not based on quality but based on traffic and interest generated and amount of time spent in covering them. Some of these developments warrant entry into the hall of shame.

In each of these reviews, I've also included some behind-the-scenes, additional info and reflections for the future.

Mylow Magnet Motor

Unfortunately, the most popular story of the year brings a blush to those of us who fell for what turned out to be slight of hand by a person, Jose E. Concepcion, who still is in denial about his deceptive methods of showing a 'working' all-magnet motor. He would give it a push out of view of the camera, and later used fish line running to an electric motor to fake getting the thing spinning. (Ref.) He also spun a tale of nefarious forces out to get him. The whole saga consumed my attention for a couple of months, from March through May, and ended up giving us an image of lacking judgment in screening things, even though we were doing all we could to get evidence, including me flying out to see him unannounced.

The fact that he was not receiving nor asking for any money (just magnets and materials), and that he was open sourcing the design, seemingly devoted to the principle of helping mankind, makes the saga all the more puzzling. Despite his being exposed, he continued in the quest. As recently as Dec. 15, he posted yet another video reporting on his recent progress and thinking about how to get the Howard Johnson all-magnet motor to work. At least he's not faking rotation anymore – that I've seen anyway. The Mylow syndrome is going to be characterized by genuine sincerity.

Speaking of trickery, but not so innocent; prior to that saga, I was told about another all-magnet motor that actually was officially "certified" to be genuine by TUV engineers (certificates on file), but which turned out to have hidden wires strung up through the table leg on which it stood (unpublished news of April 1, of all days). The inventor went to great lengths to hide the concealed wiring and internal motors, including a way to substitute them after showing the inside to the engineer who did the load testing. This inventor ‘scammed’ several investors for nearly a million US dollars, and is presently subject to legal proceedings and a criminal investigation.

Even the best scientists can be tricked at least for a while. Two of the three people who discovered that hidden wire (within the first few of hours of inspection), investing an international flight and a week of their time for that trip, were members of our New Energy Congress and resigned over my handling of the Mylow saga, along with two others.

Massive Yet Tiny Engine

The next most popular story we published in 2009 was about Raphial Morgado's Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) Engine being prepped to go into production. Allegedly, one of Angel Labs' retrofit engines a little larger than an alternator could replace an SUV engine, increasing performance, and yielding mileage as good as a Prius. The funding for that endeavor was slow in materializing, but Morgado did end up landing some angel investors. (Ref.) We also reported that his personal hobby is to develop a personal flight pack that could keep the passenger airborn for more than an hour rather than a few minutes. (Ref.)  This story was of interest in the interview I did the day before on Coast to Coast AM.

His pending demonstration at the annual meeting of the Oregon chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers has been moved from March to May 15, at which he plans to demonstrate a new 5.5-inch diameter engine powered by diesel. (Ref.) Morgado says that engine will be capable of powering a small passenger vehicle, an unmanned aerial vehicle, or an ultralight.

Boyce VeriChipped; Hydroxy and B-Hex

The next most popular story of the year was the one about inventor Bob Boyce finding a Verichip implant in his shoulder (confirmed by RFID chip reader and X-ray), forming a tumor there, which has metastasized into what his doctor called a death sentence. Hopefully some alternative remedies can preserve his life so that he can see his technologies through. Bob's hydroxy technology has been replicated by many, significantly improving their mileage; while a detrimentally modified version, being marketed by the guy accused of implanting the microchip in Bob's shoulder, actually decreases mileage, bringing dishonor to the field. 

Meanwhile, a guy in South Africa said he was able to recharge the battery for his daughter's little electric vehicle over three dozen times using one of Bob's hex controller circuits powered by the battery it is charging, drawing the excess energy from the environment somehow. (Ref.) We launched a replication project for that technology and are waiting for Bob to file a provisional patent before he gives the green light for that technology to be disclosed to the group.

The most tragic turn of events for Bob was the unexpected passing of his wife of 37 years on Christmas Eve.  (Ref.)  It has hit him hard, but his circle of friends from the free energy community have been rallying to his side, and he seems to be gradually recovering from his loss.  One of his motivations in protecting his IP was to give his wife something to live on if he died before she did.  Bob gave me permission today to post the message he left on my phone Christmas Eve. (mp3)

This next year, I expect that we'll see the hydroxy technology that Boyce and hundreds of others are developing will see some very convincing validations by third party testing; and some very robust versions will be available in the marketplace. I also hope to see his B-Hex technology being replicated by hundreds, improved in its design, and the beginnings of manufacture taking root.

Steorn's Overunity Electromagnetic Motor

The Irish company that made international news in 2006 with their full-page ad in the Economist about having discovered a free energy effect (a magnet motor) that would change the energy landscape, made news several times in 2009, though most of the time it was with a tone of ridicule by any mainstream outlets that covered it. The Jury of independent peers that Steorn assembled to test their device issued a negative verdict earlier in the year. Undeterred, Steorn plodded forward springing forth again in December with a very elaborately presented demonstration in Dublin of an electromagnetic motor that allegedly put out enough energy to recharge the batter that powered it. The problem is that the size of battery they had was large enough to run the motor for the duration of 9-day, live demonstration, that wasn't without its catches. An explanation video by CEO Sean McCarthy, followed by a replication report by Naudin Labs breathed hope into what otherwise seemed like a mainly unconvincing demonstration.

That demonstration is set to reconvene tomorrow (Jan. 4) and run through the end of this month. From what information I've been able to derive from those working behind the scenes (SKDB) on the Steorn technology, Steorn has indeed discovered a significant effect that will be borne out and will launch a new revolution in the energy industry.

For reasons not stated, they chose to do this recent demonstration with their electromagnetic version. At some point this year will they show the all-magnet version, with no electrical input? That's what they apparently intended to demo on July 4, 2007, which was botched. Whatever the case, they definitely know how to put on a show

Kapanadze Solid State Systems

Another very popular story in 2009 was about the Kapanadze device over in Russian Georgia. They apparently had developed a solid state system for generating several kilowatts of continuous output, drawing power from the aether. At first we speculated that maybe the energy was being coupled wirelessly from a nearby power line. But within a couple of weeks, a video was posted showing a 100 kilowatt system being third party tested, complete with large coils, arcing spark gaps, huge capacitors and mesh screens. (Ref.) While the technology seems to check out, purportedly, they are in a precarious business situation.

ERR Fluxgenerator

Around the same time, we published another story that was equally popular about another solid state system: a several kilowatt capable ERR Fluxgenerator by James Schwartz, which apparently draws energy from the Earth's magnetic field using a series of dissimilar metals. This technology turns out to have originated in the U.S. but was scared out of the country by a national security edict. A couple of years or more prior, we had reported on an earlier iteration that nearly made it to market in Japan. Some 20,000 copies were made then confiscated by the Japanese government due to safety consideration.

Dennis Lee's Dutchman Fight

One of the most controversial development of the year relates to Dennis Lee's HAFC (Hydrogen Assist Fuel Cell), a version of the hydroxy technology that they guaranteed to improve mileage by at least 50%. He was hauled into court by the FTC, momentarily given breathing room by a judge who was impressed by the evidence Lee provided (ref.), only to be slammed later and shut down (ref.); and given very unflattering coverage in a Dateline special. The product soon reemerged with a different name, MMPG (More Miles Per Gallon), under a different umbrella organization, and is being promoted by many of the same dealers with increased determination resembling religious zeal to see the technology move forward in the marketplace and be vindicated.

In the midst of that imbroglio, on Sept. 11 skeptic Eric Krieg, a New Energy Congress member who was featured in the 60 Minutes segment speaking against the HAFC, was shown on video being impressed by the first tank results from a hydroxy system installed by a different manufacturer, SafeHHO. But follow-up tanks reduced in efficiency to the point of giving no improvement, despite the inventor personally trying to adjust things to get them to work. (Ref.) Krieg was nearly ousted from the New Energy Congress due to what some members consider to be predatory behavior. I predict that 2010 be the year that Krieg jumps ship from being a skeptic to being a believer and proponent of at least one exotic free energy technology.

GEET's Pantone Freed from Nut House

Another big story this year was Paul Pantone's liberation from the Utah State Hospital where he was incarcerated for 3.5 years, denied proper medical care because he refused their psychotropic drugs and refused to deny that he could run a vehicle on water alone. His broadcasts from the nut house via his son, David, publishing his phone conversations via YouTube helped get his situation pleaded before the right people. For three years the hospital had lied to his son saying he wasn't even there. He walked away from the institution with Hepatitis, an injured foot and no teeth.

Since being released in May, he was a favorite lecturer at the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference in Albuquerque, appeared on Fox TV, has posted his plans for free for building a GEET reactor, a feat that got him featured on Coast to Coast AM; and he has taught a week-long course on the GEET technology for about five months in a row.

I doubt that 2010 will be quiet on the GEET front. From what I can gather, that technology should be included in every combustion engine. It's not that hard to install, but to get it and the engine adjusted for optimal performance takes the knowledge provided in the class Pantone will be making available on DVD and through other methods.

PlasmERG Readies the Papp Engine

Another popular free energy news story related to Plasma Energy Controls' plasma expansion motor. (Ref.)  From what I can gather, PlasmERG has a healthy lead among the few very contentious groups that are chasing the dream of bringing the noble gas technology to market that was first launched by Joseph Papp nearly half a century ago. The technology repeatedly turns a noble gas into a plasma state, then back, getting work out of it each time, within a combustion chamber, while expending maybe an atom of the gas each time. PlasmERG is one to watch in this unfolding saga; with expectations of a demonstration near-production prototype soon.

Orion Lands Top Secret Scientist

And finally, Steven Greer and his group, presently named The Orion Project, has for years been seeking a technology they can wrap themselves around and bring to the world, breaking the logjam on free energy technologies. This year saw some progress toward getting a hold of Stanley Meyer's (water-powered vehicle capability) papers and other materials left after his passing. On the less glorified end they got sucked into Pete Sumaruck's misguided claim to having an overunity system, and blew quite a bit of money there.

Then finally, near the end of the year, they announced that they had signed a contract with a highly-qualified, top secret inventor, who has a Tesla-related technology. My initial enthusiasm about this announcement was put in check when Ted corrected a few things in my story. They say that other technologies by this inventor have been third-party validated by highly-rated scientists and institutions; so their confidence in this technology should be warranted (by extrapolation – a fair leap, but a gamble nevertheless). Their hope is to have the first prototype completed this Spring; followed by the necessary research and development needed to prepare it for public distribution on the several kilowatt level, many months later. So this specific technology is neither proven nor close to being ready, as I had originally understood the interview to be reporting.

Pass it On

Contact your favorite alternative news sources such as Coast to Coast, Rense, Infowars, Mother Earth News, Natural News, Mercola, etc. about this story.  Those readers will probably enjoy this recap of 2009.

# # #


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  • Feel free to view/post comments at our version of this story.

Dennis Lee

On January 03, 2010 4:25 PM, [name omitted] wrote:


I can neither vouch for, nor deny Dennis Lee's work. I was present in 2008 in New Jersey at Dennis's compound and his home both, for an installer/tuner course on the HAFC (Hydro Assist Fuel Cell).

I had very true success at creating better fuel mileage on my personal vehicle and my employers vehicles with the fuel cell, however they were short lived results. That's a whole nother story there. The fact is, the fuel cell technology is credible to a degree, but I would say the design behind it is only 85% complete. 

Dateline's special on Dennis to discredit the fuel cell, only appeared to make his invention a failure because the installer of the kit was not properly trained to do so. I actually offered Dateline an opportunity to see one successfully produce gained fuel mileage of more than 50% and was denied. There was a reward offered to prove one works, but I can personally say that there were thousands of us denied the actual chance to prove it. No one wanted to hear the real truth, only what Dateline was paid to prove, or should I say, disprove.

All those attending the course were signed up for free energy, however, I personally thought it all sounded like BS and I wasn't there with free energy as my primary interest to begin with. I'm an automotive technician and was interested in fuel gains for vehicles. They had numerous designs, all of which were demonstrated and I rigorously attempted to disprove, not for the world, but for myself so I could feel better about purchasing anything. 

I spent numerous hours after the classes inspecting and questioning everything that came to mind. There were many plausible explanations behind a lot of the technology and I was granted a lot of behind the scenes time working with many of Dennis's staff. He had an employee who did fabrication work, who could make nearly anything I asked of him. I was skeptical that he would be capable of the type of work he did, because he looked like a blue-jean-jacket wearing, bald head, tattoo'd, bar room brawler, but never judge a book by it's cover. His name was Danny. He had an electronics whiz kid there who came from an aftermarket performance car world named Chris. Personally his ego was bigger than his brain though. There was a guy named Mike there, we deemed him mad-mike. He was a skinny, flannel shirt wearing, nonchalant guy who's presence was barely felt. Until he spoke, he appeared to me to be the real go to guy. His level of intelligence of electronics, physics, cars, inertia, math, science was one of the most mind blowing parts of all. I felt like he was the man, not Dennis. It appeared he had all the answers to it all, and Dennis was just speaker of the house. They revealed many secrets very openly.

That's what I was hoping to get into with this e-mail. The reason so few are saying too much about Dennis in a bad way lately, is a loop-hole he decided to throw into the wash. We all signed a non-disclosure non-compete agreement. Part of which allowed him to tell the truth about a lot of things, and not worry as he could sue us for revealing anything, and I think the non compete was really more about convincing people attending that this stuff is all real. If a man makes you sign something that binds you to never compete against him, he must really have something special there right?...hehehe

I just found your page interesting, and thought you might find some of this stuff interesting. If there is anything in specific you'd like to know feel free to e-mail.

* * * *

Not Impressed with Greer

On January 03, 2010 1:11 PM, A.G. wrote:

Thank you for your excellent article on the top 10 stories this year. In my opinion this is an excellent very well written summary.

Comment: I have watched Steven Greer for about 5 years. Several times he has claimed to be within months of release of a free energy device, or getting the Stan Meyer devices and notes for example. Suddenly he stops talking about the device about the time it was supposed to be released or obtained and brings up something else. I also feel like he has made several other unsubstantiated and exaggerated claims about ET contact and UFOs. He is certainly not above exaggeration. Sometimes he strikes me as a more sophisticated Dennis Lee scam artist. I hope you are right about him, but sometimes I get an uneasy feeling listening to a lot of his repeated promises and phrases and nothing really to show for it. Some in the UFO community call him a disinformation agent. I am in a wait and hold on this guy, with a deep dose of hope.

Question: Why didn't Vorktex Magnacoaster or the TWM Technology system make the list? Magnacoaster is supposed to be going to manufacture this spring. If so I may seriously consider purchasing one of these. I just want to talk to a third-party that has one in use for a few months. Magnacoaster and TWM technologies look more promising that Steven Greer's empty promises to me.


* * * *

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