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You are here: > News > December 16, 2009

Another VeriChip Found in Inventor's Shoulder

An RFID reader and an X-ray confirm a VeriChip implant in inventor Bob Boyce's shoulder, where a tumor subsequently formed.  More witnesses step forward and steps being taken against Bob Potchen, the likely perpetrator of the implant.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2009

Boyce's X-Ray

An accented view of the first of two X-rays showing the VeriChip implant in Bob Boyce's shoulder.  It is oriented vertically near the upper left-hand corner in the above image.  If you can't see it, you might need to adjust the contrast settings on your monitor.  You may download enlargements of the two X-rays here: (A1; A2)


On Monday, I was contacted by Bob Boyce and one of his associates who reported that Boyce discovered a second VeriChip implant in his right shoulder, deeper than the first VeriChip implant that was extracted during a biopsy for a tumor that formed at that location.

Bob discovered the second chip the way he did the first one.  He was working on a toroid at his laboratory bench and noticed that something was broadcasting radio frequencies from his right shoulder.

This time he got in contact with someone who has access to an RFID chip reader, and they were able to verify that an RFID microchip was indeed present, that it was manufactured by VeriChip, and that the RFID microchip transponded a seemingly valid ID number.  

However, Bob said a records search of that ID number turned up no information.  So whoever implanted it in his shoulder is working either with the government, whose information is not in public databases, or with an agency that has the ability to muck with VeriChip and/or RFID records.  If any of you reading this, who are friendly to the cause, have the ability to access such records, so Bob can identify the perpetrator clearly, I'm sure he'd be glad to hear from you.

As we reported last week, the most likely suspect for putting the implant in Boyce's shoulder is Bob Potchen, who is 'former' military intelligence, and who has been modifying (sabotaging?) Bob's hydroxy cell design to the point that it actually diminishes mileage on vehicles on which it is installed.  It was while Boyce was at Potchen's Precombustion Technologies Inc. (PTI) facility in early April that Boyce first noticed the first chip, accompanied by a numbness in his shoulder, after Boyce had fallen asleep at a desk.

Either there were two chips implanted, or (much less likely) the doctor intentionally or accidentally put the first chip back in Boyce shoulder before sewing it up.  The pathology report for that biopsy made no mention of the chip.

After getting the evidence of the second (or first, returned) RFID chip in his shoulder, Boyce took this information to his doctor, who wrote a prescription for a "foreign body" series of X-rays of his shoulder. Boyce said the hospital radiology department performed two X-rays at slightly different angles, and the VeriChip showed up quite clearly in both.  "This one is implanted deeper, and cannot be felt under the skin. I have copies of the X-ray films, and they gave me a CD with imaging software and the two X-ray files."

Boyce has conveyed to me a screen-grab image capture of those two X-Ray images, and I and others (George Noory, Linda Moulton Howe, Jeff Rense, Alex Jones) have those in our possession.  They are dated 12/14/2009, 11:56 and are displayed via Spectra Image Viewer.  He subsequently gave me permission to post those here, with some ID information concealed. (A1; A2)

The image quality of the X-rays did not turn out well, making it look like the VeriChip is above the skin.  I received the CD files that Boyce mentioned above, so I can verify the original images.

Hydroxy Cells

Boyce reiterated that he has been told by the DOD-funded group that tested Potchen's Cell at a CARB/EPA lab at West Virginia University will be able to provide the dynamometer test results which showed a truck's mileage going from 13 mpg down to 10 mpg after The Cell was installed on it.  We plan to publish that report when it becomes available.

"The Cell" as shown on Bob Potchen's website, 

Potchen's The Cell is one of hundreds of hydroxy products in the market which produces a hydrogen-oxygen gas mixture through on-board electrolysis powered by the vehicle's battery/alternator.  The hydroxy gas is then injected into the air intake of the vehicle, where it purportedly improves the efficiency of the combustion of the fuel.  There are a wide range of methods for producing the hydroxy gas, and there is likewise a wide range of effectiveness in improving the vehicle's performance.  The verified improvements reported by Boyce's design are among the best in the industry, while those reported by Potchen's modified design appear to be the worst, actually diminishing performance.

Just in terms of volume of gas produced, Boyce says his design produces a liter of gas with just 1.5 Watts, while the original "Brown's Gas" designed by Yull Brown, required 3 Watts to produce 1 liter.  

Boyce says the efficiency of the gas in effecting an efficient burn has to do with the "ortho" versus "para" proportion of the gas.  It's the "ortho" configuration of hydrogen that apparently is the key component.  Boyce's design purportedly approaches 100% ortho, while Potchen's design has been measured at less than 1% ortho.

More Witnesses Against Potchen

Since I published the story last week about Bob Potchen being the likely suspect for implanting the VeriChip in Boyce's shoulder, several additional former associates of Potchen have contacted me corroborating the key elements of the statements that had already been given.  They confirm that their own tests and the reports from customers show that The Cell being sold by Potchen does not increase mileage but actually decreases it; and that it has undergone a significant number of changes from the original design conveyed from Bob Boyce, which had been shown to work very effectively for improving mileage and reducing emissions.

They confirm that they too observed Potchen making statements to complaining customers that they were "the only ones who were having a problem, so it must be something they did," releasing himself from any culpability; when in fact, nearly every customer had complained.

Many of The Cells leaked, causing damage to the vehicles in which they were installed.

What is most troubling is the reports of people who spent many thousands of dollars helping launch the company and product, at great personal sacrifice, and who now have nothing to show for their investment of money they really couldn't afford to loose.  They made that sacrifice out of a desire to help birth a product that could help people save on fuel, based largely on their confidence in Boyce's reputation  Two people invested around $200,000 USD.  In one case, it represented his entire retirement; and his wife is livid with him.  One guy invested $100,000 based on a dynamometer report that Potchen allegedly falsified.  There were at least ten people who put up more than $10,000 in the project to commercialize this product which apparently began as a great item under Boyce's design, which was then methodically "sabotaged" by Potchen.

When these people try to get remedy from Potchen, their calls and emails usually go unanswered.

Helper Harassed

Mike writes:
We are not fixing deficient PTI cells.  We offer a better unit that follows Bob B's design. PTI cells are not fixable, they have to be replaced. We can retrofit with our OH1 units. The cell PTI produces is not serviceable or fixable.

One of the former Potchen associates, Mike of H2O Automotive LLC, has been fixing the deficient cells that customers received from Potchen, making them so they work well.  In response, Potchen has threatened legal action against Mike.  He's claiming that Mike has no right to modify his design.  The irony is that the original design was Bob's, some of which is still integrated in Potchen's design, yet Potchen never signed a contract with Boyce as required to commercialize the technology.

Boyce said that the royalty terms in his license are "$1 per unit sold."  He said "it's not about the money, it's about being able to maintain quality control."

One person, out of integrity, mortgaged his home to help bail out some of the people who lost out because of Potchen; and now he could be losing his home.

Legal Action Brewing Against Potchen

Another former Potchen associate advises that if you have a serious grievance with Bob Potchen in regards to The Cell, either as a customer, or dealer, or investor, here are the steps that you should take:

  1. Call your state Attorney General (AG)
  2. File complaint with the Divisions of Consumers Services (DCS)
  3. File complaint with Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

The DCS and the FTC want to see a pattern, then they will investigate. The DCS will go to the Florida State AG and show the pattern and get an investigation.

"On behalf of the people that have been ripped off by Bob Potchen...I want to thank you for your help. There is strength in numbers." -- A former Potchen associate

CARB demands The Cell cease and desist

A person who goes by "Brother Andrew", has been a key associate of Bob Boyce's over the years.  He runs Hydrogen Garage, LLC, which has been a primary outlet of supplies for Boyce's materials for those involved in replicating and propagating the technology.  He also got heavily involved in Potchen's Cell, since it commenced as a Boyce project.

He conveyed several documents to me today which show that the California Air Resources Board (CARB) issued a certified letter on Oct. 15 requiring that The Cell cease and desist because they were making claims about emissions reductions by their product which had not been verified.

He also sent me a letter he had conveyed to Potchen on Oct. 24, informing him of the letter from CARB, and also reporting the null results he was getting, and that he had already decided not to sell Potchen's cell any more.

Here are the seven pdf documents Andrew sent me to post as evidence.

  • Letter from Andrew to Potchen, Oct. 24, 2009 - Also describes Andrew's report of negative results from recent tests he ran.
  • carb1 | page2 - CARB letter to Andrew, Oct. 15, 2009
    • carb_attachment1 - brochure mentioned in letter
    • carb_attachment2 - brochure mentioned in letter
    • carb3 _ CA EPA's Air Resources Board Advisory - To: Owners, Installers, Distributors and Manufacturers of Verified Diesel Emission Control Strategy (VDECS)
    • carb4 - continuation of policy: " is illegal for any person to falsely advertise or otherwise claim that a fuel additive purports to achieve reductions in motor vehicle exhaust emissions unless such claims can be demonstrated to the Air Resources Board to be factual."

Mike suggests that people report Potchen to the EPA.  Inasmuch as The Cell has failed CARB, PTI could be could be fined $1,000 to $10,000 per day for every truck with one of PTI's units on it.  "Now that's got some teeth, and Potchen was informed of it by Andrew in Oct.  Bob Potchen knows he is violating EPA by tuning the big trucks with his interface controller, and they will shut him down and fine him for every unit in the US."  If the PTI-modified vehicle is in California, the violation can be reported to CARB.

Update on Boyce' Cancer

Boyce conveys his appreciation to those who have been praying on his behalf and giving helpful alternative suggestions for addressing what his doctor termed a "terminal cancer" originating from the point of the VeriChip implant(s).  The metastasized tumors appear to be diminishing in size, and he is essentially pain free -- a marked improvement over a couple of weeks ago when a tumor in his ankle gave him the sensation of someone taking an ice pick to his leg.

He will be undergoing surgery in the next few days to remove more of the affected tissue.

# # #


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