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You are here: > News > June 5, 2009

Top 100
Mighty (MYT) hope for auto dealerships

Raphial Morgado's Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) engine is not yet in production, which would enable the service department of dealerships to run a retrofitting business. However, dealerships might consider getting into the interim business of pre-owned/used car sales rather than just shutting down, if they can, to hold them over.

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On Jan. 12, 2009, Raphial Morgado joined me on the Free Energy Now radio show.

Inventor, Raphial Morgado, stands between a conventional engine and his engine that has comparable power output.

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by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2009

Raphial Morgado is the famous inventor of the Massive Yet Tiny (or MYT) Engine which is able to put out the same horsepower as much larger engines, and do so much more cleanly and efficiently.  It features multiple firings in one cycle to give 40 times higher power to weight ratio, fewer parts, low maintenance, high mechanical efficiency and low pollution.

Nearing Production

After stirring the imagination of many thousands who saw his prototype at the SEMA show in Vegas in 2005 (ref) and the LA auto show in 2006 (ref), and after winning first-prize in the 2006 Emhart-NASA Tech Briefs "Create the Future" Design Contest (ref), things turned fairly quiet while he worked further on his design.  The newer engine design recently completed is even better: smaller, more efficient and has fewer parts.

In January, I was fortunate to contact Raphial at an opportune time, and he agreed to let me interview him after a two-year silence, to make a major announcement that he is now ready to go into production, getting up and running in as soon as possibly six to twelve months.  We reported:

"Because the engine has so few moving parts and its design is so simple, it wouldn't take nearly as long to get into production as typical engines.  We're talking an engine that is so compact it could replace an SUV's engine with something nearly as small and light as the alternator, but would have more power, all while making the mileage comparable to a Prius

"While the overall engine size is tiny in comparison, the astonishing part is that the rotating cylinder displacement is essentially the same as the piston cylinder displacement of the engine it replaces.  [Raphial] says that his engine uses essentially the same technology as the typical internal combustion engine, but he just combines it in a different way, and in so doing is able to get rid of quite a few things, including the valves, camshaft, cylinder heads and radiator system."

Progress in attaining the funding needed since that time has been more challenging than hoped, given the hard economic times we're in, as well as Raphial's eccentric personality; but progress has been made.  Raphial is still looking for a $10 million dollar loan to get the pilot production line under way, though he has some promising leads, due in part to our coverage.  Strides have also been made in their intellectual property portfolio.  Raphial has shared some of those concepts with me, and I must say they do sound quite astonishing.  For now, mum's the word on the improvements and some other key business developments percolating.

We had Raphial come give a demonstration of his technology at San Jose State University last April. You should check out the videos if you've not seen them already.

Raphial demonstrates his Massive Yet Tiny engine April 2, 2009 at San Jose State University, Engineering Auditorium; Co-sponsor: Golden Key International Honour Society at San Jose State University.  This is the first of five parts in that demo. (YouTube; April 13, 2009) Parts 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | about inventing | setting up

One of the misconceptions I hear most often by skeptics of the MYT engine is that it has never run on regular fuel -- only compressed air.  That is not the case.  For six months, Raphial ran his early prototypes on diesel.  After he modified the prototypes to run on compressed air, he was not able to go back because the modifications did not allow that.  But his production prototype will run on diesel.  Raphial prefers diesel because it is compatible with biodiesel, which can be made locally, and the infrastructure already exists.

The MYT engine as shown on the Angel Labs website is the previous technology.  Raphial promises a real surprise at the right time, to release to the public, that would represent as much a leap ahead as how far ahead the presently-published claims are from the mainstream technology.

Hope for Dealerships

Raphial contacted me yesterday to give me another update, and to express his frustration at seeing auto dealerships closing down around the U.S.  My first advice to him turns out to have been the same that his attorney gave him: "Wait until you have a product available before getting dealerships interested in the engine for retrofitting.  Think of the frustration they will experience waiting for your engine to be ready, and that could get nasty if they have to wait too long."

Still, Raphial couldn't shake the nagging feeling -- almost guilt -- that he has a solution for these closing dealerships, whereby they could stay open and thrive by retrofitting used cars with the MYT engine -- if only they could just wait a little longer.  It costs so much to reopen something.  Credit is ruined, so getting money to open is more difficult.  New people have to be trained.  If only there is a way they could just hang in there a while more.

What made sense to me was his suggestion that dealerships of new cars shift to the used car market, which would both enable them to stay afloat in the interim, and would prepare them for the retrofit business.  They might also consider getting into the electric vehicle retrofit business.  Raphial said that from what he's hearing, while new car purchases are way down, the used car market is doing quite well right now.  "If you're a GM dealership, you're a perfect retrofit shop for GM cars."

On a darker note, I've not been able to track it down online, but my wife was telling me about a recent letter to the editor of Time magazine in which a family group who bought a GM dealership 30 years ago, is being forced by GM to close down, even though they want to go into the used car business.  Also, GM is forcing them to sell their 3 million dollar inventory as "used" not "new", incurring further loss.  So apparently, the socialist direction this country is heading may prevent some entrepreneurial people from going in certain directions with their company.

In January, we reported that rather than wait for a huge contract to build new vehicles from the ground up, Raphial's company, Angel Labs LLC, decided to just forge ahead with a retrofit paradigm.  Raphial anticipates that before long, this network of production and franchises could employ 2-3 million employees -- as many as have been left unemployed in the recent months of economic downturn -- all while helping people save money on fuel, as well as increasing the performance of their vehicles.  The resulting reduction of fuel consumption could soon be enough to remove our dependence on oil from not-so-friendly nations.

As mentioned in our January report, the MYT design is not just suitable for replacing engines, but it is also ideal for a number of other fields of use, including pneumatic engines, for which it is ideal; geothermal; hydro; and steam.  Raphial says that it is the only engine in the world that can handle all three fluid/gas components well at the same time: volume, flow, and pressure.  Other systems can handle one or two of these at the same time, but not all three.  So not only can this engine revolutionize the engine industry, but it could also revolutionize the turbine industry.  No wonder Raphial says it will bring about the "next Industrial Revolution!"

If you can just hang on to your dealership a little longer, you could be on the leading edge of that revolution.  For those of you who know someone with a dealership or who works at a dealership, you might want to forward this story to them.

# # #


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Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) Engine Going to Production (Interview) - World famous inventor, Raphial Morgado, sets forth a plan for his technology roll-out without requiring auto maker's cooperation. One of Angel Labs' retrofit engines the size of an alternator could replace an SUV engine, increasing performance, and yielding mileage as good as a Prius. (PESN; January 13, 2009)

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