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You are here: > News > May 8, 2009

Mylow pays respects at Howard Johnson burial site

First known replicator of Howard Johnson's all-magnet motor designs visits his gravesite, picks up the torch to continue his work.  Chicago media calling to get the scoop.  Hopefully he'll wait for independent replications.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Mylow pays his respects as Howard Richmond Johnson's gravesite, May 5, 2009.

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[Written May 7]

After posting seven or more different videos over the span of a month and a half, showing his all-magnet motor spinning, based on the work of the late Howard Johnson, whose tale of a working all-magnet motor inspired him thirty years ago to start working on this, Mylow decided that it was time to go visit the grave site of his lifelong hero.

On the evening of May 5, 2009, PMMTester flew in to Chicago to accompany Mylow on his 11-hour drive the gravesite of Howard Johnson, who passed away Jan. 3, 2008. Howard, who was born in 1919, the same year as Mylow's father, is famous for his claim to a working all-magnet motor, receiving several U.S. patents for the same in the early 1980s. Hundreds if not thousands of people from around the world have tried to replicate his work, but as far as we can tell, so far, only one person has been successful -- Mylow.

Mylow's earlier iterations, called the "Stonehenge" version, that he showed beginning March 17, 2009, entailed channel magnets attached vertically, north up, to an aluminum disc with crazy glue. There was a small gap between each magnet, and between magnet sets. A single U-shaped stator magnet was glued to the bottom of an aluminum bar such that it pointed outward horizontally toward the rotor magnets. 

He posted videos showing this running with two different sizes of stator magnets, requiring a different spacing of rotor magnets and magnet sets. When the magnet sizes change, the configuration changes. 

Then on April 29, he began posting videos of a variation that basically entailed Howard Johnson's "linear track accelerated" arranged in a rotor -- again the first as far as we know. This spinning motor consisted of bar magnets attached horizontally to an aluminum disc. There was a small gap between each magnet like railroad ties, arranged in two sets of 18 magnets. Two stator magnets were off-set, and point down at the rotor magnets.

Mylow seems to have an unusual gift for finding these arrangements. From what he's told me, he's built two of the linear track rotors, reassembling the most recent one at least once because of a crash that occurred when he tried lifting the stator while the rotor was turning, but it lifted up the rotor, causing it to break apart. He's shown two different Stonehenge versions on YouTube, and built one for the BlackOps when they took him into their lair a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately, they let him go when Mylow defiantly continued to post videos, in direct contravention of their threats against his person, realizing that he wasn't going to be scared by them, and the public scrutiny light was too bright for them to persist in their traditional bullying ways.

Off to Blacksburg

He had expected that in posting these videos he would be congratulated and helped with open arms. Instead, he has been met with a barrage of skepticism, rude accusations regarding his intentions and methods; and he's received threats from MIB forces trying to sequester his technology and shut him up. All of this has been very hard for him to handle. He has told me that if it were not for the inspiration coming from Howard Johnson, he would have stopped a long time ago and just let the planet do without this technology.

So after posting a couple of very convincing videos, showing his motor spinning on the top of a glass table, he figured it was a good time to take a break and head down to Blacksburg to pay his respects at Howard Johnson's grave.

Life-Transforming Event

I spent much of the day with him on the phone yesterday as he drove back, telling me about what transpired. Most of what he shared I'll not be able to report publicly as it is something very personal and deeply spiritual to him. In the Native American culture, what he experienced would be somewhere along the lines of what they describe as a vision quest.

I do have permission to mention a few things.

He brought with him the drawings he made while he was a teenager back in the early '80s. While visiting with someone in Blacksburg who had close ties to Howard Johnson, the guy was astonished at one of the drawings, because it was a near perfect representation of a design Howard Johnson had spoken about just before he passed away, thirty years after Mylow sketched it.

We've uploaded a set of these sketches Mylow made in High School if would like access to them.

The idea came to Mylow in a dream. He said the guy turned pale and was totally dumbfounded, saying that Mylow must have the gift of remote viewing.

This person also told Mylow something about there being quiet understanding among the few very close to Johnson that the person who traveled to visit Johnson's grave would be the one who would carry on his work. The person himself lives very near the cemetery plot, yet was visiting it for the first time when Mylow came.

When Mylow got to the cemetery, he had planned on only spending a few minutes, then move on. However, when he parked the car, it had a flat tire -- Howard's way of getting him to linger longer?

Video taken May 5, 2009 at Westview Cemetery in Blacksburg, Virginia.  We uploaded it to YouTube today.

He felt Howard's presence and felt as if Howard was smiling at him for carrying forward the work he was no longer able to pursue. No doubt he seems to have a very tight connection with his hero.  Howard's middle name, Richmond, is similar to Mylow's nickname, which is based on his middle name.

One YouTube user, Chase212327, commented on the above video: "What a very tender and respectful thing to honor Howard Johnson. You are carrying his torch now. Be strong Mylow. There will be many challenges ahead for you and all of your new friends. You have succeeded in not letting Howard's work die."

Driving home, he said he felt very much at peace, feeling committed to being faithful to the mission to carry forward the work of the noble man, Howard Johnson.

Not Letting Us In Yet

I was hoping Mylow would let PMMTester into his apartment a to see his motor before they drove to Blacksburg. He resisted, saying that he wanted to get on his way, and that his focus was to get to Blacksburg. He was afraid that once PMMTester saw the motor, he wouldn't want to leave for a long time, and the trip would be delayed. PMMTester was fine with that, and accommodated his wishes.

We were hoping that Mylow would then bring PMMTester back to see his motor, but after the heavy experience, Mylow wanted to return alone. PMMTester lives about three hours from Blacksburg (somewhat on the way back to Chicago?). They stayed there for the night, then Mylow left PMMTester there and headed out, calling me, PMMTester, his brother, his wife, when he had cell phone reception as he drove home, to process what had transpired.

Media Calling

Mylow said he's been getting inquiries from the media all day. A broadcast van from channel 7 (ABC) stopped by twice this morning and left a card. 

I had a hard time talking him out of going to the media at least until some people have replicated his device. The magnets I sent him arrived while he was on his Blacksburg pilgrimage. I urged him to build a working motor using magnets that are readily available. The magnets he's using on his present version are not readily available. He got the rotor magnets 30 years ago from Radio Shack, and the stator magnets are from an electric motor build around 15 years ago. If he can use readily available magnets, then the replications are much more likely to succeed. And rather than have him take his existing, working arrangement apart in order to build a new arrangement on his same aluminum disc, I encourage him to let PMMTester to fly in with his disc, or ship his disc to work with, which is nearly identical to what Mylow has been using. Once he shows us a design that works, using materials readily available, many replications should begin to unfold within hours.

PMMTester reminded me today that Home Depot carries a bar magnet identical to (but much more expensive than) one of the magnets we've been recommending from The ultimate objective, the sooner the better, would be to source components such that everything could be purchased easily for less than $200. Whatever the case, as we get additional information on the best sources and methods, we're updating the open source site, housed at, and I'm updating the plans for purchase at  

I reminded him of the fiasco with the Cold Fusion announcement, getting people excited, only to be let down when replication was evasive. Still today, Cold Fusion labors under the resulting "junk science" label, despite the fact that many hundreds of people and labs have replicated and improved the effect in the twenty years that have ensued. You only get one first impression. I asked him if he wanted people to see this as an anomie that so far only he has been able to accomplish, or if he wants people to see it as an emerging plausible technology that several people have been able to replicate so far. He's the one with the gift with magnets. He should take magnets known to be easily and readily accessible, and get them to work, then replications could take of like a wildfire.

Channel 9 (WGN) called in while I was on the phone with him. He told them "not yet." He said Channel 5(?) (would be NBC) called today as well. I'm not sure how these stations are getting his address and phone number, but word apparently is out.

# # #

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan May 8, 2009
Last updated December 24, 2014




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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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