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You are here: > News > May 6, 2009

Timothy Thrapp of WITTS and the 'dominant energy' field

World Improvement Through The Spirit Ministries claims to have gravity motors, magnet motors, radiant energy devices, cars that run on water, inertial propulsion devices.  It's director sees promise in Mylow's magnet motor design.


(12 Mb; mp3; 50 min)
On May 4, 2009, Timothy Thrapp joined me on the Free Energy Now radio show.
Timothy Thrapp stands next to his "900 Watt Fuelless Electrical Generator" demonstration in ~Fall 2007.
Timothy Thrapp stands next to his "900 Watt Fuelless Electrical Generator" demonstration in ~Fall 2007.

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by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

I've been doing Free Energy Now interviews every week for about three years now. But I must say that my interview Monday night with Timothy Thrapp of World Improvement Through The Spirit Ministries was one of the most amazing and surprising I've ever done. We're talking working gravity motors, magnet motors, radiant energy devices, cars that run on water, inertial propulsion devices -- all heresies according to conventional science.

I realize that I have a naturally believing nature, and that I tend to take people at face value rather than approach everything skeptically; and it is possible, always, that the stories I'm being told are being embellished some by the person telling them to me -- a common human tendency.

Quite a few of my associates in the New Energy Congress have actually gone in and visited Timothy over the years and have seen some of his technologies in action. While the review has been mixed, for the most part the summary is that Timothy does seem to have a gift to be able to get these exotic technologies to work.

It's not so much that he's an inventor, coming up with original designs, as he is a tinkerer who is able to research the work done by others and then implement it into a working embodiment.

And the story is that many of those embodiments are actually out in the world in various places, keeping people's houses running, cars running, etc.

Another part of the story is how he seems to be able to build so many of these without coming into mainstream media attention. He has a proclivity for staying below the radar, though not necessarily of the MIB. He's been roughed up, and has had labs destroyed -- several times (nearly once/year in recent years until a couple of years ago).

Though he's around 49 years old and has been playing with this stuff since he was eight, he's kept a very low web profile. What do you expect from someone who has gravitated to the Amish and Mennonite communities, where taking photos and video is pretty much against their religion. But he said he does have a lot of video footage and photos that have been taken, and that they are gradually uploading to their website that went up in March. Their website does expect that people make a donation to their ministry in order access the back end where the videos and files are being made available.  He said that what is there now is a mere 1% of the materials they have to eventually post.

Here's one of the videos that many of you have probably already seen, posted in January of last year.  It was shot by Chris Patton, an advisor for the New Energy Congress.

During the show, "Tim from Texas" called in to vouch for Thrapp. He said that as an engineer he was very skeptical about these claims, but as he has looked into these things for nine years, reviewing the material WITTS has available, he's become convinced that they are for real.

One of the common threads in all these exotic technologies, appears to be what another associate, Jason Owens, calls the "90-Degree Rule". Thrapp described it as "a crossing of two stress fields," apparently resulting in the mitigating of one of them, resulting in the emergence of a useable force.  Harnessing such energy is a matter of tapping into the "dominant energy field."

His first tinkering began with a gravity motor concept when he was eight. He didn't get it to work. In fact, it took 108 different versions and many years, before he did get one to work. I think he said he was 35 when he built his first working gravity motor that was 4 to 5 feet in diameter, and generated a net 3-4 Watts output -- enough to power a calculator. He then, over the next few years, scaled it up to 36 feet in diameter, to output 20 Watts -- enough to power a small light bulb. "Not a good design." But he didn't stop. He said he's come up with 4-5 different working designs, one of which is practical, producing 5 horsepower, -- enough to power one Amish guy's home and shop (not running everything at once). Of several people who have one of these, twenty testimonials are published on the WITTS website.

Timothy said that he's also helped develop devices that harness energy from the quantum vacuum. He said that the "Quantum Dot" technology that became mainstream around ten years ago, is part of what they developed. He said this nanotechnology can improve the efficiency of solar panels, batteries, and even humans. The same patch applied to a battery to extend its life can be applied to an area of pain on the body to relieve the pain, drawing energy from the quantum vacuum. It supposedly will "augment any electrical system -- including the human body".

Their present efforts are in fundraising for a factory that will sell solar panels for residents at nearly 1/2 the present cost, and which will have some very unusual properties. He talked to me more about that after the show. Fascinating stuff. Definitely not the normal solar panel that has to be in the sun to work, though it derives its power from cosmic energy.

He's also done work with several different magnet motor designs, most recently playing around with Mylow's bar-magnet motor design. While he's not yet had time to make a working replica, in the four hours or so he's spent with a replica attempt, he said that there does appear to be a legitimate effect there that very well could work. That is why he phoned me Monday -- to let me know that he has about a thousand of the 1/2 x 1/2 x 2 inch ceramic magnets similar to what Mylow used in his motor. I let the replicators know, and he's already had several orders.

He's also done a hybrid gravity-magnet motor, also called the S.M.O.T. device, comprised of three ramps with magnetic re-sets, to keep the ball going. That is more of a toy -- which is essentially the level that the Mylow device is at now. But what it does is spur the imagination so that clever scientists and inventors can come up with truly useful embodiments.

He also touched briefly on the inertial propulsion technology they've been working on. Off the cuff, he summarized it as "a way to swing weights around, where the circular movement ends up producing a unidirectional thrust." They've apparently used it to elevate 10-ton trucks, but he said it could be used for planetary travel.

As an analogy to describe some of these exotic technologies and effects, he pointed out that coronal mass ejections from the sun spew out huge volumes of material -- in some cases like half the volume of our moon -- that can't be explained in terms of gravity and overcoming gravity (10 times stronger on the surface of the sun) through known means.

Near the end of the interview, we talked briefly about the BlackOps. Thrapp holds the view (which is consistent with my research as well) that these MIB forces take over new technologies of certain kinds, monopolizing them for their own nefarious purposes, without sharing them with the population in general. They intimidate, steal, and even kill to control these technologies. He said that in his opinion, the NSA is largely a part of the BlackOps.

Thrapp said, though, that two years ago he noticed a major change. "The super-rich bankers realized the Earth will be another Mars [at the rate we're going as a planet]. That's why they apologized to Mylow," he conjectured.

This is one interview you'll not want to miss.

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan May 6, 2009
Last updated December 24, 2014




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