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You are here: > News > December 31, 2009

What goes on in the Steorn SKDB; views from Dublin demo

One of the foremost replicators, Sean CLaNZeR, has posted four videos and a few photos from his work with the Steorn Knowledge Database (SKDB) group.  Also, Esa Ruoho took a bunch of photos and videos from his visit to the Orbo demonstration in Dublin.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2009

Sean CLaNZeR wrote: "Within the OS/SKDB myself and a few other members did a joint effort to get some rigs out to members for experimenting with and doing certain tests.  Parts were sourced/designed/made in 4 different countries and dispatched out compliments of Steorn funding it. These were just basic frames that members then built on."


In the last week, besides JL Naudin's replication of the e-Orbo device, there have been some other developments in the Steorn e-Orbo technology of note.

What goes on in the Steorn SKDB

Yesterday, one of the foremost replicators out there, Sean CLaNZeR posted four videos and quite a few photos from his work with Steorn's OS/SKDB (Steorn Knowledge DataBase) group.  

He posted them with Steorn's permission, but because of his NDA, he is limited in how much he can describe about components, circuits, and such.  He did it with the objective of giving a glimpse as to the kind of work being done behind the scenes by the SKDB group of engineers and scientists who are seeking to replicate, characterize, optimize, model, theorize, and scale the technology.

"The videos are all from around November time and more to do with fine tuning the rigs to get rid of resonance and getting the magnetic bearings adjusted correctly. The big battery was used as it was convenient and it was all about tweaking and getting the rigs stable."

He posted his videos and photos for public viewing at 

A couple of other relevant links he provided are:

Here are the video links along with a brief description he provided me:

In conclusion, he said: "I think January and what Steorn will be demonstrating should be very exciting!"

Views from Demo in Dublin

Last week, Esa Ruoho made a pilgrimage to the demonstration in Dublin and took a bunch of photos and videos.  The live webcams they provided just gave a glimpse into the setting there.  From these photos and videos from Esa, it is apparent that Steorn really went all out in their presentation.

Next e-Orbo Demo Jan. 8 12, 17:00 GMT

The following information was sent to Steorn's emailing list Jan. 5, 2009 8:46 AM Mountain. UPDATE

Steorn invites you to visit for the second in a series of live talks and experiments regarding Orbo Technology.

Subject: " Steorn's Orbo Electromagnetic Interaction COP >1"

Description: "Sean McCarthy, CEO of Steorn, will discuss Steorn’s Orbo electromagnetic interaction and 
demonstrate that the Coefficient of Performance is greater than 1."

Who should attend: "Anyone interested in understanding Orbo Technology or taking up an Orbo Technology Developer License on 1st February 2010."


Here is a link to his approximately 30 photos.

Here are the links to his four videos:

In response to my asking him if he planned to give some verbiage about his experience, he said:

"I'll write a bit about my impressions observations when I'm not on the way to Tralee, Ireland.. I'll have a bit of time to think about it. I don't necessarily have anything more than few paragraphs to say, but I'll send it your way once I'm done with it."

# # #


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