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You are here: > News > November 13, 2009

HybridTech releasing water fuel generator plans

A Louisiana company announced yesterday that they are in process of releasing plans for building a water fuel cell that produces enough hydroxy gas from water to run a generator to keep the electrolysis cell going as well as producing excess electricity for other use.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2009

11/13/09 12:45 pm Notice:
The website was breached with malware last night and resolved this morning. It was thus pulling up as an "attack site".


HybridTech Energy of Lafayette, Louisiana, USA, has sent out an announcement that they are in process of releasing plans to the world for building a water fuel cell that they say produces enough hydroxy gas from water to run a generator to keep the electrolysis cell going as well as producing excess electricity for other use.  In other words, it is a self-looped system with excess energy produced in the process.

We will be posting a story in the next few days about the scientific studies being done on the unusual properties of hydroxy or "Brown's" gas as it has more traditionally been called (a species of hydrogen and oxygen gas).  It's not just a chemical reaction but has electrical interactions with the substrate it is acting on giving it added punch in its action.

HybridTech is actually presently involved in selling a hydrogen boost device for Semi-Trucks.  It splits water into hydroxy gas which is then injected into the air intake of the engine to effect a more efficient burn of the fuel.  They've been selling these for about eight months.  They're also currently designing systems for agricultural and off road heavy equipment, as well as large units for locomotives and ships, and big torches.

The water fuel cell technology they announced yesterday is an extreme version of this technology.  In this configuration, once the engine is warmed up on regular fuel, it is then run completely on hydroxy gas, and the generator powered by that gas makes enough electricity to keep the electrolysis going while actually producing an excess that can be used for other things.  

Jeff Sokol, President/CEO of HybridTech, said that nearly 90% of the electricity produced can be used elsewhere, as the electrolysis unit only consumes around 10-12% of the electricity to produce enough hydroxy gas to keep the engine running.  "The opportunities are incredible for technology this efficient," he told me.

The inventor of the technology is Dr. Steven Eaton, a Nuclear Physicist, who worked for the National Science Foundation for 23 years.  He has had many accomplishments in Physics including being credited with the inventing of early warning nuclear detection devices being used worldwide in power plants today. Dr. Eaton has agreed to work with HybridTech Energy to publish and manufacture his invention.

Sokol sent the plans out to keep them safe from suppression.  "If something happens to me, or the inventor, you have enough information here to make it work for yourself so it will not be suppressed."

The draft sent is not a finished draft.  They plan to produce a complete set of instructions and make them available as an ebook through Clickbank, so it can be promoted by affiliates who can benefit from the sales as well.

George Wiseman (Eagle Research), who is a well-known pioneer in the field of Brown's Gas research and applications, selling a hydroxy unit as well through, is credited by Sokol as having been influential in guiding them for the release of this information.  But Sokol emphasizes that " George is NOT yet ENDORSING this cell, as he has not tested it himself."

The plans are for "a fuel cell design that has been used recently to run a 3.55 kw generator, 100% on water, with enough energy left over to power home items. Of course, the generator was providing the power to the fuel cells as well." 

The system is not yet stable, having only run for 20 minutes before it was overloaded.  HybridTech is preparing to run an 8-hour bench test today, which they will videotape, with plans of posting the results at YouTube.

Preliminary Reviews

I forwarded the plans to a few people last night to get their input.  Hydroxy technology expert, David Wenbert, said: 

"It wouldn't surprise me at all if this one turned out to be real. We found the effect underlying Meyer, Newman, etc. to be real. It just needed someone to grind through the engineering and tweak it enough to get it into a practical configuration.  But, until we see the electronic schematics and signal parameters they are using, its still just a bunch of tubes."

An electrolysis expert who goes by the pen name Nietsnie said of the plans: 

"I find it rather interesting. There is no pulsing or specific electrical delivery needs; just straight connections, dc. If the figures are right, I'm rather impressed. I do find the necessity of distilled water might elevate the potential cost of running. The part about the water moving itself through the plates, at 2gpm, falls in line with Stan Meyer's thoughts on his HHO and Steam Generation technologies."

About the Cell

According to the plans text, the cell is a 12.5 volt design that produces a copious 5 liters per minute using less than 15 amps and requiring no electrolyte. In previous testing, the temperature has not reached over 88 degrees. 

Previous models were completed, producing 2 liters/minute (LPM) with 10 amps each. Three of those units were fitted to run a 3.55 kw Troy Bilt Generator. The generator ran 100% on 6 LPM of HHO gas, which was produced by the Troy Bilt Generator itself, and ran light bulbs and other shop devices. The only thing that bogged it down was a large bench grinder drawing 4.9 amps on top of the 200 watts being taken from 2 light bulbs. The key here, is that electricity was being produced with 100% water for fuel technology, no gasoline or any other fossil fuels. The Troy Bilt generated enough power off of HHO gas, to operate the HHO cells, and provide extra power for small household items. 

The basis of this design is the voltage separation, the fact that it self-circulates, and the spacing between the anode and cathode is only 1/32”.

After further refinement has been accomplished HybridTech plans to sell completed generators commercially, but welcomes others to get involved in development as well, just asking that they apply for a license to use the patent pending intellectual property.  "The opportunities will be available for whoever embraces the technology," said Sokol.

We've created at page at PESWiki to facilitate that disclosure of the water fuel cell plans and to help coordinate the project.

Postscript: HybridTech Site Attacked

Right after Sokol sent out the plans yesterday, their HybridTech website came under attack.  People accessing the site through Firefox or Google's browser were put on notice that the site was malicious: "Reported Attack Site ..."  The malware was removed this morning.  Now Sokol is seeking to get his site off the "attack site" listing.

From what his site hosting administrator has been able to determine, someone got access through FTP by accessing Sokol's email inbox where the password information was held.  The timing of this attack is certainly suspicious.  He said he's been online with websites for 10-plus years and has never before had any problems before.

Postscript II: PESWiki Attacked

Nov. 13, 2009; 11:00 pm.  This evening I went to the PESWiki site and noticed that the link for this story was gone, the image was gone that I had uploaded, the feature page that I had created was gone.  And the history function of the site did not show any logged-in users other than myself accessing the pages where I had posted links to the story.  It's as if someone who has system-level access reverted the site to a 24-hour old archive version, wiping out all mention of the above technology.  I've reported this to PESWiki host support.  It's possible that with the malware that was on the HybridTech site that somehow PESWiki was infected, and in order to remove the infection the site was reverted to an archived version, and the system operators just haven't gotten around to notifying me yet.

Postscript III: Another Site Attacked

Nov. 14, 2009; 9:20 pm: Sokol has another site, and it was attacked last night or this morning -- the same malware attack that happened to his other site.

# # #

Preliminary Plans Download

This information is copyrighted, and may only be reproduced and manufactured commercially with the written permission of HybridTech Energy and Dr. Steven Eaton who currently holds it as Patent Pending status.

  • HybridTechEatonFuelCell.pdf - (1.7 Mb) - "A basic starter copy of the information regarding the construction of a fuel cell design that has been used recently to run a 3.55 kw generator, 100% on water, with enough energy left over to power home items. Of course, the generator was providing the power to the fuel cells as well."  
    • ERRATA: Updated Nov. 13, 2009; 11:30 pm: "Mig Welder" should be "Tig Welder" (Tungsten Inert Gas); this is very important.


  • Feel free to view/post comments at our version of this story.
  • Eaton FC -- Yahoo!Groups forum - official discussion list for the Eaton Water Fuel Cell replication project. Commenced Nov. 14, 2009. Open forum, public allowed to view posts.

Could be What We've Been Looking For

On Nov. 14, 2009, Moray B. King wrote:

[This] might be the closed loop system I have been hoping for.

Note the importance of recycling the exhaust water back to the electrolyzer. The water still has energetic excimers/clusters.

To survive the suppression there needs to be massive distribution of their information.

* * * *

On Nov. 15, 2009, Jeff Sokol responded:

"Tell him to feel free to distribute the information as much as he wants."

* * * *

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Last updated April 21, 2010


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