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You are here: > News > August 4, 2009

2009 ExtraOrdinary Technology conference report

A snapshot of the four-day TeslaTech conference which many called "the best ever," due in measure to the number of working technologies described and demonstrated.

by Michael Riversong

Event organizer, Steve Elswick of, stands out in the lobby at the Nativo Lodge in Albuquerque during the 2009 conference.

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Many people came away commenting that the 2009 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference in Albuquerque was "The Best Ever!" Some of those comments were made by people who had experienced the excellent teamwork of the old International Tesla Society, so this was a high honor indeed. One of the factors making the conference stand out was the facility, the Nativo Lodge. Not only was it an excellent and beautifully appointed building, but its staff members, particularly Ivan, went out of their way to make sure everything went well.

There were certainly many challenges. As always, audio-visual work posed the greatest difficulties. People on the outside can have no idea what it takes to make all the sound and recording happen properly, meaning over 4 months of preparation. John Fiala assembled his best crew yet and they performed extremely well, young and elders alike. A new isolation booth in the far rear corner of the room helped a lot.

We also had more substitute speakers than at any time since 1984. We don't know if it was coincidences or the economy, but there were five speakers not on the original printed schedule. It is a great testimony to the quality of conference attendees and Steve Elswick's organizational skills that, on almost no notice, each of the vacant spots was quickly filled with presenters who were all good speakers in their own right.

Joseph Farrell began our conference on Thursday night with his exhaustive research into antigravity projects set up in Nazi Germany and apparently continuing in some form to this day.

First thing Friday morning, Mark Hinds gave us insights into how a variety of therapeutic techniques being performed under one roof can create great health benefits.

Ranan Shahar, our first substitute speaker, explained in detail the anatomy of the atlas connection at the base of the skull. In many people this has, due to the difficulties of life, drifted from its proper place. His techniques focus on properly and vigorously re-aligning this area, bringing the entire body into play as he works.

James Golik split the hour with Shahar and talked about computer diagnostic technologies which are vital to good health care.

Robyn Benson presented information about her magnetic healing pads and light and sound techniques. These were constantly being demonstrated in the exhibit area and were enthusiastically enjoyed by many attendees.

Over 20 years ago, Marko Rodin came on the scene with explosively compelling holographic mathematical ideas and a now rare book called "Aero". He spoke at several conferences and then receded from public view. During the intervening years he has quietly been working on further developments in math and finding ways to translate its potential into engineering. Now, he has an easily made coil that holds great promise. He brought a field engineer along, Jamie Butruff, who demonstrated how this coil behaves unexpectedly when energized. It measureably creates magnetic monopoles under some circumstances. We also were treated to a demonstration of how the coil can function on its own as a speaker, and how the sound was amplified dramatically by placing a simple ring magnet on it. Marko does not know whether or not he will be doing more such lectures and demonstrations. That depends on many factors. Therefore, if someone could only afford one DVD from this conference, it should be this one, which has true historical significance and high scientific value.

At the age of only 24, Chris Eckman has already put together impressive research into the phenomenon known as Brown's Gas. He described its history and characteristics, and most importantly detailed the main theories about its real nature.

Paul Pantone gave another historically significant presentation. In many ways his appearance this year was cause for celebration. He had been unjustly confined to a mental hospital for the past few years. Pressure from many people connected with the conference eventually resulted in his release just a few weeks before. He graciously found many ways to thank all those who had helped, briefly summarized some of his experiences, and then got down to the hard work of detailing useful facts about his GEET technology. It is not yet perfected, and Paul was honest about inconsistencies in operation. One of the things he learned during his period of incarceration is that the old model of invention which included getting wealthy from sales of technology is gone forever. So he released his standard engine plans for free to the whole world over the Internet. He is encouraging others to build devices for themselves and find possible improvements. On Sunday afternoon he expanded on this in a workshop generally regarded as excellent by the attendees. With him at the conference were his brother and son who are actively supporting his work now, from Oklahoma and the Netherlands respectively.

On Friday evening we had a surprise speaker, Nassim Haramein. His working title was "Black Hole Protons". We are all somewhat familiar with the behavior of electrons as they zip around the universe doing so many things. But little attention has ever been paid to protons, except for trying to break them apart in elaborate and expensive particle accelerators. Haramein has developed a working theory that delves into proton behavior and its connection with the phenomenon called "black holes". This theory should be examined closely because it has tremendous implications for free energy, implosion technology, and gravity control.

Moray King kept us updated on the work of many researchers who could not attend the conference. He especially looked at hydrolysis units and phenomena connected with those as they can be built by hobbyists. Part of the value of this information is that his mathematical and observational physics work are consistently being verified. However there are many mysteries still to solve. "If you want to prove a new energy technology, you have to get the battery out of there and have it run itself." He is strongly encouraging other researchers to build and test his concepts. Apparently there are some electrolysis design possibilities that could generate energy at over-unity.

Peter Grandics related details of various experiments that appeared to transfer energy from the atmosphere. He uses anciently known ratios in his engineering work.

Many theories about gravity have been advanced. One of the most coherent was presented by retired computer engineer Arthur Larson. An advantage of his theory is that it fits in well with parts of the Standard Model that are not well understood yet. Some experiments that can be done by almost anyone were introduced, as he encouraged people to try them.

Gary Peterson brought some working models of wireless electricity transmission and reception equipment. After explaining what he was doing, he showed us how the wireless transmitter actually did work by lighting a small lightbulb across the stage area. In other words, Tesla's Wardenclyffe project is now at a "proof of concept" stage and can presumably be engineered into extremely useful equipment soon.

Joel Garbon, a co-author of Breakthrough Power, briefly summarized the current status of conference co-sponsor New Energy Movement. In the past year several changes have put the group in Portland, Oregon into a much improved position to continue its work in promoting widespread deployment of advanced energy technologies.

Tesla Turbines have always been a relatively little known part of the master's work. In his time, they were not developed because, as Tesla himself admitted, sufficiently durable materials were not available. Jeff Hayes has for well over 20 years dedicated his life to understanding this obscure technology and is now well positioned to advise anyone. "Don't ever think that you know better than Tesla!", he warned us, as some have tried to make improvements that never worked out.

Robotics can be a lot of fun, as Warren Williams readily attests. He summarized the basic principles of the technology that has made it possible for him to participate successfully in many combat contests all over the country.

John Milewski says that magnetic monopoles are the source of gravity, which involves pushing monopoles to the earth. Long thought to be only theoretical, it is now being found that they can be involved in many types of possible technologies. It should be noted that black sand is especially helpful to plants because of its natural monopole content. Note that we had actually seen a measurable magnetic monopole earlier in the conference with the demonstration by Marko Rodin.

George Freibott is mostly known for his work with therapeutic ozone. As one of our surprise speakers, he brought forth a number of lesser known technologies spawned by Tesla's research, thus providing a valuable service to all of us. His talk is worth watching many times as he included a number of important concepts in the short time he had. Among those were the Teslascope, which has received very little attention over the past 25 years.

Our conference was ably wrapped up by Sterling Allan, who gave us the very latest details on several new technologies being evaluated by members of the New Energy Congress, including the Keppe motor. Throughout the conference Sterling could often be seen drilling away at the Internet on his trusty laptop and interviewing other speakers for inclusion in his encyclopedic site 

# # #


You can help support this work, AND have a great reference on advanced energy and environmental research. Over 30 years of original work by Michael Riversong has been compiled into 2 CDs, including photographs, articles, and even whole books! For only $30, you can have this set sent to you, and obtain the knowledge that's come about through all this research activity for so many years. You can either pay by PayPal to the address below, or send a check to the mailing address and let us know by email that it's coming.

Michael Riversong 
P.O. Box 2776
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82003

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