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You are here: > News > September 21, 2009

Noble gas motor update

John Rohner provides an update on their motor, which would cost about as much as a regular motor, but would use virtually no fuel.  They're in process of preparing manufacturing lines for when they're ready to begin mass producing, though they're still early in the testing phase.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2009

The PlasmERG motor design.


John Rohner's group is working on a noble gas motor in the tradition of the Joseph Papp engine, that they say runs on a plasmic transition process, which is a non-radioactive type of nuclear energy.  Just a tiny amount of cheap, inert fuel would last for a year of continuous use.  And the motor itself apparently would not be very expensive either.

The following are three emails he sent me today giving an update on their progress, which he said I could post.

Part I

Well things are really heating up.

We can add California to Michigan and Indiana that want to give us free manufacturing space, tax credits, money, retooling costs and employment monies. So soon I will be turning all this over to someone to work out the fine details.

I am applying for more grants, as well.

Don, in China, has designed his own version of the motor hardware and is pursuing getting it ready to start up. Shaun, here in Iowa, and I have found a way to use stock Harley Davidson parts for the crank, connecting rods and pistons and we have found an Iowa Cylinder maker to make cylinders. So all the pieces we need for both test and early production motors are now found and available.

We decided to make sure there was a parts pipeline to support the next step past this one so we would not lose time between the generator demos and getting systems into the pipeline. This has taken more time and money than expected, but the delay will be months less. It is my opinion that the delay from show to delivery needs to be as short as possible to make things gel and get some cash flow.

From here, Shaun and Don are getting this done.

The first prototype of a test "standard" controller is now here, and Andrew will be stuffing my version next week. He will be substituting Freescale Processors for the Silicon labs I used and getting his board laid out and complete, so when we start testing we will have two controllers to handle the various tests.

Andrew and Haik are also interfacing with me on the next Critical Project.

[...] By Dec 1 we should be ready to start some engines. Jeez time runs fast when your so busy.

Part II

We now also have a co-developer, company, in China. They are working on a new experimental motor using more exotic building materials. A cross between Graphite and Thermoplastic for major parts: block, cylinder carriers, lower piston, etc. Their object is to make one that can be reproduced in heavy volume for less than $150 US. They have a contract with the Chinese for massive small generators.

We are also "buried" by States that wish to create a "farm electrical independence". That is a generator on each farm to service the farm and allow the power companies to remove the wires. I was surprised to find out that the power companies spend more maintaining wires to farms than they can make. I also think the price of copper may have something to do with it. To this end we are signing up companies wishing to make generators, in a state, so that once we pass the first "show" we have somewhere to assign the genset building and such. One of the biggies here is the California central valley. They want gensets and water pumps. As the man said, "anything to get away from the state". 

We have enough parts suppliers lined up to get initial production through 5 months.

We have also test run a single cylinder motor.  A true test motor for that will be built.  The one we used was a clug of mixed parts put together just as a verification it could work.

We are waiting on our new test equipment.  We ordered industry standard dynos to verify power.  It may be the core for the 60KWH generator sets.

We have also totally verified the process that makes it all work. It is similar and very different from what Papp thought. The 1983 motor would never have made 1500 RPM as it was built. The cumulative reaction times would have caused it to fail.

Part III
(In response to a request for a photo)

The castings for the production motors are now final for molds but not built yet.

So no pix available from there.

The next group of test engines, for our research partners and co-developers in Canada are ugly. We learned a lot from the very first motor we did. It was pretty, but we were not prepared for the power out at over 1400 RPM (non of us believed the numbers either, we do now). So it broke quickly. Later analysis even showed the aluminum cylinder was ballooning, growing in the middle.

From that lesson we are building this set out of steel and cast iron and they are very tough but really ugly. The heads are held on with what we used to call "stove bolts" (long bolts outside the cylinder). The coils are in plain site outside the cylinder. The top of the block has a plexiglas cover to see inside. The block is made from 8 pieces of 1 inch steel plate bolted together with a sheet steel bottom cover. The flywheels and connecting rods are really modified new racing parts for a Sportster 900 HD motor. Reactor coils are individual thru a PC board to electrodes, with control electronics also there. A PCD web cam is attached to each head to monitor reactor chambers. AND no one worried about PRETTY. So a pix would be strange of that.

These are really test motors that will get lots of things thrown at them and have to live thru it. We have gas mixture that simulate higher power than the first one we used. So we are being careful.

The part that is "pretty" and is not changing is the reaction chamber and the ionizer. But, until the patent on these is complete we can not show pictures of it.

But if ugly will do we can send some pix in a couple weeks of the US-built test motors.

[...] The use of carbon fiber [on the Chinese motors] does make them very nice looking.

So [...] I really don't want to take pictures of non working motors, [...] and publish them as examples of something that might work, but never has. I prefer to do that once it is functioning in reality.

Even when the new castings and such get here it would be a bit as we get them assembled and tested.

Once we get a new heavy duty test motor together I could send you an "UGLY" picture. [...]

# # #

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan Sept. 21, 2009
Last updated June 17, 2011


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