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You are here: > News > October 6, 2009

TWM presents self-looping system with copious extra power for use

Allegedly, not only does TWM Technology, LLC's motor produces enough electricity to keep its batteries topped off, with energy left over for other use, but it also produces torque. The motor does not heat up at all under load, so it can be built from cheaper materials, including wood. A 600 HP version is nearly completed.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2009

Download Interview Audio File (16 Mb; mp3; 45 min)
On Oct. 6, 2009, Henry Johnson joined me for a special recording for the Free Energy Now radio series.

Animation by Kevn Lambson of PES Network, Inc.

TWM's new 15 x 30-inch motor prototype is expected to produce 600 HP and 5,000 VAC -- enough to power a truck.

Henry Johnson, with TWM Technology, LLC, contacted me yesterday with some updates on their motor technology.

The last I heard in January, TWM had a super efficient motor that was maybe approaching overunity (more out than in).

The update information Henry provided spoke of a motor that produced enough energy to loop back and keep itself running, while providing plenty of extra energy for external use -- enough to enable an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to run indefinitely, for example.  That claim is in the opening statement in a new PDF document he had me upload to our site to add to our PESWiki feature about their company.  They like our page enough that for now they have been referring people to it instead of building a site of their own.

Henry also wanted me to note that their patent filing is now "pending," expected to be awarded in about a month.  He also emphasized that the engineer who reviewed the technology last January, Chris Philbrick, is an "independent" agent, not affiliated with TWM; so the technology has technically been "third party tested".

In a follow-up email, Henry stated (slightly edited):

"We have built a 15 x 30 [inch] motor. It looks like we may need as much as 200 VDC input. However the output we expect to be 600 HP and 5,000 VAC. That will keep the batteries full, plus do significant other useful work. The next few days will give us some significant answers."

I then followed up by doing a recorded phone interview with him this morning.  You can download the 16-Mb mp3 file from that interview, which lasted 45 minutes, and is one of the most jaw-dropping interviews I've ever done.  If these guys truly have what Henry is describing, it could be the holy grail of energy, providing a bright beacon of hope for mankind, helping pull us through these troubled times.

According to Henry, the motor-generator has some amazing characteristics.  

  • Not only does it produce enough electricity to keep its batteries topped off, with energy left over for other use, but it also produces torque. 
  • The permanent magnets in the motor increase in strength with use.  
  • When an increased electrical load is placed on the output coils, they increase their output to meet the load.
  • He also said that the motor does not heat up at all under load, so it can be built from cheaper materials, including wood. 
  • TWM intentionally shot the motor with a bullet, wiping out half of the motor (several coils), and it still ran.

It turns out that the moped that the engineer ran for 8 miles in a gymnasium last January, ended up with the same charge in the batteries as it started out with.  The statement released by the engineer attests to that.  The combined weight of the moped and rider was about 350 pounds. 

Henry said that the other guys at TWM prefer to downplay what they have, both out of a desire to be conservative, as well as being concerned about how unbelievable their claims will be to most people.  

They're putting the finishing touches on a version they expect to produce between 600 and 1200 HP.  They plan to attach one of these to a 1951 Ford 1-ton pick-up truck and drive it several thousand miles to demonstrate the technology in use.

If real, this technology, scaled to various sizes, could fulfill the "imagine" statement we have before each of our radio segments:

"Imagine a world in which each home has its own power generator that obtains its energy in such a way that no fuel has to be added. Imagine every vehicle being able to run without ever stopping for fuel. Imagine each appliance having its own power source that never has to be recharged."

How it Works

According to their pdf, the generator-motor (producing electricity and torque) has 5 electromagnets in each stator power the two permanent magnets in each of three rotors.  As the permanent magnet comes face to face with the electromagnets, the electromagnet polarity is reversed, compressing the magnetic field, impelling the magnet away.  The opposite permanent maget is being repelled by the last electromagnet and attracted by the next electromagnet, causing rotation.  A secondary winding on the electromagnet generates AC power.  They are using both sides of the magnetic field.  All the input energy is being used for is to change the polarity on the electromagnets.  The permanent magnets and flywheel effect do the work.  The transformers are 97% separated from the operation of the motor.

The synopsis statement we've had on our feature page is: "We've figured out how to make magnets the fuel." -- Todd Thorpe, TWM President (Jan. 5, 2009)

This evening, Todd sent me the following (slightly edited excerpt):

I am editing a small video of three different prototypes. The first one is hollow-core/electromagnets, high-rpm design.  The second is a proof-of-concept/moped test motor.  And, of course, there is the large beta prototype. 

Since the last time we spoke, I've learned a lot about our technology, but still much is to be learned. For example, electromagnets can be almost any material. We've proved this with hollow core design. That motor is activated off of 10 pieces of wood! Phenolic to be exact. All our models' cores not only drive the motor, but the same 10 coils are also pickup coils. So, in turn, we are recycling the DC input through dissipation and absorption. The secondary wires absorb and output pure AC power. That's just one example of why this motor is special. This motor is versatile in the fact that it can be wired multiple different ways and many different materials can be used, all achieving different results. The motor is more equitable to an internal combustion or turbine in the fact we compress and release the magnetic fields in a stroke similar to a combustion motor or turbine. The motor is in fact a contained linear accelerator. Our circuitry is ahead of its time. I'll explain more later.

I hope this helps clarify our updates and perhaps will help the engineers out there with doubts of our findings.

# # #


  • Featured: Electromagnetic > TWM Technology >
    TWM provides demo videos - A demonstration video set by TWM Technology LLC shows two of their motor-generators in operation, though not necessarily showing convincing overunity. The company claims that the system can provide enough power from its secondary coil to both keep the battery source replenished and to provide extra energy for practical use. (PESN; Oct. 10, 2009) (Comment)


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