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You are here: > News > May 21, 2009

Did the MIB force Mylow to fake his later all-magnet motors?

The specter of a working magnet motor technology coming on to the scene to disrupt the oil-based support system of the powers-that-be is indeed plenty of motive for them to play dirty tricks to maintain their supremacy.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

A screen shot from the most recent video that Mylow posted on May 16.  Mylow's bird, "Lucky" is perched on his shoulder.

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[Composed May 20, 2009]

For more than two months now, I've been covering this Mylow magnet motor saga, expressing my hope, and spreading the hope that a clean, portable, affordable energy solution could be on the horizon that could remove our dependence on fossil fuels.

So when it was reported on May 17 that a fishing line had been discovered and made obvious in some of Mylow's high-res videos, revealing a cheater mechanism to drive the rotation of the alleged all-magnet motor via a remote electric motor, the emotions expressed in reaction to this revelation have covered the spectrum.

Gamut of Responses to Discovery of Cheater Mechanism

One the one hand, there has been the expected gloating on the part of those who didn't believe in the prospect of an all magnet motor in the first place.  Many have felt deep disappointment -- even betrayal -- especially the replicators who believed and thought that Mylow had discovered and was sharing the secret of how to do this.  Some have move into anger and vengeance, looking for somewhere to vent their frustration at having been suckered into believing this thing.

A small number of people have just plowed forward, hanging on to the thought that Mylow was forced by the MIB to fake those videos, so the questions for them become: Which videos were not faked? Which version should we focus our attention on to try and replicate?

Heard from Mylow

On my end, I received a voice message this morning from Mylow, then a phone call from him this afternoon, as well as an email, all stating essentially the same thing:  "I'm very sorry about this.  I had to do what I did.  My life and the life of my wife are in jeopardy.  Not everything was fake."

He was essentially saying that due to the threats he had received, he would be in jeopardy if he either showed a video of a working device, or allowed someone in to see his working device, or sent a working device to someone.

"I was threatened.  They didn't want me to put any working videos up there unless I had some kind of way for people to detect fakery."

On top of that fear, he's also been impressed by the argument (not by me) that this technology could radically and horribly disrupt the status quo in the world -- does he want that?  He said that one of the people he spoke with at a television station had actually declined to be involved because of the potential for disruption to society over knowledge of such a potentially simple solution.

These were among his reasons for doing the trickery.

He also told me that neither his wife nor his brother were in on the trickery.  He said that the one time, on May 3, when his wife walked in while he was filming, and the cheater motor was on the couch running his magnet motor via the fish line, she did not notice that. 

He said that both his wife and his brother have been adamant in recommend that he leave all this stuff alone for the sake of preserving his life and health.

"I told you it was a fake!" he said.  "I was crying out."

What is Real?

As for what is real in the midst of all this trickery, there is a range of possibilities.  On the one extreme, one might conclude that all of Mylows videos were faked in some way or another and that he has no working technology or knowledge of value to impart.  One of the more generous views being floated is that everything after the first MIB visit on April 2,3 was faked, but the Stonehenge models prior to that were real, and those inclined should focus on the Stonehenge version for possible replication efforts. 

I thought of a third scenario this morning and asked Mylow in an email: "In the videos that were faked, did they actually run without fakery, and were you just employing the fakery so that it would appear that way ("fake") to the MIB's satisfaction?"

That question was spurred by the underlying question: If you were so afraid of repercussions to yourself or family, why not just stay quiet?  Why lead all those people on with false information?

He didn't come right out and say it today, because he couldn't (per the MIB paradigm), but it was very clear to me that Mylow is confident that every device he showed as working actually did work.  The fish line drive and any other methods of pretending a fake were his way of complying with the MIB.  He may have inadvertently, in his enthusiasm, let a few videos out that didn't have the fakery involved, such as the 6-magnet version that he and his brother demoed on May 13.

Regarding the second video on March 17, when the motor increased in speed while the camera was turned away, showing the bed, Mylow said he was very tired, and he may have accidentally bumped it with his hip.

He said that never at any time did he give the rotor assembly a push with his hand as a way to cheat.

Too Incredible?

I realize that for some people, all of this is just too much -- it stretches credulity too far.  Some simple guy is able to come up with something that very clever people have been trying to do over the centuries, seemingly to no avail ( "impossible" according to modern science).  Then, this MIB story crops up as being the reason he can't demonstrate it openly.  And despite his open sharing of how he is doing it, no one has yet been able to replicate it (other than TinselKoala's replication of the fishing line version), though dozens if not a few hundred from around the globe have been giving it a good effort.

Let me address these one at a time.

Is Mylow the First?

How could this simple guy come up with this?  Well, Mylow certainly is not the first to claim to have achieved success in obtaining rotation from magnetic interaction alone.  I personally have encountered several dozen claims to working all-magnet motors.  I've seen at least five new mentions in the Mylow forum in the past couple of months.  Howard Johnson is one of the more well-known claimants from the early 1980's, and he supposedly was awarded several patents based on showing a skeptical patent review a working device.  Check out our Magnet Motor directory page at PESWiki to get an idea of the scope of claims out there.

Furthermore, according to Mylow, the BlackOps who have been in contact with him, threatening him, and trying to get him to work only for them, have been sequestering these types of technologies for decades.  He said they took him to one of their lairs in Chicago and showed him quite a few in operation, along with other things.  (This is me talking now...)  They very much believe in this type of technology, and they only want to keep if for themselves.  They know that if it gets out into the public, that it will spell an end to their means of controlling things as they have been.  Such a leak would allow distributed energy like never before.  Such independence is anathema to the global dictatorship they have been building for so many generations.

What about the BlackOps thing?

Some of you have a hard time believing this whole saga because you do not believe that there is a conspiracy to establish a world dictatorship ("New World Order), and that the oil interests are a significant part of that machine. Perhaps you only look in terms of capitalist vested interest, not in terms of master sinister plots.  When someone brings up the MIB stuff, perhaps in your mind, they are just looking for an excuse to hide behind.

For more years than I was involved in the Free Energy quest, I was involved in studying and exposing and opposing that conspiracy, and I am more confident of its existence than I am hopeful for some of these exotic technologies that we look into -- of which I am very hopeful.  Daily, new evidences are produced of the global cabal's existence, their sinister intentions, and the extent of control they presently wield over civilization.  It's nearly complete.  And when it comes to the suppression of potentially disruptive free energy technologies, that is a fairly high priority for these types, as energy is at the heart of modern civilization.  Distributed, clean, affordable, portable energy would drastically undercut their grip. We have a page at PESWiki indexing various instances in the past.

So it is not at all hard for me to believe that one of these NWO low-level thugs paid Mylow a visit on April 2,3 and made very ominous threats to him, telling him in no uncertain terms, while grabbing his wife firmly by the shoulder and shoving her, that if he posted any more videos of working devices, there would be some very serious consequences for him and her.

So Mylow is torn. He is hardwired to share this stuff with the planet, but he doesn't want to jeopardize his or his wife's life. How can he keep them at bay while still pursuing and sharing his passion?

The fakery, superimposed on actual working devices, is not that bad of an idea, if you ask me.  The MIB would think it would discredit everything and lead people to move on to other things and for some to lose heart.  That would be why they would instruct Mylow that everything he posts from then on should contain some kind of findable trickery.

Why no replications yet?

But not all of the replicators are going to be so quick to move on, because they resonate with too much about Mylow and this MIB thing.

Mylow said his heart goes out to all the replicators out there.  He feels obligated to help them out.  And he intends to do what he can do do just that, though he wants to take it at a measured pace, as he is concerned about the potential disruption it could bring.  I'm looking forward to the disruption.  I'm tired of the status quo drive away from freedom and individual responsibility toward an Orwellinan world.

Achieving and announcing a replication of Howard Johnson's technology per Mylow's guidance is going to take not just skill but bravery, as the ridicule factor is already growing strong around this saga.  And if the MIB aspect is genuine, then early replicators could face some of the same bullying Mylow faced.  

We were told by Felix over at today: "We had a walk in customer yesterday, he said Mylow is not faking, his friend has made it happen with some magnets, but with a different setup. No details were revealed."

No, that does not constitute a "replication" that we can announce with confidence, but it is interesting.

Why I keep the Plans page operational

I hear I've been getting some heavy criticism about still having the Mylow Magnet Motor plans available for sale, given the revelation about the fakery.  Bear in mind that I have added a prominent notice near the top of the page about the fakery.  I also give my take on the reason for the fakery.  I also state, as I have all along, that the plans are merely a clear and concise compilation of what is available for free at our open source site: housed at  They are for convenience, not information available nowhere else.  People who have bought plans in the past, and are upset about the fakery revelation, need to remember this.  They were paying for convenience, and they got convenience.  We also have clearly stated from the beginning, on the plans splash page, that no known replications have yet resulted from the plans.

It may be that the entire setup from the beginning was faked, and the entire story about the MIB was made up, and this whole thing was put forth out of some strange psychosis that has no interest in money or fame.  I don't think so.

The reason I keep the plans up, is because I still have enough confidence in Mylow, that I want to see the effect successfully replicated.  It obviously is much more difficult than what we originally thought it would be; the proper placement of magnets being  no easy matter.  It may take as much talent as balancing an egg on the head of a pin.  If so, the replications will not come streaming forward like a torrent.  But what this will do is break the ice -- open minds; and those open minds will find easier ways to harness the energy of nature via magnets.

At the end of our phone conversation today, Mylow said, "Don't give up on me."

# # #

On May 21, he posted the following apology video.

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan May 19, 2009
Last updated December 24, 2014




"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
All truth passes through three stages:
   First, it is ridiculed;
   Second, it is violently opposed; and
   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

    "When you're one step ahead
of the crowd you're a genius.
When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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