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You are here: > News > November 19, 2009

MYT engine to be demonstrated to Society of Automotive Engineers International (SAE)

Inventor Raphial Morgado has been invited as a guest speaker at the Oregon chapter of SAE to discuss and demonstrate his Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) engine.  Also working on building 5.5-inch versions to demonstrate this 40x power-to-weight ratio engine compared to conventional engines.

This event was canceled Apr. 5, 2010.

Inventor, Raphial Morgado, stands between a conventional engine and his engine that has comparable power output.  See comparison page on site.

Inventor, Raphial Morgado, stands between a conventional engine and his engine that he says has comparable power output.  He will be presenting the engine in March May 2010 to the Oregon section of SAE International.


by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2009

We've got several updates to report on Angel Lab's Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) engine -- the internal combustion engine with multiple firings in one cycle, producing enormous torque in a small area.  With 40 times higher power-to-weight ratio, low parts count, low maintenance, high mechanical efficiency, and low pollution, the MYT™ Engine stands to benefit every engine application.

Guest Speaker at Oregon SAE

The inventor, Raphial Morgado, has been invited by the Oregon Section of the Society of Automotive Engineers International (SAE) to be the guest speaker at their annual event in Portland on March 20 May 15, 2010 from 12-2 pm.  Raphial has been enthusiastic about this opportunity to present and defend his revolutionary technology before a group of engineers who know automobile engines.

Rebecca Bauman, an SAE Oregon event organizer, said that the group meets monthly, but that each year they have a special presentation to showcase a technology of national significance.  Her boyfriend brought MYT to her attention, and she presented it to the SAE Oregon board in October, and they approved it. "The country needs this right now," she said.  They will be announcing and promoting the event to engineers such as from IEEE in Oregon beginning next year.  The event will probably be held at a Freightliner conference room in Portland, which seats up to 300 people -- far more than the 40-50 the annual event usually garners.  They are expecting a higher level of interest and participation in this event, which is open to the public, with expected admittance fee in the region of $15-$20 to cover expenses and a small snack that will be served.

Raphial has asked us at PES Network to provide live web coverage for that event, encouraging us to charge a small fee, which will go toward helping PES, as a token of his appreciation for the encouragement and contacts we've directed his way.  The Massive Yet Tiny Engine is listed in the Top 100 Clean Energy Technologies by PES' sister organization, the New Energy Congress.  If you wish to attend this event via the web, including the ability to lodge questions, you may sign up now.

The Oregon SAE group said they would be happy to just see the present 14-inch diameter prototype that runs on compressed air -- something that Raphial showed at the SEMA show in 2005 and the LA Auto show in 2006, then at our Breakthrough Technologies lecture last Spring.  The first version of the engine ran on diesel, but was later converted to run on air to enable it to be demonstrated indoors.

More Engines Under Construction

Angel Labs is working on building up to eight 5.5" diameter engines which would run on diesel or biodiesel.  While they may not be ready in time for the March May event in possibly a second event later in the day, these could be installed in a variety of applications, from a small vehicle such as a Ford Fiesta, or an ultralight aircraft, or possibly even an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).  Raphial is hoping that a defense contractor for the military will let him retrofit one of their UAVs to demonstrate the technology.  The present engine in one of the UAVs weighs 145 pounds and has a 55-cubic-inch displacement.  The 5.5-inch MYT engine would have a displacement of 65 cubic inches, but only weigh nine pounds, while putting out comparable horsepower.

They would also have a dynamometer on a trailer to be able to show one of the engines in that test mode.

After completing the 5.5" engines, the company plans on building some 8" diameter engines that Morgado says could put out as much as 400 horsepower, while weighing only 37 pounds, yet being able to replace V-6 and V-8 engines.

Dynamometer Data

Raphial also said that they are in process of updating their website.  He realized that the dynamometer data document they had posted before was too small to be legible, so they will be rescanning that and uploading it.

He is also remiss about not mentioning that the engineer they had working for them for two years, and who ran the dynamometer tests, is Joe Bunetto, who worked for McLaren Performance Technologies, perhaps the most qualified testing organizations in the world, "specializ[ing] in the design, development, integration, and validation of powertrain systems." He later went on to become the Dynamometer Laboratory Manager responsible for both personnel and the operation, set up and calibration of McLaren’s sixteen dynamometer test cells. He assisted in bringing the facility up to ISO 9000 qualification standards.

At Angel Labs, Bunetto's duties included setup and calibration of the dynamometer test lab, engine build and development of the Angel Labs experimental 'MYT' engine. The prototype engine was approx. 14" x 14" with an 850 cubit-inch displacement. It generated 814 foot-pounds of torque at 800 RPM (124 HP).  (See Bunetto bio). 

FYI, Previous Presentation

Here is a series of videos I shot last Spring when Raphial demonstrated his compressed-air-powered, 14-inch engine at a Breakthrough Power presentation we gave at San Jose State University.

Setting Up
Sterling Allan on Top 100 Free Energy Technologies; Mighty Yet Tiny Engine
Q&A with Raphial Morgado at San Jose State University
Mighty Yet Tiny Demo (1) by Raphial Morgado
Mighty Yet Tiny Demo (2) by Raphial Morgado
Mighty Yet Tiny Demo (3) by Raphial Morgado
Mighty Yet Tiny Demo (4) by Raphial Morgado
Mighty Yet Tiny Demo (5) by Raphial Morgado

# # #

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