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You are here: > News > October 31, 2009

Fractal antenna arrays proposed as energy source

Could the fractal antenna technology that is used in cell phones be engineered to capture naturally-occurring electromagnetic waves and convert them into usable power? An engineering breakthrough would be needed, along with a multi-discipline cooperative approach.

Stream | Download Interview Audio File (4 Mb; mp3; 15 min)
On Oct. 31, 2009, Jack Passerello joined Sterling Allan for a recorded interview for the Free Energy Now series.

A fractal taken from Walnut Creek's CD-ROM Fractal Frenzy, "Visions of Chaos: Volume 1," by Lee H. Skinner. (Source)


by Jack Passerello
for Pure Energy Systems News

I watched a TV program on Mendelbrot sets and how fractal antennas were each able to pick up many radio signals (frequencies) at the same time.

It came to me that almost ALL radiating waves could be picked up by a set of fractal antennas. I refer you to the fractal antenna in your cell phone.

Each fractal antenna in the set will pick up a string of adjacent frequencies -- without tuning or adjusting an antenna or receiver.

Every star, every galaxy, every radiation source may give off radio waves. This would include interstellar (cosmic rays), radio, magnetic, and even gravitational waves. Plus there is radiation from electrons, neutrons, protons, deuterons, X rays, photons, alpha and beta particles, mesons, hypertons, all secondary radiation, PLUS the mysterious and unfound dark energy and/or dark matter.

In other words, the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

Dozens, maybe hundreds, maybe thousands, of specifically tuned antennas can be stacked in an assembly that may be as small as a cigar box and yet have the potential of capturing thousands of watts of power.

The fractal antenna designer (and manufacturer) on that TV program, stated that a cell phone receives an individual signal for that phone that is very small.

In fact, he said that the signal received is .0003 % of 1 milliwatt per signal received. That is ------ .0000003 watt ----- or .3 watt per million signals.
Or -------- 3 watt per 10 million signals received.
Or -------- 30 watt in 100 million signals received.
Or --------- 300 watt in a billion signals received.

Cosmic rays alone have energies 500 times more than the most energetic particle given off by radioactive materials. This is 30 times the energy produced in the fission of uranium. So with BILLIONS of electromagnetic signals being produced by every man made satellite, every radio and T.V. station and TRILLIONS of stars and heavenly bodies all firing off trillions upon trillions of electromagnetic signals, each able to be individually picked up by our fractal antenna assembly, you see what potential there is for capturing and using a great new source of power. 

But the problem is that all these signals are INCOHERENT, that is, all separated by their individual wavelength and wave peak. It is therefore necessary to convert this incoherence jumble into a COHERENT and usable energy source.

And just as a LASER uses a spectrum of incoherent LIGHT to produce a COHERENT beam of light (a laser beam) a new engineering breakthrough is needed to use the BILLIONS of minute and different electromagnetic waves that are captured by the fractal antennas and convert them into usable coherent wattage (power).

But unlike the conversion of light in a laser (photon emission caused by a drop to a lower energy level by an electron), it may be a matter of realignment of wavelengths or compressing or protracting wavelengths of signals in a circuit or even in guide tubes such as those used in radar receivers.

In addition to the fractal antennas CAPTURING the myriad signals, a fractal antenna configuration (Mendelbrot set) built internally inside a wave guide tube may also realign/compress/merge the differentiated and incoherent signals and make them coherent and their energy usable.

I am told that lasers actually self align some of their waves while they travel back and forth between the end mirrors. This, I do not understand. But possibly all other waves of energy have some of this ability, and if so can be a factor in our quest.

The knowledge of several scientific disciplines is required to fully appreciate the potential and practicality of this hypothesis. They are:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Laser engineering
  • Electronic engineering
  • Cosmology
  • Radio and Television transmission and reception, (including radar)
  • Antenna design (especially fractal antennas)
  • Computer science
  • Mathematics
  • Physics

I'm unsure of the potential of this idea. It may be very important and possible with the development of the new fractal antennas. I would appreciate it if you would advise me as to your interest and the practicality of further investigation into this area.

I would welcome a face to face discussion on this subject.

# # #

John (Jack) Passerello is an electrical engineer who spent his career primarily working with induction motors, working for Macdonnel Douglass as a technical illustrator and for Hughes Aircraft in Fullerton, CA, for 20 years, eventually as a senior computer designer.  He was also involved there in coming up with the first computer chip.  At 74 years old, he and his wife run a plant nursery.

He may be reached at:
2474 W. Orange Ave. 
Anaheim, CA 92804
phone: 714-828-1024 (Pacific time zone; night owl)
email: <arlinejackp {at}>


After my interview with Jack, he phoned to thank me, and mentioned that it is very likely that one could get a DOE grant to pursue the concepts presented here.  The task of taking this project forward could likely become a prestigious, full-time career for the right person. -- Sterling D. Allan


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Last updated January 29, 2010


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