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You are here: > News > May 28, 2009

Jose E. Concepcion, aka Mylow magnet motor a hoax

Recent evidence suggests that "Mylow" (Jose Enrique [Ricky] Concepcion) of Chicago was fibbing from the beginning when he claimed that he had successfully replicated Howard Johnson's all-magnet motor; and that he has never actually produced a single working unit.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Mylow films his latest all-magnet-motor attempt on around May 25, 2009.

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After it was discovered that a man who we've been calling "Mylow" had employed trickery in some of his later videos showing various alleged all-magnet motors, one out of every four people (ref.) who've been watching this saga held out with some hope that Mylow was being honest with us in saying that he was forced to fake these latter videos because the BlackOps had told him any subsequent videos he posted must have some kind of discoverable fakery, or his and his wife's lives could be in jeopardy. (Ref.)

He had told me that on April 2nd and 3rd, an NSA agent had accompanied his attorney and threatened him if he did not stop posting videos.  Then, supposedly some other BlackOp type agents began showing up and threatening him later on as well.

Because a lot of us don't have a hard time believing that such a thing could happen, we went along with this explanation, giving him the benefit of the doubt.  We would so much like to see a revolutionary technology emerge that could make polluting energy sources obsolete as well as free us from our dependence on a centrist distribution system.  Mylow seemed to have the profile of humanitarianism, not being in this for the money, wanting to share his discoveries openly with the world.  Was his fakery his way of continuing the disclosure while keeping the BlackOps at bay?

This hope was given a boost the other day when he sent me some high-resolution videos from his "pre-MIB" episodes, and what people had thought might be the same fish line in the earlier low-resolution YouTube videos was shown to be just a scratch on the dresser top where the motor was setting.

However, other evidence that has unfolded in recent days in analyzing Mylow's earlier videos dismisses every one of them as also employing fakery.

Deceleration During Full View

LightRider's analysis of the rotation speeds shows that the only time the devices show acceleration is when not all the device is shown, allowing for some kind of external assist to take place (e.g. a quiet, battery-powered Dremel tool).  When the entire motor is in view, invariably the motor is decelerating as you would expect if there were no magic taking place in the magnets.

The most blatant demonstration of this is in the March 22 video.  The motor accelerates except when it is in full view, at which time it very clearly slows down.

click for enlarged view

Here's the data LightRider collected from Mylow's very first video showing alleged magnet-induced rotation posted on March 17, which is when this whole saga began, as it appeared that he had achieved a working magnet motor.  The purple region in the graphic corresponds to when the full motor is in view, during which time the motor very clearly is decelerating.

click for enlarged view

In my earlier report about the discovery of the hidden fish line in the later videos, I had noted that Mylow's second video from March 17 was questionable to me.  I said: "He pans around the room then back to the motor.  The analysis done by LightRider of the rotation speed of the motor during that video shows a deceleration of the motor during the two times that it was shown turning -- not acceleration or equilibrium steady-state.  But what is more telling is that between the first showing of it spinning and the second showing, while he is showing the bed, the speed jumps up.  It is very easy to suppose that he could have given the motor a little cheater push with his other hand while he was filming the bed."


When I asked Mylow about this, he said that he remembers accidentally bumping it with his hip.  However, the room is not constricted.  He had plenty of room to move around.  Given the other similar results, it is clear that he intentionally gave this one a little assist as well.

Another Decelerating Video

Before I saw LightRider's more recent rotation speed analysis reports this morning, posted above, my confidence began to deteriorate as I was communicating with Mylow last night.

I was asking him for any other videos he might send me from the "pre-MIB" time.  In particular, I was hoping he would send me the video he said he had shot of the motor running on a glass table on April 2, before his attorney and the NSA guy allegedly showed up.  He said he could not send that one (out of fear).  However, there is another one, not on the glass table, from the same time, that he did send me, which we've never seen before.  In this one, he is using the new stator magnet I had sent to him -- the HS811N from, as I reported on April 1.

He told me that this one spun really fast and that it lasted for a couple of days.

However, you'll see in that video that the rotor decelerates very rapidly, consistent with a regular run-down, with no magnet assist.

That was a major red flag to me that Mylow was a bold-faced liar, even now.  When I asked him about this, he said, "Well, I tried."

This leaves those of us who have hoped that somehow Mylow really does have something real, with a grand total of zero versions that are something we can cling to.

Before composing this story, I phoned Mylow, requesting that he send any videos that show the motor running with an unobstructed view, showing acceleration followed by maintenance of speed.  "Otherwise," I told him, "we will be forced to conclude that you have been lying from the very beginning and that you never had any motors that worked by magnet power alone.  Do you want to go down in history as the person who ran one of the biggest open source energy hoaxes ever?"

He didn't really have anything to say to that, other than something to the effect of "I guess that is what you'll have to do".

Inside Mylow's Head

I'm not a psychologist, but I can't help but wonder what has been going through Mylow's head.

The profile of "fraud" doesn't fit, because he's never asked for money, nor received any.  The one-third portion of proceeds I've pulled in from plans sales has gone toward sending him magnets and such.  He was actually resistant whenever the topic of money and business came up.

It seems he is driven more by a desire to be what we thought he was -- an altruistic inventor with a game-changing technology that upends magnetic science as we've known it.  He's been pursuing this kind of stuff for years, as can be seen by sporadic YouTube videos found from 2-3 years ago, as well as the drawings he allegedly came up with while in high school some 30 years ago.

Could it be that he wanted success so badly that his lying nature kicked in to fake success as a stopgap for the success he thought was surely imminent?  And since he thought success was surely to come, he was able to proceed with such sincerity, feeling as though he had actually achieved success, and taking on the persona of one who had figured out some of the key secrets of magnetism.

I will admit that my yearning for such a technology to be real no doubt helped fuel this Mylow saga.

Just as I jumped the gun in reporting on this technology with the strong bias that it could very well be the real deal, so did Mylow jump the gun in posting videos of working devices that weren't actually working.

I know that when I've experimented with various things in the past, I've noticed effects which at first appeared to show evidence of free energy being extracted from the wheelwork of nature, and I got really excited.  But then upon further analysis and testing, I realized where I had made mistakes in my assumptions and realized I hadn't really accomplished what I thought at first that I had.

I'm guessing that Mylow was in a mode similar to that when he first began posting his alleged working motors.  Maybe the little nudges he gave it were like "training wheels" in his mind -- a temporary help that will not be needed once the design is perfected.  He was in denial, and in his mind he wasn't even fibbing, but was just "coaxing." 

Still At It

Part of my reason for saying that comes from watching the most recent set of eight new videos that he has sent me showing his progress on his new set-up using a glass rotor disc and clear PVC stator support, with the rotor bar magnets positioned upright, north facing outward.

When he changes a little thing in the stator assembly and the rotor responds, he acts like he just achieved eureka, when in fact he just achieved normal magnets reacting to other magnets -- nothing unusual at all.  In one such scene, he actually takes more than a minute to pan the camera back to "prove" that the movement seen was not something he faked with his other hand.

One of the scenes that really cracked me up was when the rotor was spinning (he had pushed it) with some hodge-podge stator arrangement that resembled a magnet orgy.  The rotor was slowing down, as would be expected, but he was talking as if the rotor motion was actually due to some magnetic effect.  He moved his hands around the rotor to show that "no strings" were attached.  He showed behind the dresser, and to the side, etc. -- all to prove that he wasn't faking anything -- when in fact, there was nothing to fake.  Nothing unusual was going on.  Yet to hear his tone of voice, you would think he'd won the lottery or something.

I hate to say this, as Mylow has been my friend through this saga, but I think that a less than high IQ is also in play here.  He really does have a "mind of a child" -- something he's proud of as it fits into the prophecy Howard Johnson made about someone who would come along and carry forward his work.  It reminds me of my 9-year-old boy who came home excited the other day saying that we could get all kinds of stuff for free -- "even a house" -- using a coupon card he got from school.  He obviously didn't know what he was talking about and had misunderstood something he was told.

What this Means for Me Personally

I realize that this admission likewise reflects negatively on me, as I'm supposed to be one who is exercising due diligence in what we put forth as worthwhile in our directory and news service.  I realize that those who have recently defected from the New Energy Congress over this Mylow saga have been justified in doing so.  I was wrong to excoriate for being so brutal on Mylow.  A lot of them sniffed this one correctly a long time ago, though they could have been more polite in how they voiced it.  My optimism and yearning for something real in this area blinded me to some of the more obvious red flags that popped up along the way.  I was consumed by this saga for nearly two months, doing little else besides tracking and facilitating the promulgation of this open source project.

I guess my gullibility is part of my personality profile that allows me to play in the fringes of science where new things are apt to appear.  Most people can't stand the stigma of hanging out with those who think that the next breakthrough is more likely to come from some simple garage tinkerer who doesn't know the laws of physics he's breaking, than from the halls of the ivy league institutions of science, where people don't dare defy the dogmas that have been established.

Being wrong, is part of eventually being right.  And if this stigma is part of the profile, then I guess I'm willing to wear it, painful as it is.

What about the BlackOps?

On thing about this puzzle that still leaves big questions marks is just how much of the BlackOps story is real.  Were they also taken in by the hoax, thinking he really had something?  How much did he embellish that story?  I've had a couple of sources now that have confirmed that an NSA visit took place on April 2-3.  And what about the very unusual resemblance to Mylow of that person standing next to Joe Biden when he was in Chicago on April 27, when Mylow claims to have met with a "very important person"?  How much of that was made up?

It's kind of fun to think that they were sucked in by him as well.

No Longer Selling Plans

Given this latest information, I can no longer hold out hope that Mylow's system has sufficient potential to merit support.  Hence, I will no longer be selling the plans for any of the versions he's come up with thus far.  Interested parties can download them for free if they want.

While Mylow is a nice enough and sincere enough person, I no longer consider his designs to be worth pursuit, and I don't trust his enthusiasm to be worth chasing.  If you want to contact him, you can do so directly.  He needs to be known in the real world for what he has done here.

Mylow, if you do actually end up getting something to work, I'd love to come see it.  That would make a much better next chapter to this saga than where things stand at present.

# # #


Jose E. Concepcion (Mylow)
5058 W Drummond Pl, Apt 4
Chicago, IL 60639-1602
cell: 773-829-1191

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan May 28, 2009
Last updated December 24, 2014




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