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You are here: > News > September 27, 2009

Steorn plans Orbo free energy demo in 2009

Having solved a problem with bearings, coming up with a magnetic bearing system that can handle the stresses that would destroy regular bearings, Steorn is nearing readiness to give a public display of various Orbo systems via a live video-stream from location.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2009

Steorn CEO Sean McCarthy holding an Orbo device prior to the Kinetica demo in July, 2007.
(Source: FreeEnergyPhotos)


The Irish company, Steorn, is gearing up for another public demonstration attempt of their revolutionary Orbo "free energy" technology -- by the end of 2009.

This past Tuesday, FreeEnergyTimes conducted an email interview with Steorn CEO, Sean McCarthy, providing an update to their progress and intentions.  McCarthy said "The demonstration will involve a public display of various Orbo systems, there will be a live video-stream from the location that people can watch via our website."  The primary purpose of the demonstrations will be to attract the interest of individuals and companies who want to develop Orbo-powered products.

Steorn grabbed world headlines in Aug. 2006 announcing that they threw down the gauntlet to the worldwide scientific community, inviting them to come on a jury to test their  technology and announce their findings.  (Ref.)  Then a year later, on the auspicious day of July 4, 2007, they ran a widely publicized demo of their free energy prototype at the Kinetica Museum in London, promised to be streamed live around the world; but unfortunately, the device did not work.  (Ref.)  On June 21 of this year, the Jury selected in 2006 to review the Steorn technology issued the verdict reached by the end of 2008.  They concluded that the technology does not result in energy gain.  (Ref.)  

Meanwhile, Steorn has persisted, optimistic that they will have a demonstration model ready by the end of 2009.  On Feb. 4, 2009, they began soliciting teams of engineers and commercial interests to become part of a developer group who will take a working principle and build embodiments which can then be implemented through license. (Ref.)  Rather rather than try and engineer all the various applications and scale to all the various sizes, Steorn's business model is to license the core concept out, inexpensively, and allow others to pursue that. 

Responding to a question about a key technical problem that has been resolved, McCarthy wrote: 

"One of the key problems that we have always faced in implementing Orbo are bearings. The reason is that a typical Orbo interaction involves very strong radial forces that change direction in very small angular displacements. Hence an Orbo system built using traditional bearings is like driving you car at high speed over speed bumps – you can do it, but after a small distance you car will simply break down. The key technical advance that we have made with respect to implementation is a move away from the use of traditional bearing technologies to the use of our own passive magnetic bearing technology, ZeroF."

McCarthy also wrote that the "power output is scalable. There are no theoretical limits to the power output that can be produced, however there will be a significant amount of engineering work."

When I first interviewed Sean back in Aug. 2006, he said that their technology was an all-magnet motor, in which rotation is achieved via magnets repelling or attracting magnets, with no other input energy required.  However, more recently I understand that some electrical components have been introduced -- at least in some of the research and development being conducted by the group.  Nevertheless, McCarthy says: "Every single part of an Orbo interaction can be explained using classical physics, except the net result."

Steorn’s web site states that "every aspect of society from finance, economics and business to education, science and politics will have to adjust to the new opportunities being created by Orbo technology".  McCarthy added that this will be largely because no grid connection will be required with the Orbo.

McCarthy said that "low-cost" licenses will be made available to product developers. 

# # #

SOURCES and additional reading:

  • Q&A with Steorn CEO Sean McCarthy - "Here is a transcript of the email exchange which took place; Sean McCarthy’s responses were sent to me on September 22, 2009" (Free Energy Times; Sept. 22, 2009)
  • Key Orbo Points - "a summary of key information that I got from the information provided in the Q&A session" (Free Energy Times; Sept. 25, 2009)
  • 2010 is Approaching, and the Stakes are High for Steorn - "Has the company crept off the scene, tail between its legs in disgrace, hoping that people would forget about them? Actually they have not." (Free Energy Times; Sept. 16, 2009)


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