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You are here: > News > November 21, 2009

PlasmERG noble gas engine patent accepted

An update on the company that claims to have an engine that runs on noble gas.  The fuel is essentially free, and the simple engine would be cheaper than the engines it would be replacing.  New testing and development facility announced.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2009

South English, Iowa, USA – On Nov. 19, 2009, John Rohner of PlasmERG Inc. announced that their patent has been accepted for their revolutionary Plasmic Transition Process in which noble or inert gas is used to run an engine. The patent has been peer and examiner reviewed, and is expected to be awarded in a couple of months.

Plasmic Transition Process controller circuit board.


This noble (inert) gas engine, with just five moving parts, would cost 1/3 what a regular engine of comparable output would cost. Meanwhile, its fuel cost is nearly negligible. It's kind of like a Stirling engine -- a sealed system -- except that the expanding component is internal, and comes by way of a plasma form of inert, noble gasses, which are not consumed in the process, and which are environmentally benign.

PlasmERG has also secured a registered trademark of the phrase "Plasmic Transition Process" as the standard description of the way the motor works. 

They were attentive in the patent to see that every form is covered and that the controller will be flexible enough to adapt to various iterations and hardware design changes. 

Ironically, as evidence for their design, they reference their competitor brothers' Papp Engine, as a "proof of concept" video, to show that "the Plasmic Transition Process is real and does work as expected." It is based loosely on the 1983 Joseph Papp patent which was the starting point for their discovery of the process. 

The competitor brothers, Bob and Tom Rohner, apparently implementing the suggestions from their estranged brother John, have simplified the fuel mixer, reduced the coils, and made it a simple single cylinder – which is similar to the design John's group is pursuing as well. The Papp patent assumed that a single cylinder engine would not be possible, stating that only "paired" cylinders will work. John Rohner says he was the first to try this configuration and prove it.

PlasmERG is expecting completion of a new set of motors and generators by around Christmas at which time they will begin analysis of complete systems, to test various gas mixes to see how the controller must be adjusted to provide best operation from each. They have copyrighted over 30 such gas mixtures already. Their firmware is registered as a "Company Secret". It will not be public for safety reasons.

They have also started working on a mini single cylinder 250cc for use in smaller applications and gensets, and they expect to test it around January as well. 

In January, they plan to have a license manager coming on board to get other countries started as co-developers as well. The company is starting to staff up now. They are inviting interested parties to contact them in January about working with them.

The company now has a research facility where their tests will be done and the firmware built and tested. The facility has a numeric control machine shop with about 100 square yards of floor space, along with a two story office space with a conference room and several drawing rooms, one of which now has their CAD system running. The new test bays will be remote controlled and will collect data on the fly. They have allocated 18 terabytes of file server storage for their data collection efforts. 

They have ordered two 16 KWH, two 25 KWH and two starter motor/generators from China. The Starter Motor will be used to start the engine and then the controller will switch it into a generator for battery and motor use. The Generators will be the test loads and can be swapped or placed in serial for an 80 KWH load for their 1800 RPM testing. 

John says they have a number of states offering to let them do production there, with training money. However, the company policy is to have the state find someone within the state to get a license and then build, as the company doesn't want to be monolithic but spread out. Maintenance of installed systems is easier if the providing company is closer. 

They also have a co development project with a Chinese company that will have their new engines onsite December and January for testing and characterization. The Chinese group are the ones requesting smaller motors as they are developing a fully electric vehicle in which to use it. This simple vehicle would have no mechanical transmission or drive train.

# # #


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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan Nov. 4, 2009
Last updated June 17, 2011


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