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You are here: > News > June 1, 2009

Paul Pantone of GEET released

After nearly 3.5 years of wrongful incarceration, primarily at Utah State Hospital, Mr. Pantone is now out and ready to move on, while also facilitating a clean up of abuses in the institution by human rights organizations. A review of the GEET plasma reactor fuel efficiency technology.

Stream | Download Interview Audio File (12 Mb; mp3; 50 min)
On May 25, 2009, Paul Pantone joined me on the Free Energy Now radio show.

Paul Pantone is seated between two friends, following his release.

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by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2009

Last Monday, I interviewed Paul Pantone, inventor of the GEET system for fuel efficiency improvement, among other things. After nearly three and a half years of incarceration, Paul was released on May 12, 2009 -- thirty years to the day since he began his career as an inventor.  In our interview, we explored both the technology and the man, now liberated.

Wrongful Incarceration

Paul was incarcerated on dubious charges in January of 2006, and kept incarcerated far longer than he was supposed to be. He ended up in Utah State Hospital in Provo. Judge Royal Hanson was trying to have Paul forcefully medicated – and we all know what happens when that is successful: a loon made so by the state – but Paul refused. Meanwhile, he had a foot injury and dental issues that went sorely neglected, which Paul’s son David, who is living in France, has been reporting.  (Ref.) These things appear to have been used as a form of indirect torture, as a way to force Paul into compliance.  They would not administer antibiotics, pain relief, or other needed medication unless he would also take the psychotropic drugs.

Well, now he’s out, and so are his teeth, and he’s got quite a story to tell – though the details will have to wait as he is under court order to keep his mouth shut on certain things, at least for a while. But that doesn’t keep David from talking, which he does openly at  In addition to David's work, another initiative that was monumental in securing Paul's release was, who helped raise the funds and raised public awareness to get legal representation for Paul.  A recorded statement by George Gabory about Paul's wrongful incarceration can be heard at +1-510-594-GEET.

The release appears to have been the result of a senator in Utah hearing the story of his mal-treatment, and saying, "That couldn't be happening in Utah."  Paul recalled a time when he and some fellow inmates were watching a piece on television about Guantanamo, and they looked at each other and remarked that their conditions there at the state hospital were worse.  A human rights group that is seeking to end these kinds of situations, has been in touch with Paul. 

Paul is now residing in Oklahoma, where he is recovering from the maladies acquired at the Utah State Hospital.   He needs some blood tests, x-rays, braces, and healing herbs and other natural remedies that he has located but lacks the funds to get.  You can make a donation by going to David's site and clicking the PayPal 'Support Paul' donate button. It will help Paul recover quickly so he can focus his attention on developing technologies which benefit all mankind and the Earth.  Donations are also being accepted to help get Paul set up with a laboratory.

The GEET Plasma Reactor

Though the GEET technology has struggled for acceptance in the United States, the it has been much more popular and respected in Europe and other places around the world, where it has found its way into college curriculum and is being pursued commercially by far more groups, including a helicopter application.

Simply put, the GEET, which stands for Global Environmental Energy Technology, is a reaction chamber that involves engine exhaust flowing one direction, along a magnetic rod of a specified length (particular to the vehicle and fuel), with the fuel flowing in the opposite direction.  Somehow, the fuel goes into a form of plasma, at a temperature much lower than it is usually created using electrical arcs.  The plasma causes the fuel molecules to disassociate into their elemental form, where they recombine into syngas, which burns more readily and with less waste than petrol.  

GEET Reactor

click for enlarged image

Many waste-to-energy methods use a high intensity plasma arc to convert the incoming waste feedstock into syngas, which can be burned as fuel.  The relatively low temperature plasma creation in the patented GEET reactor is the reason other substances can be added to the fuel and be burned as fuel, including the signature pickle juice, Windex, urine, and even water.  But these well-founded and documented claims sounded like science fiction to the Utah judge, who presumed that Paul must have something wrong in the head.

In the interview, I mentioned to Paul that in preparation for the interview I was reviewing some stories we've posted while he was incarcerated, and I was struck by one that noted that a "plasma-assisted combustion" process reported by Los Alamos National Laboratories provides mainstream documentation of his claims.  Paul pointed out that two of the men in that research group at Los Alamos were trained by him in his GEET course.  He said there were also four people from NASA who attended his course, though not as representing NASA.

He also mentioned that when a story came out about MIT's "Plasmatron", that he got around 200 emails from people saying, "Hey, that's your technology!"

Paul said that there are 270 discoveries that have been made in relation to the GEET process.  The technology was tested at Brigham Young University in 1994, where they documented that 73 elements went in, and only 13 elements came out, suggesting some kind of transmutation taking place.  The technology has been featured in some 50-75 news programs.

Paul mentioned that for a decade now, Steve Elswick of has been making the GEET plans available for free. Paul allows anyone use the plans to retrofit their own engine. The conditions are that each person may retrofit one engine, for personal experimental use, and the engine must be 20 hp or less.

From here, Paul plans to continue to teach people how the GEET works.  His first class will be held at the ExtraOrdinary Technology conference in Albuquerque July 30 - August 2, where I will be giving the closing presentation.  David Pantone is scheduled to speak on July 30 about European Progress with GEET Technology.

Paul said he has over 500 inventions, around 40 of which were prepared to the point of market readiness, but which he disassembled due to the politics of science.  One of the inventions alleged is capable of pulling electricity out of air.  He also has claimed many times in the past that he has a technology whereby a car could run on nothing but water.

Expressions of Gratitude

Paul expressed deep gratitude to the many people who sent their blessings, made donations, wrote supportive letters to Paul and on Paul's behalf, and who otherwise share the passion to defend a man's right to invent and support mankind's need to live harmoniously with Earth. (Ref.)

I should mention, on the side, that I did an interview with Paul in July of 2005, just a few months before he was incarcerated, which some people have noted as being almost prophetic.

Also, while I've got your attention, I should mention that on tonight's Free Energy Now radio show, I'll be interviewing Dr. James DeMeo about Orgone energy, weather modification, and health.  You will also be able to catch that show in the archives.

'# # #

Pantone Interview Audio

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