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You are here: > News > May 19, 2009

Fish line mechanical drive discovered in Mylow magnet motor

Some keen observers have pointed out a cheater device, which when noticed becomes blatantly obvious: a drive mechanism via fish line.  Was Mylow forced to do that as a ploy to discredit the entire operation which actually had some legitimate stuff, or was it all a strange hoax?

by Sterling D. Allan
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Yesterday saw a major breakthrough in the Mylow magnet motor saga, answering the question of how Mylow has been able to get his alleged all-magnet motor to work, and why no one has been able to replicate his device, despite exhaustive instructions of how to do it: ... fishing line, which is fine enough to not be visible in the low res YouTube video playback, connected to the magnet motor base on one end, and a drive motor on the other end.

By analyzing the high-resolution versions of his video tape, several investigators were able to discover the trick.  The high-res files were downloaded from Mylow's camera on May 6 to PMMTester's computer, then relayed to me, and I posted them.  They are now available for free download via Torrent.  Once you are cued in to this fish line thing, it stands out quite dramatically in the videos posted from April 29 through May 3.

In Mylow's May 3 glass table demonstration video, for example, which previously had been considered perhaps the most convincing video, it turns out that there are several very telling signs.  In the opening, as he is showing the base of the motor, it appears that he is removing fishing line from the base of the motor and setting it down on the wood block. Also, rather than walk around via the shortest distance to his left (where the line is stretched), he walks the long way around, to the right, when he goes to the back of the table -- except when he does his walk around, in which case it appears both by camera angle change and his knees lifting up that he is stepping over the line going to the motor. Also, the two lines going to the motor appear quite clearly in one shot, for a few seconds, as he is stepping over the line.  They are separated by about 2 inches -- the width of the rotor base.  And on the couch nearby can be seen a battery, wires, and a motor, situated where it could be connected to Mylow's motor via the fish line.

Several of these things are pointed out in a comical, Star-Wars themed video posted by toukoqouko from Finland.

A video capthookutube posted points out how Mylow detaches then reattaches the thin (thus hidden) drive lines in the May 3 video.

In the April 30 video where Mylow shows it "running in reverse" (see high-res), at around 5:18 through 5:40 you can see the fish line coming in from the left, wrapped around the base about 1/4 inches up from the bottom piece, as he shows underneath the rotating disc, in contrast to the wall behind.  Then as he brings the camera back up to more of a top view, you can see the two parallel fish lines coming in from the left.

Today, plengo posted a video using some enhancements to make one of the two drive lines especially visible, showing its elevation of approximately 3/4 inches above the mat on which the motor was set.

Yesterday, TinselKoala posted a video showing how he got his Mylow replica motor to spin via the fish line attached via pulley to a motor.   He has actually posted several videos, beginning two days ago, including one where the motor was 30 feet away, in another room, and still able to drive the motor.  He therefore requested recognition as being the first person to replicate Mylow's motor, an accomplishment apparently merited, at least for the April 29-May 3 set shown by Mylow.

Questions Abound

As this evidence of this trickery mounted yesterday, so did the questions.

Had the MIB pressured Mylow to present these cheater-device videos in order to discredit the entire project, to throw us off the scent of the earlier success that may have been real?  How much of what we have been presented has been real, and how much has been faked?  How much of what he told us in the instructional video series was useful information?  How much was bogus?  How could someone who seemed so sincere have purposely misled so many people?  What was the motive?  What was the benefit?  What kind of psychoses might be at play here?  What is this mental illness called?  Why did his brother and wife play along, or was he able to hide his tricks from them too?

One question that is answered by this is why he was so reluctant to let me or PMMTester or anyone else in to witness his motor, though we tried many times to get that invitation.  I even flew in unannounced back on April 25 (unannounced so as to not tip off the MIB).  He had spoken of a couple of working motors he had going at the time, and I thought it would be a good time to see them.  Instead, we met at a restaurant, and I saw nothing.

I did get a very interesting email from Mylow's brother, Tony, yesterday.  In response to my question about the fish line discovery, he requested no further communication, and said:

this has been very difficult for me and my brother.
the only thing i will say is that the originals where real and 
my brother was told not to post anymore (real) motors.

One guy on the forums posted what he called the Grand Unified Mylow Conspiracy Theory, in which he wondered if maybe all the videos up until the MIB showed up on April 2-3, were real, but that the videos shown after that time were faked under duress, per instructions by the MIB, in a way that would be discovered eventually, so that the entire work would be discredited.  Tony's statement could be interpreted to support that theory.  In other words, to rephrase: "The videos prior to being told not to post any more, were real."

Evidence of Trickery in Second Video of Running Device

I would love to believe that Mylow really did get something running via magnet power alone, and that the MIBs tried to shut him up, and that all we have to do is follow an earlier design, and some of the principles Mylow and others have put forth.

One thing that puts a dash of cold water on that hope is the second video Mylow posted on the evening of March 17 in which he walks into his "lab" where the motor is to see if it is still spinning.  This happened days before the MIB allegedly showed up.  He pans around the room then back to the motor.  The analysis done by LightRider of the rotation speed of the motor during that video shows a deceleration of the motor during the two times that it was shown turning -- not acceleration or equilibrium steady-state.  But what is more telling is that between the first showing of it spinning and the second showing, while he is showing the bed, the speed jumps up.  It is very easy to suppose that he could have given the motor a little cheater push with his other hand while he was filming the bed.

Paradoxically, this happens to be the video from which I grabbed the three or four screen shot images to create the animated gif that we've had on our open source project site hosted at

Some of the other videos apparently also are being identified for evidence of cheating as well.  For those of you clinging to a hope that there is something to salvage here, I would recommend going with the video that has the least evidence of trickery.

What About 6-Magnet Version?

This mechanical line drive seen in the April 29 - May 3 videos does not explain the data seen in the later video shown on May 13 in which one set of six bar magnets are shown to accelerate.  In that one, there are three acceleration-deceleration curves per rotation, coincident with the position of the rotor.  A mechanical drive would not produce those results.

Source: toukoqouko video (made private by him)

If I were to venture a guess, since all post-MIB videos (post April 2-3) apparently include some kind of trickery, there may have been some kind of Hall-effect sensor on the bottom of the disc, coupled to an inductive coil in one of the drawers under the disc.  A story I posted in our news on May 15 could explain a similar mechanism.

  • Electromagnetic > Bedini SG >
    Spinning Magnet Using Bedini Circuit (video) - I found this looking for a back-up copy of Bedini's video about Howard Johnson's linear track and magnet motor. A cow magnet is seen spinning vertically on top of a plate over a Bedini coil powered by a 9-V battery on the input side, powering a 9-V on the output. (YouTube by Pirate88179; May 03, 2009)

After writing that, I received notice that vinuru posted a video showing the fishing line wire in the 6-magnet video.

[5/20 note] Mylow said that thing in the back is the edge of the wooden base that Bob made for him. 

Hospital Visit 

The irony is that yesterday while all of this was happening with discovering the hidden fish line, Mylow was off to the hospital to see a nutritionist about his 20-pound weight loss.  His wife and brother and boss/partner had insisted that he have this checked out as they were very concerned about his health.  Being duplicitous with people, whether by choice or under duress, most probably contributed to this.  I talked to him on the phone while he was driving to the hospital.  He seemed highly distraught at all the skepticism that was arising, to the point that even PMMTester who had been on the phone just prior to my call, was even doubting him at this point.  I had not yet had a chance to fully analyze the newly posted videos, of which he had seen at least one.  He said something to the effect about wondering how someone could go to the extreme of doctoring his videos to make something like this show up.  Anticipating my skepticsm, even, he doubted whether he would send me the "cupcake" motor that he said he had gotten to run to send to me a working device for me to have of my own.  He was done with this.

Later that day, around 7:00 pm his time, I left a message on his voicemail to the effect that if he did not allow me and/or PMMTester to come in and witness his motor(s) or send us a working one to inspect, that this whole project could crash and burn, and all his work toward disclosing this to the public would have been in vain.

I wouldn't be surprised if that is the last I ever hear from Mylow by phone or email.


From my vantage point, having probably had more direct involvement in this project than anyone else except Mylow and his wife and brother, it seems to me that what we have going on here is not a malicious person out to make a lot of people waste a lot of money and time on a wild goose chase.  Rather, at worst, it's possible that what we have here a sincere person with a mental disorder, perhaps a split personality, or at least bipolar.  He really believes in this stuff, and he seems to have a natural inclination toward it. The MIB stuff, if it was real (and I do think it could have been), certainly would have aggravated his condition.

I wouldn't be surprised if he gets named for this very unusual disorder: the Mylow Syndrome -- marked by a selfless drive to bring monumental change to the world in honor of a wronged hero; oblivious to the realistic steps required to actually make such a difference; compounded by paralyzing paranoia about the obstructionist elements expected to arise to oppose the emergence of such a change; fueled by a desire to rally others to the same cause, but ultra-sensitive to the critical input that is bound to accompany any revolutionary change.  In all, the truth is cloaked amidst clouds of delusion, in which the patient doesn't even realize he is being deceptive, he is so driven by the desire to vindicate the hero, who, in fact is being maligned by the delusionary and psychotic behavior of the patient.  Yet through it all, the patient's bungling efforts actually draw attention to key elements of the hero's work that a core remnant end up rallying to and bringing to fruition for the ultimate victory of the hero's original quest.  [This last part is hope speaking.]

Rock Soup?

You recall the story of rock soup.  A charlatan came to town and told everyone he was making rock soup.  One person brought onions, another brought potatoes, another brought carrots, another, broth.  Soon, a very tasty soup was made and enjoyed by all.  All the charlatan had contributed was rocks, yet by the act of coming together, something great was accomplished.

Whether or not Mylow was a charlatan as in the rock soup scenario, one thing that can be said about this entire saga is that some very interesting things have emerged.  A few people came forward with statements to the effect of "I built a working magnet motor once".  Some very intriguing theories about how magnet motors might work were presented and discussed.  We got yet another dry run at an open source project, to learn the process for when something real might actually come along.

Phone Call with PMMTester

The one other person that Mylow has been communicating with regularly by phone and email besides myself has been a person who wants to remain anonymous, going by "PMMTester".  He's the one who traveled with Mylow to Blacksburg to visit Howard Johnson's gravesite two weeks ago (story).

Anyway, PMMTester phoned me this evening to say that he had just gotten off the phone with Mylow, who said that he had gotten my messages but that he was too ashamed to return my calls.  He felt that I would be deeply disappointed in him -- which I am -- for using trickery in those videos.  He told PMMTester that the original Stonehenge videos (pre April 2-3?) were "real."  I suppose that doesn't include the one on the evening of March 17, mentioned above, in which he most likely gave it a cheater push while filming the bed.

Bottom Line

In closing, my stance at this point, given all that has happened, and all the information that I've had a chance to process, I will say this:

  1. Mylow did employ cheater mechanisms in at least some of his videos.
  2. Mylow has not been a person of his word.  He promised early on, and repeated several times his assurance: a) that PMMTester and I would be able to come see a working device, b) that he would send me a working device.
  3. I retain a measure of confidence that at least one of Mylow's magnet motor versions may have actually worked.
  4. Despite whatever psychosis he may be struggling with, compounded by whatever MIB events may have actually transpired, Mylow does seem to have a gift for Howard Johnson's magnet motor technology, and his suggestions on the topic should be weighed, but I would not take any of them as "gospel."

Spielautomaten Online polls

He has not proven his technology.  Quite the opposite.

Unfortunately the same mental state that pushed him to go out of his way to honor the memory of Howard Johnson, has likewise given the memory a black eye.

The Mylow saga has raised the bar extremely high for anyone coming along with something real.  They are going to have to produce overwhelming evidence before they will be believed.  Sincerity helps, videos help, a lack of interest in money is impressive, a zeal for saving the planet is nice.  However, while these are good, they certainly are not enough.  Only solid proof ultimately matters.  I know, several of you were on my case from the beginning for giving so much attention to this since hard evidence was missing.

As some of the replicators remain faithful to the hope that there may be something here, I likewise will remain hopeful that something productive could yet come of this.  Mylow's design was indeed close to the one Howard Johnson had.  Two cheers for Rock Soup!

Given all that has transpired, would I do it again like I did?  This is probably not the best time to ask.  I put essentially all my bets on this race horse.  It will take a while to recover.  Maybe I could compile a book from all that has happened.  It's quite a story.  Some people have even talked about turning it into a movie.  But that was with the expectation of a better ending.

But then again, we don't know the ending.  Who knows what may yet arise?  Maybe we'll yet see free energy via magnets harnessing the wheelwork of nature as a viable energy modality for the future as a result of this saga.

Errata Regarding John Bedini in Previous PESN Story

I've appended an errata in the previous story I wrote here at PESN about this Mylow saga.  Given the importance of setting the record straight, I'm posting it here yet again.

On May 18, 2009, Sterling wrote:

In an earlier draft, I stated that John Bedini showed up at Howard Johnson's place with a 34-foot trailer, but that Howard was reluctant to part with some of the hardware that he had originally intended to relay.  Rick Friedrick told me that this statement is problematic in several ways.  First, it portrays a strained relationship between HJ and John Bedini, when in fact they had a good relationship.  Second, John did not show up with a 34-foot trailer.  Third, he obtained and retains the materials under positive terms.

I will say that my source for that account is questionable, and I may have been putting two pieces of a puzzle together that do not fit together.  My apologies.

# # #

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(Determined to be a hoax)


Page composed by Sterling D. Allan May 19, 2009
Last updated December 24, 2014




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