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You are here: > News > September 26, 2009

My posting "Martial Law by Design" banner in Salt Lake City metro overpass

As a protest to the rise of the New World Order, nearly fully in place, I went and posted a statement using red cups in a chain link fence on a pedestrian bridge over Bangerter Highway in Riverton, Utah.  Yes, this does relate to free energy.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

See enlarged view

Here's what I posted on the overpass in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area on Sept. 24: "Martial Law By Design --".  On Sept. 25 I added a syringe image on the right, shown below, due to the role that the Swine Flu scare is likely to play in bring about a tighter grip of police state controls.



Me, the perp.

Here I go off-topic again from clean energy coverage . . . but not entirely.  This does tie in to free energy indirectly in several ways, which I'll get to below.

I wanted to tell you about a little protesting I did Thursday, posting the phrase "MARTIAL LAW BY DESIGN --" via red drinking cups inserted into the chain fence on a pedestrian overpass over Bangerter highway near the 134th South intersection in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area of Riverton, Utah.  I then added a syringe image yesterday.

It took me from 2:15 pm to 9:15 pm -- seven hours -- to do the initial writing, taping the cups securely in place with packing tape so they wouldn't blow away or jiggle out of place.  I wanted it to last for weeks, hopefully.  Then yesterday, I went back to take some photos and add a syringe image, which took me about an hour -- a few minutes too long, though, because by the time I was done, a sheriff had come along to take care of things.

When I was done with the syringe artwork, with only about 15 cups left from the 1920 I purchased for $40.00 the day before at the Wal-Mart nearby, I started walking down the western ramp to go admire my work and take some photos.  That was when I saw the Sheriff at the bottom of the ramp.  I turned around and walked the other way, hoping it wasn't what it looked like.  Maybe he was just waiting for the light.  I'd seen a good three or four police drive by while doing my art work, and none of them had stopped.  People do this kind of art work all the time -- mostly cute stuff, such as on the bridge prior: "Eddie: Miss You [heart] -- E.M.". 

I had called the city of Riverton earlier in the day to ask about such things, and was informed that it comes under the Utah Department of Transportation because it's a state road.  The guy I talked to said UDOT "lightly" considers it "vandalism", but the tone of voice indicated that it's a minor infraction and not hotly pursued, so I thought I'd take my chances to go back and add the syringe.  Several cops had driven by while I was doing the posting yesterday, so I thought maybe I would get away with just one more thing.

I shouldn't have, because what I had accomplished the night before could have lasted for weeks -- maybe.

I was spurred to add the syringe by something I added to my hopper for Saturday's news, hearing about it from a Sept. 23 Infowars video with Alex Jones interviewing Dr. Stan Monteith (part 7 of 7, 2:07 minutes):

  • Vioxx maker Merck and Co drew up doctor hit list - An international drug company made a hit list of doctors who had to be "neutralized" or discredited because they criticized the anti-arthritis drug the pharmaceutical giant produced, which causes heart attacks and strokes. [This same company is presently licensed for vaccine distribution in the U.S.]. (The Australian; Apr. 1, 2009)

Here's an international drug and vaccine company that had a hit list for doctors who were speaking out against their Vioxx drug, which later was proven to cause heart attacks and strokes, landing them a 5.4 billion dollar class action suit.  When I Googled "Merck and Co" with "Vaccine", the first link was an FDA website listing the companies that are licensed to distribute vaccines in the United States.  Marck & Co show up about 10% of the time as you go down the fairly short alphabetical list of viral or bacterial threats and the products approved to be used against them.  They're not only still in business, but they are still being given the green light by our sick government. 

The reason I posted "--" on the bridge display is because Alex Jones is masterful at clearly depicting so many of the dastardly things that are going on at the hands of criminals in high place.  And it was him who suggested in his show on Wednesday that people go out and post banners to wake people up (that video is embeded below).  He brings forth copious documentation showing how the United States has been hijacked by offshore, criminal banking interests who are intentionally bankrupting the country and killing people using things such as the Swine Flu scare to get people vaccinated with a very dangerous, essentially untested vaccine, and gradually introducing the National Guard to help local police during peace time -- in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act prohibiting domestic military deployment -- getting the troops and citizens used to their illegitimate presence, for full deployment to help enforce the dreadful vaccination mandate that is coming very soon.  And all this while there are some very excellent natural-based remedies such as vitamin D3, sunlight (so the body can make D3 naturally), colloidal silver, etc, which are ignored and sometimes even prohibited by the drug-interest-bought federal government.

I've been listening to most of Alex Jones episodes in the last few weeks, being subscribed to his YouTube channel, which I highly recommend.  I often listen to him while I'm doing some of the less cognitive-requiring work on my energy websites such as preparing images, cutting an pasting bullets, etc.

So off I headed to drive the 40 minutes to where this bridge canvas is.  (Actually, there are a bunch of them along Bangerter and other major highways in Salt Lake (and other cities) -- hint, hint.

It took me maybe 5 minutes to poke the cups in place, then about 50 minutes to secure them with tape so they wouldn't blow out over time.  Even while I was there, I noticed that the wind gets quite gusty at times.

So, to pick up with my narrative from above, when I saw the Sheriff there, I walked the other way, back in the direction of my car, picking up my pace by taking long strides so as to not look like I was walking fast.  By the time I got to the bottom of the ramp and headed east, the Sheriff actually turned on his siren to get through the intersection, which I ignored, continuing walking.  Then he slowed next to me, pointed at me, letting me know in no uncertain terms that the siren was intended for me.

I stopped walking.  He got out, and asked me to go take it all down, saying it was "litering", that the cups come out and blow all over the place.

I informed him that I had taped them in place very well, so they would not blow out.  I would tape a long section, usually covering two rows of cups, securing each end of tape around the chain link segment by running the tap around it so it would then stick to itself on the back end.  I would then run another piece of tape near the middle of the stretch, perpendicular to it, fastening it to the chain link the same way. 

He said that the warning would be followed by a citation on second infraction.  And he began in the direction of his patrol car, indicating that his patience were thin, and the time of warning was getting very narrow.

I told him I just wanted to know what my options were.  I asked him how much the citation was, gauging my options, thinking maybe I could just pay the citation and call it good.  But, he then informed me that I would still have to take it down.

I asked if maybe I could leave it there a week then take it down, assuring him that the cups not go any where.  But of course he declined.  So I opted for the warning.

I then said I would need a knife to cut the tape.  He gave me a scanning look, wondering if he could trust me, then handed me one he had on him, took my driver's license, and asked me to get started while he took down my information for his warning.

I took a couple of photos (out of his view), then proceeded to remove the reinforcement tape, leaving the cups in place.  Here's one of those photos.  Another is further below.  I also shot a video of his patrol car -- at least I thought I did.  But it turned out that I did not hit the "start" button when I thought I did, and it only started when I thought I was hitting "end".  So the last second of the second video below is of that segment, when I was saying, "I got busted..."

This is the last photo I took before having to remove the sign made of red cups inserted into the chain link fence.  Utah's Mount Olympus is the background peak on the far left.  The sheriff was parked on the street just ahead of where you see the white car in the middle left of the photo.

Taking the tape off took about 45 minutes.  I guess the officer was just waiting down in his patrol car.  My strategy was to keep the cups in place as long as possible, while working to remove the signage by taking the supporting tape off.

Several people shouted words of encouragement to me from cars parked at the light, thinking I was putting the thing up.  "Way to go!"  "Way to get the word out!"  "Keep it up."  Honk.  Honk, honk, honk.

Finally, when I had a couple of letters left (to take the tape off), the officer came out and shouted up to me to hurry things along. I said I was hurrying, because I had things I needed to do as well.

He finally came up, just as I was finishing removing the tape from the last letter.  He said he would help.  I told him that I needed to go get a drink because I was getting dehydrated.  He started taking cups out of the fence, and I went to get a drink.  My ball of tape was about 1 foot in diameter, coming from nearly three rolls that I used to secure the cups in place.  By the time I got back a few minutes later, he had taken a line out of the middle of the text, so it was nearly illegible.

I went to where he was and started talking to him about the Merck & Co thing, mentioned above.  He told me that he doesn't take medicine and he doesn't go to doctors, which I congratulated him on.  "Way to go."  By the time we were done, about five minutes later, he had warmed up some.  I gave him my business card (CEO, Pure Energy Systems . com), and took the bag of cups to my car.

Here are some photos I took from various angles before I started on the syringe. Click on an image for an enlarged view of it.

A view from the southeast corner of the intersection, as I'm walking from the Sheriff's patrol car to go take the cups down. View from the northeast corner of the intersection.
A close-up of the "--In" in Infowars.  Note the tape job in the enlarged view. What it looked like walking across the pedestrian overpass, Friday.
Thursday evening, about 2/3 done. Thursday night, you could see the reflection off the back of the cups approaching from the back side.  It looked pretty cool.

Here's a video I shot on Thursday, Sept. 24, showing my progress posting the statement on the overpass.  Note that I changed the phrase from "Martial Law by Degrees," which I had initially planned, to " Design," which is a more potent message.

Here's a video I shot on Friday, Sept. 25, coming back during the day to film the statement on the overpass, and show my progress adding the syringe to the chain link canvass.  I thought I had filmed the sheriff, but I failed to hit the "record" button at the beginning, so all you see is the last second as I hit the "record" button, turning it on when I thought I was turning it off, so you see the syringe briefly.

Here's the video by Alex Jones that spurred me to go and post this statement on the bridge.

Now, what does any of this have to do with energy?

First, the same cabal that is bringing about incremental martial law, is part of the same ultra-rich band of thugs who have been suppressing the ultra-disruptive free energy technologies.  If they came out, it would make one of the control mechanisms they've been using obsolete -- oil and other fossil fuels.

Second, as I and others are heading to the hills (see our project page at, renewable energy is a must for enabling us to be grid (aka control) independent, both to be free of their control, as well as to be able to have power when society goes into Mad Max melt down mode, by design of the dudes bringing you the New World Order, to further bring cause for them to tighten their martial law stranglehold.  You would be well advised to have such contingency plans in place as well, if you don't already.

Third, don't fall for the false flag cap and trade, socialist legislation being hoisted on the various developed nations as a tax base for the new world government.  They're using a good cause -- taking care of the Earth -- to further their dark agendas of total control.

Forth, don't fall for the "smart grid" micromanagement of your electricity usage, facilitated by Google's measurement and communication technology.

Google's going hook line and sinker.   Take a look at the 16 finalists they finally chose and posted in recent hours, taking this long to sort through the 150,000 some entrants (including mine, to support the initiative of the New Energy Congress that I founded to find and facilitate the very best clean energy technologies).  They didn't pick any one submission, but generalized the submissions into 16 areas, to then send out RFPs for the winning categories.  Why did they even have a contest?  There isn't a one category description that doesn't have a control paradigm nuance to it.  

I am beyond disappointed.  I'm not voting for any of them.  Boo, Google, which more and more seems to becoming a tool of Orwell's brave new world -- not brave, not new, and certainly not free.  Bill Gates seems to be of the same ilk.

Gratefully, there are a lot of winners out there, like Alex Jones, Coast to Coast AM, Natural News, Len Horowitz, etc.

We certainly don't live in boring times.  It seems to be a fulcrum point for civilization.  How the next 5 years plays out will have huge repercussions for millennia to come.  No wonder Dec. 2012 is so auspicious, if not pointing to a specific day, indicating a turning point for humanity.  And yes, the emergence of truly revolutionary clean energy technologies will play a vital role in that turning point.

Join with us in this journey, if you're not already, as we bring about a new world of abundance, clean energy, freedom, and goodness -- not scarcity, destruction, slavery, and debauchery.  The old is passing away, the new is coming.  What will it be?  That's up to us -- all of us, the good, bad, and ugly.  Who and what is going to prevail?

In closing, please watch these two videos Alex Jones produced yesterday.  He sounds more calm than he has in most recent episodes, which is amazing, because the content of of this presentation is the most powerful content of anything he's posted yet, in my experience.

Yes, I'm staying up through the night to post this.  It's now 5:00 am.  I've got a very full Saturday ahead of me, preparing for our move into temporary digs while we build our new renewable home in Safe Haven Villages.

God bless us all as we forge ahead.

# # #



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Activism with Renewable Materials

On Oct. 12, 2010, Travis Schutt of Safe Haven Villages wrote:

I haven't had a chance to go through everything yet, but just wanted to also commend you. I also have a suggestion, you may want to use natural environmentally friendly material like long leaves etc... and weave them in the fence that way eventually if it blows out no big deal. I would suggest a practice run so that you know it will look decent since it might not be as easy as cups.

* * * *

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