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You are here: > News > November 12, 2009

Child Rides EV Toy on Boyce Free Energy!

A South African experimenter has modified an electrolysis circuit developed by Bob Boyce so that now it recharges his daughter's electric vehicle riding toy. What makes this remarkable is that the energy is not drawn from the wall but from the environment somehow. He's done this around 35 times now and knows of three replications of the effect by others.

by Sterling D. Allan with Charles Couch and Watkykjy1
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2009

My daughter, Hailee, in an electric Jeep toy similar to the one Watkykjy1's daughter has been riding, but that one is said to be recharged by free energy.


Riding for Free

Somewhere in South Africa, a little girl rides around nearly every day on her mini electric vehicle whose battery is recharged by an exotic, new form of free energy, making her possibly the first user of a technology that could soon rescue the mankind from their energy woes as well as bring a multitude of associated benefits.

A South African experimenter, who goes by the YouTube username of Watkykjy1 (pronounced something like "watt-cay-k-yay", Afrikaans for "what are you looking at?") has applied an electrolysis circuit developed by Bob Boyce, with his guidance, so that now it recharges his daughter's electric vehicle riding toy. The circuit is powered by the same battery it is charging -- whose voltage goes up overnight during charging, then down during the day as his daughter rides the toy around.  He's repeated this some 35 times so far.

I sent him a message through his YouTube channel, and it turned out to be someone I already knew.  We had a good Q&A via Skype.

Scalar Energy?

He said the energy is coming from somewhere along the lines of Nikola Tesla's later work in which he sought to harness the wheelwork of nature.

"All this is, is a method for converting scalar energy to normal transverse energy. Tesla spoke about this in his one lecture called Methods of Conversion.  All of these are related: zero point, scalar convertor, longitudinal tapping device, etc."

The Boyce circuit being used is called the "hex controller", having 6 channels controlled by a pic(atmega48 20mhz cpu), and was provided by Bob under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for a cost of around $1200 -- not the one Bob open sourced at PESWiki.  Boyce is famous among researchers who are experimenting with using on-board water electrolysis to efficiently create Brown's gas (unusual species of common-ducted hydrogen-oxygen gas) which is injected into the air intake to catalyze a more efficient burn of the fuel.  "I just implemented it according the conversations bob and I had, and came to these results", said Watkykjy1.

Successfully Replicated

That was more than a month ago.  Now he knows of three other people who have been able to replicate this effect.  "If Bob will allow me to share, I'd love to spread this far and wide.  I already have all the supporting material, pictures, part numbers, etc. to do this.  But at this moment I respect Bob's NDA."

One of those three was able to do it without Bob's hex controller, having "enough savvy to build his own hex controller and change the code slightly to run his design."  "He says that it works good", continues Watkykjy1.  "He has done it slightly different; so while his is working, it's not operating in exactly the same way as Bob's implementation.  I have been sharing some information regarding the pulsing, etc with him, and he seems to be getting better and better results, so he will fairly soon be upgrading his controller to also run at 20mhz, and then we can ask him if he would mind sharing it.  I am sure he wouldn't mind."  We would, of course, want to have Bob's blessing.  "It's not that difficult to build, but does require some special tools to get the job done, due to the minute size of some of the components."

In the same conversation, though, however, Watkykjy1 had second thoughts about how feasible this would be as a DIY kit, saying "It doesn't always work immediately, and often one has to play with it to get it charging the first time.  I have been trying to help one person to get his unit to run for over a month by itself, and he hasn't been able to do it, yet there are more replications coming out now by the guys that have the controller, so I know it's working."

Bob May Not Be Here Much Longer

The exotic electrolysis community was shocked yesterday to learn that Bob Boyce has an aggressive terminal cancer.  He may have acquired the cancer doing his research with this technology. [11/12 Correction: Bob says he doesn't think the cancer came from his research. There was something embedded in his skin that was transmitting at the site where the tumor first showed up. It was put there intentionally. He doesn't know how.]

Watkykjy1 told me "this exact same circuit can do much more than just charge batteries . . . it's dangerous." 

Yesterday, the following message from Bob was forwarded to some water fuel discussion lists:

My dialup internet is so darned slow that I can't even access the groups or yahoo email anymore. So I have not been able to check on things. 

We went to the doctor today to get the results of my recent lab workup.  Well the cancer surgery last month failed. All it did was spread the cancer into my bloodstream where it has spread. Thank God it is a rare but very fast spreading cancer this time. Does not respond to chemo or radiation therapy. At least I won't have to suffer long. Please pass my love.

I asked Watkykjy1, "Has there been any work yet to scale this technology to a higher output? how high? lower? how low?".

He responded: "I am too scared to do this at the moment, simply because of what Bob has told me regarding what may happen if I do."

"I am but a learner at this technology at the moment, and have may questions I still can't answer.  Hence the news about Bob's cancer is such a blow for me."

Maybe one of the exotic healing specialists in our midst will be able to help Bob get around this challenge.

Results As Expected

I commented to Watkykjy1: "From what you've said, Bob doesn't seem surprised by your achievement.  Has he Bob been getting similar results in other applications?"

Watkykjy1 responded: "This is quite right.  Bob in fact was the one helping me to achieve this result in the first place, and it was completely expected behaviour.  He was surprized by my modification of the code though, he never thought of doing it that way."

Explanation Video

In his four-part video set posted Oct. 14, 2009 Watkykjy1 explains to fellow Boyce circuit experimenters how he accomplishes this. The particular Boyce circuit used is not the one Bob open sourced at, but is one that Watkykjy1 is under NDA to not disclose its particulars.

The description is rather technical and assumes intimate familiarity with Boyce's circuit.  Watkykjy1 said "the videos posted were initially only for the other 8 or 9 people that have the hex controller to get them up to speed with regards to using it for more than just hydroxy experimentation."

I've combined the four videos into a playlist so they'll play in succession here:

Some miscellaneous technical information

The following information is for those who are more technically-minded.

Watkykjy1 said, "I taught myself how to program the device using the interface connector that I had to buy.  Bob changed the pin layout on the board so that it can only use a proprietary programmer made by only one place in the U.S.  I have been able to take the standard atmel programmer, however, and convert it so that I was able to use it with the hex controller; but he did that in an effort to keep it proprietary.  But if you have that controller, you would be able to use it at home."

- - - -

On Nov. 11, 2009, in response to the question: "Did you determine to your satisfaction that resonance was NOT sustainable EVEN with computer control? If so, can you tell us why" Bob Boyce wrote:

It is sustainable, if one uses a controller that contains feedback to maintain resonance. The microcontroller based unit that I did design for that purpose, I was prohibited from sending to market. It's been redesigned for enhanced battery charging. The real good electronics guys out there are fully capable of doing this, once they understand. They need to understand that it takes more than typical PWM or analog style output stages to make it work. This is not low frequency (10s of Khz) waveform sources. It must be built as high frequency pulse generators, with greater intervals. Study the patents, and notes, of Nikola Tesla, and learn from them.

- - - -

On Nov. 11, 2009, after citing the above, Watkykjy1 wrote:

It is the same circuit Bob developed for the electrolysis cell and is even connected in the same way.  The only difference is that in the electrolysis cell the secondary is connected to the cell, whereas with this experiment the secondary is not connected to anything.  Then also, with the hydroxy experiment, the three channels we use are pulsed at different frequencies, whereas for the power generation we don't need that, and can run them all at the same frequency.  Other than that, the frequency, and obviously the duty cycle, has been changed to achieve maximum interaction with the scalar field when the mosfets switch.

- - - -

I asked Watkykjyl, "I notice you're subscribed to MarkoRodin's channel.  How similar is your coil to what he's doing?  Is Mark Rodin aware of your work?"

Watkykjyl replied: "I still plan on doing a Marko Rodin coil and then connecting it to the hex controller.  From what I understand of Rodin's work and the way his coil works, I should be able to get a far greater gain in output using the same pulsing with his coil.  I don't think Marko is aware of my work, but I'd loooove to sometime make contact with him.  I have a few questions for him too ;)  lol."

- - - -

An oscilloscope is required equipment for this research.

- - - -

"If Bob were to let me build the circuits, I'd be happy to do it."

"There are quite a few things one can do with this circuit, as I mentioned before, but whether or not Bob will let this circuit be reproduced is a different story..."

- - - -

On Nov. 12, 2009, Charles Couch wrote:

Parts for the Toroidal Core Coil are here: 
$190 for the coil parts.

There is also a "3G Bob Boyce Circuit Board" here 
but it is based on the 555 timers not on the Atmeg48 like the Wakykyjy1 device.

Though the programming environment and program of Wakykyjy1 may be expensive and hard to come by, the Arduino System using the same Atmeg series chip is easy and readily available with lots of web assistance to get it together. I have an Atmeg128 running a very similar program right now on my computer desk. It cost $5 for the chip. The programming environment is free. You just download the Java Run Time Environment for free and the Arduino stuff from that site. The cable to program the Atmeg via the USB port is $20-$25. You need a breadboard $5 or less. You can even solder the parts directly to the chip and skip the breadboard if you want. You only need one resistor and one capacitor to have a running microcontroller. 

I'm pretty sure this is a very simple program to write. The hard part is the power transistor Toroid Coil interface. But Wakykyjy1 gives the parts numbers for this in the comments under the 4th video on Youtube. ["This circuit uses the IRF540z mosfets with UCC27322P mosfet drivers."]

I don't know of any groups for replication and scale up but they should be coming soon. I might make one myself. This technology is just the first "nearly open source" tech for fast sharp pulsing of a Transformer to extract energy from the coil collapse and resonance like a Bearden MEG.

# # #

Response from Bob

Posted with permission

From: Bob Boyce 
To: Sterling D. Allan 
Sent: Thursday, November 12, 2009 11:15 AM
Subject: Re: Healing help for Boyce; Fw: Child rides on free energy toy

Hello Sterling

Nice article. Yes, the HexController electronics and toroidal coil are identical to that used for the resonance splitting of water, except we change the programming and implementation slightly. Instead of directing the energy into water, we convert and direct the energy back into the source battery, or a secondary battery bank of higher voltage than the source battery. This is done via a regeneration output that taps into the reaction of the toroidal coil. When charging a higher voltage battery bank, the output wattage is much higher of course. I have always been concerned about the technology behind my toroidal power system being abused, which has kept me from open sourcing it at this time. I have been working on making it safer, as the version 3 HexController owners can attest. As of this time, there are no authorized sources to buy one, and I urge caution to those that wander into this technology blindly. It can be very dangerous if you do not understand it! This is why I have maintained this aspect of my research as proprietary intellectual property, and worked with experimenters that take great care in the application of it.

Yes, I love the simplified code that he developed for charging his child's little EV. It has basically the same functionality as my code, but at a fraction of the number of lines of code. Simpler is usually better in my book.

The cancer that I have developed was not directly due to my research, as many have suggested. Having said that, it did occur under suspicious circumstances. When I was in Florida earlier this year, I noticed a small hard lump had appeared under the skin of my right shoulder. I wondered where it came from of course, but did not give it much thought. Over time, the skin over and around the lump turned reddish and became sore. A few months ago, while working with an EMF meter on the bench in my lab, I noticed that I was picking up a weak signal. Nothing else was running at the time, so I tried locating the source, and traced it to the lump in my shoulder! I made arrangements with my doctor to have it removed, and he suspected a common skin cancer. The object itself was tiny, about the size of a dry grain of rice, surrounded by a white fibrous shell. It had numerous nerves attached to it. Once it had been removed, it ceased sending out a signal, as verified by my portable EMF detector. I wanted to keep it and analyze it myself, but my doctor convinced me to let him send it off to the lab. My doctor sent it and the surrounding tissue off for pathology. Not surprisingly, there was absolutely no mention of the object itself in the pathology report. The surrounding tissue turned out to be this rare form of cancer that has been linked to excessive x-ray exposure in x-ray technicians. The surgery had disturbed the cancer and sent cancer cells throughout my blood stream. The margins were not clear, indicating that the cancer was still present at the incision site, as well as clear indications now that the cancer has spread. I can't blame the doctor really, as at the time we did not know that it was not a simple skin cancer. What I really want to know is, what was this object, and how in the heck did it get imbedded in the skin of my shoulder without me knowing about it?

I am going to try to fight this cancer, but the official prognosis so far is not good. All this means is that I will have to seek alternative treatments, those not covered by Medicaid.

Bob Boyce 

----- Original Message ----- 
From: [JF] 
To: Sterling D. Allan 
Sent: Thursday, November 12, 2009 8:06 AM
Subject: Child rides on free energy toy

Hi Sterling - you asked in today's free energy site about any healers who could help with Bob Boyce's aggressive cancer. I'm a healer, but I think this cancer needs tougher healing than I can provide.

But I am informed by my guides that this cancer is from a form of scalar weapon designed to knock out anyone who really challenges the status quo.[...]

Project Page Created

After posting the above story, I created a feature page over at PESWiki (Directory:Bob Boyce Hex Controller) to become a working point for those interested in replicating this effect.  Due to the dangers involved with the technology, Bob is not wanting to open it up publicly, but he is amenable to careful, talented experimenters getting involved.  

Private B-Hex Forum Sign-up

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    Child Rides EV Toy on Boyce Free Energy! - A South African experimenter has modified an electrolysis circuit developed by Bob Boyce so that now it recharges his daughter's electric vehicle riding toy. What makes this remarkable is that the energy is not drawn from the wall but from the environment somehow. He's done this around 35 times now and knows of three replications of the effect by others. (PESN; Nov. 12, 2009) (Comment)


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