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You are here: > News > November 8, 2009

Paul Pantone describes his wrongful treatment at Utah State Hospital

On Nov. 2, Paul was a guest on K-Talk radio in Salt Lake City.  In addition to describing his version of the wrongful treatment he received at the mental hospital, and how he ended up there despite being of sound mind; he also received numerous calls from supporters in the state.

Stream | Download Interview Audio File (14 Mb; mp3; 55 mins)
On Nov. 2, 2009, Paul Pantone was on K-Talk radio in Salt Lake City with Mills Krenshaw.

Paul Pantone demonstrates his GEET-adapted engine in July for Fox 2 in Albuquerque.

Paul Pantone, inventor of the GEET system that can greatly improve the mileage of a vehicle, in addition to allowing a multiplicity of fuels to be burned in a modified engine, is not very happy about how he was treated in the Utah penal system for three and a half years.  He was released in May 12 this last Summer, when a Utah lawmaker intervened after hearing about the situation.

At first, Paul, now in Oklahoma, was quiet about publicly lambasting the system that treated him so cruelly for so long.  But now it appears the gloves are coming off and he's ready to start exposing what he describes as a deeply corrupt system.  

Last Tuesday he came on one of the biggest Radio talk shows in Utah (K-talk) for two hours and described his wrongful treatment.  I phoned in and mentioned that over the years I've encountered a lot of people who claim to have replicated the GEET technology and vouch that it works very well.  The plasma science involved, in my best estimation, is sound and very fascinating.

I asked Paul where people might go to get documentation about the serious allegations he is making about his treatment at the hands of the Utah penal system.  He said that some of it can be found at  I also asked him about the claims some have made that Paul lost his rights to his patent and that others such as Dennis Lee now have the rights to the technology.  He said that he knew of no signing over of the rights to his patent.

In the radio show and in conversations with me, he talks about crooked judges and defenders with conflicts of interest; as well as a penal system that treats the inmates inhumanely, feeding them food not fit for animals.  His own treatment in the system violates numerous laws, and he describes fellow inmates who also were mistreated.

He alleges that they considered him a "mental patient" because he believed that a car could run on water, hence his incarceration in the state hospital.

He said the legal system in Utah gave him an ultimatum to "disavow" his GEET technology and sign his patent over, and he could go free.  Of course he refused.  He alleges that they withheld pain medication and antibiotics unless he would take their psychotropic drugs, which he refused.  He acquired Hepatitis, lost all his teeth, and suffered from a painful foot injury that went largely untreated while he was in the mental hospital.

Now that he's out, in addition to teaching week-long classes on how to build a GEET system for any engine, and expanding those classes internationally, he's been pulling together documentation and evidence to begin setting things straight and bring some of the corrupt players in Utah's legal system to justice. 

# # #

Websites Mentioned

  • - Website run by Paul's son, David, in France, includes free download of the plans to build a GEET system for up to 20 HP engines.  (A license is required for engines larger than that or for multiple installs.)
  • - Contains some of the documentation of corruption mentioned. Is slated to contain more in coming days.
  • (pending, under construction) - About the technology and discoveries.


  • Feel free to view/post comments at our version of this story.

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