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You are here: > News > July 10, 2009 (Tesla's B-day)

Magnacoaster Vorktex nearing commercial rollout

Canadian inventor, Richard Willis, claims to have a solid state device that amplifies input power, such as from a solar panel, to produce many more times output -- enough to power a home, for under 20,000 USD.  The technology involves pulsing (kHZ) the input power through a coil next to large, permanent magnets.

Stream | Download Interview Audio File (10 Mb; mp3; 50 min)
On July 6, 2009, Richard Willis joined me on the Free Energy Now radio show.

One of several photos from the Magnacoaster website.

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Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann


by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2009

Yet Another Claimant?

Occasionally I get people asking me what I think about Magnacoaster Motor Company.  My recollection has been that most incidental comments about them have been favorable.

We first posted a page about them at PESWiki two years ago on June 28, 2007.  (See historic shapshot.)   Ten days prior to that we had posted the following news bullet linking directly to their site, prior to making the PESWiki feature page. (Ref 1 | 2 | 3 | 4)

  • June 18, 2007
    > Magna Coaster Motor Co
    - Magnetic motor and generator produces electric power without using fuel. A home unit is planned for production in fall of 2008. Several demonstration videos have been posted.

At that time, it seemed like an interesting attempt, but just another of so many thousands of tries at electromagnetic motor overunity.  We certainly did not expect that they would come close to their objective of being ready for production by Fall of 2008.  How many times have predictions like that proven futile -- like every time so far!

In the eight years I've been involved in this seemingly Don Quixotic quest for exotic free energy devices, I have yet to see a true overunity generator that can actually produce useful energy in a practical embodiment that would make sense in the marketplace.

Last Monday, I finally took some time out to get up to speed on what Magnacoaster is up to.  I looked at their site and noticed that on their website they actually have a "products" page, plural, listing four different devices of varying power outputs available: 4.8 kW, 9 kW, 12 kW and 10 kW -- all in the range of powering a home, and all tied to more conventional renewable energy technology: solar and wind.  The company, apparently, is targeting a complete independent home power system for under $20,000.

One of the Vorktex units for sale.

I gave their inventor and head dude, Richard Willis a phone call up in Ontario, Canada.  He was polite and approachable, and he agreed to come on my radio show for an interview that night.  Whether or not they are real, they definitely have a story to tell.  Richard also gave me a phone number of someone I know who had been in to see and test the device.  

That person (who asked to not be named) said that when he was there there they did not have the necessary equipment to definitively measure the input versus the output, but that they were encouraged enough to plunk down some money to buy one of the units.  That was in January, 2008.  He also informed me that as of yet, the unit has not been delivered due to a string of things that needed to be worked out in the design before the units are delivered.

The Vorktex Device

Magnacoaster claims to have a electromagnetic device they call "Vorktex" that involves large, high-power, rare earth magnets next to specially-would coils which create an effect that results in yielding many times more energy out than what is input on the front end -- somehow harnessing free energy from the environment in the process.

Put simply, according to Richard, their present Vorktex system entails a solar panel to provide the initial input energy which goes into a 12-V battery.  From the battery, a special circuit pulses the input electricity with high frequency (3-10 kHz) through a special coil situated next to two large permanent magnets in such a way that an unusual effect is imposed such that the output electricity has more power and a higher frequency, which is then conditioned by another circuit back into the same battery, from which a very high load can be drawn, much higher than what could have been drawn from the solar panel alone.  The battery apparently acts as a converter of "radiant" (aetheric?) energy into regular electricity.

It turns out that the “motor” part of the company name may turn out to be a bit of a misnomer since the most recent iterations of their device turns out to be solid state -- at least the energy-generating essentials are not moving.  There is a small pump for cycling a dielectric oil across the coils to prevent plasma from forming between the coils due to the high voltages and high frequency pulsing involved.  Earlier prototypes were wiped out when such plasmas formed.

Richard told me that his idea is a spin-off of Howard Johnson's understanding of vortices around magnets, hence the name "vortex", except with a "k" interjected -- which turns out to have been a typo from looking for a good domain name, and the name stuck.

I'm into symbols, and I can't help but look at the shape of the "K".  The "l" part of the letter is like the line from the solar to the house.  The "<" part of the letter symbolizes the Vorktex unit supplementing that power with a looped system that gathers energy from the aether or somewhere exotic in the process.

Keeping it in the "Solar" Family, Sibling Rivarly?

Richard pointed out that because the circuits do not involve the use of fuel, technically, the net system can qualify as "solar" when it comes to the regulations and certification requirements for sale and installation, circumventing the need for a separate qualifying process that would probably take at least five years.

Richard said he actually tried to get his device tested and certified by CSA in Toronto, but he was told by the guy who looked at his device, "We don't even have anything to test this with."  Apparently, the electronics are so different, that there isn't even any equipment available to measure the unusual characteristics, whereby the input/output could be accurately quantified and characterized.  That alone could take years to develop.  If what he's saying is true, it's an entirely new industry.  So meanwhile, they just ride on Solar's coat tails.

It's not that they need the solar input to run.  Richard claims that they've run their prototypes in a self-looped manner, running the system itself off the battery the system is then charging, and pulling a load off that same battery.  But they can't sell that, because then they have to go through the rigmarole of testing, measuring, quantifying, proving, field-testing, certifying, etc.  The funny thing, though, is that the hybrid solar device would work even if no sun shone at all, ever.

"Does your unit affect what comes off the inverter to the wall?" he was asked?

"No", he replied.

"Then we don't care what you're doing on the other side, and legally you are fine", he was told in essence.

Richard told me that one university professor that came to test the unit turned chicken afterward.  Rather than certify its performance, he went quiet, not wanting to jeopardize both his professorship and his ability to stay in the country because he is a Pakistani national, and could be deported if he doesn't tow the line.  That same professor commented to Richard that he "got lucky" in getting just the right combination of magnets and wire together.

"Lucky?  Not really.  You should see the pile of wire that I burned up trying different combinations," he told me.

One of Richard's earlier financial partners allegedly turned out to be a Solar company from Europe that wanted to be in a position to control this potential competitor technology, essentially wanting leverage to be able to buy him out if necessary, then shelve the technology.  Richard is in the process of getting out of that contract.

Of course the primary power input doesn't have to be solar; that's just the most convenient for now.

Shielding its EMF Broadcasts

There is another branch of regulators that could potentially take exception to the unit, except that Richard has apparently nipped that issue in the bud.  

Without a certain EMF enclosure, the device apparently broadcasts very strongly.  Remember, we're talking high frequencies in, and even higher frequencies out -- we're talking electromagnetic spectrum stuff, which gets a lot of interest in this day of electromagnetic communications of a zillion kinds.  But inside the specially-designed enclosure, the unit becomes effectively silent.

On my phone call with Richard right after the interview, he told me about a phone conversation he was having once with a guy who was tinkering with a similar technology.  Richard had developed a measurement device for detecting the EMF coming from his device.  He told the guy on the phone to turn his unit off.  The guy did.  And Richard could tell exactly when the guy turned it off because it was broadcasting and could be measured, even from 200 miles away.

That is presently what is holding up the first 30 units from shipping.

While he has found a capacitor that can handle the output from his unit, conditioning it before he then sends that energy into the battery, that particular make and model of capacitor is too big to fit in the present case along with the shielding it requires.  He needs to find a supplier of a capacitor of smaller physical size that does the job while also fitting inside the case they've already built for those 30 units.  They think they've found the supplier, but they just need to verify, then ship.

Richard also wants to file a patent on the output circuit before shipping.  This would add to his IP portfolio that includes World Patent WO2009065219, "Electrical Generator", issued May 28, 2009.

50 Units in Queue

In the interview, Richard said they've got thirty devices on the assembly line, with another 20 in queue for the shipment following that one.  The first 20 are all awaiting the installation of what is hoped to be one last final component to make the system adequately stable and reliable -- the smaller capacitor that will do what the larger capacitor does, but which will fit within the smaller EMF shielding case.

Once those units get shipped, I would imagine the testing and validation will be fairly rapid, along with multiple validations coming in simultaneously -- if the things really work as claimed.  Then the demand will be huge.  Richard said something about there being a 14,000 order influx.

A New York state college is apparently in discussion with Magnacoaster to miniaturize the technology to make it work for portable devices.

On CBC's "Dragon's Den

Last Fall, Richard was on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)’s “Dragon’s Den” in which one of the “dragons,” Brett Wilson, agreed to put up $1 million dollars for a 50% share in a utility project. Here's the video of that episode:

Last Monday, Richard told me he is still in dialogue with Brett Wilson regarding that agreement.  I'm guessing that Brett is still waiting for the proof required.

Bottom Line

It seems to me that like so many others in the Free Energy world, Richard may be a bit strong on the inventive side, and a bit weak on the PR, marketing, and business side; but I hope he pulls off his endeavor.  Getting those first units out the door will be the determining factor and turning point, not just for this company, but perhaps even for the world.

# # #

Links Mentioned

Willis Interview Audio


  • Feel free to view or add your own comments to the publication of this article at 

Convince the Famous FE Skeptic 

On July 12, 2009, New Energy Congress member Eric Krieg wrote: 

There is nothing new about this company. I've seen dozens of such claims over the last 12 years. There are very common power mismeasurement mistakes that lead people to believing they have an over unity machine. Joe Newman has also claimed imminent mass production of such systems for more than 30 years now. I don't claim to know which people are mistaken and which are knowingly operating a criminal enterprise. My open offer to all these companies and now magnacoaster via this email is: 

"If you really do have a power multiplier or something that makes net energy out of nothing, then your device would usher in a golden new age of cheap energy. It would greatly turn around our dying world economy, reduce pollution, roll back global warming and help every people group except a small number of oil producing countries who tend to hate us. But what stands between you and massive wealth and world adoration is credibility. You must have a problem of being considered delusional or out right crooks by the majority of people you deal with. Allow me to take part in a simple test that would give you instant credibility and help you more clearly stand apart from a pathetic century of history of crooks and kooks who pretty much have been regularly making the same claim as you. Please take a look at my open $10,000 offer for real proof of one of these things at:  

"Far more useful than just the 10k from me would be the positive media exposure I could get you. I have gotten many TV and newspaper stories done about free energy claims for years and the producers always tell me that they would jump on a story about me actually finding one to really work." 

* * * *

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan July 10, 2009
Last updated December 24, 2014




"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
All truth passes through three stages:
   First, it is ridiculed;
   Second, it is violently opposed; and
   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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of the crowd you're a genius.
When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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