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You are here: > News > May 5, 2009

More Mylow videos, more witnesses, pilgrimage under way

Another non-boring day in the Mylow magnet motor saga, as it becomes more real, and the new world it paints begins to come more sharply into focus.  What role will you play?

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Mylow demonstrating his all-magnet motor on a glass table (second such video), May 3, 2009.

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Ignition Secrets DVD by Aaron Murakami 

A&P Electronic Media

Magnetic Energy Secrets, Paul Babcock, Parts 1 & 2

Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann


[Written May 4]

As has been the case so much in the last 1.5 months, I've been busy all day keeping on top of the Mylow magnet motor situation.

As I write this, Mylow and PMMTester are in Mylow's car driving to visit the burial plot of Howard Johnson. Mylow wishes to pay his regards to Johnson for inspiring him for all these years and especially in the last few months. This is also a good way for him to get a break from all the pressure he's been under since he posted a video on March 17 showing an all-magnet motor starting, accelerating, then reaching an equilibrium speed.

In a world where such things have been taught to be "impossible", he has received a barrage of negative criticism, some of which has been very crude. He's also received visits, threats, and has had eerie encounters with MIB elements. All these things have been wearing him down, making him want to give up. He thought the world would gladly welcome what he had offered freely to help humankind, with no thought for monetary gain or fame. But instead of being a good experience, the saga has been more like a nightmare for him.

Nearly every time Mylow has posted a video in the past month, he has sworn that "this will be my last video," because that is how he feels. Then a few days later, or even a few hours later sometimes, he posts yet another video. Today, he told me that every time he feels like stopping, Howard Johnson keeps spurring him on, and that is the thing that keeps him going when he wants to give up because of all the negativism and MIB threats he's received over this.

"I'm not going to stop."

Gratefully, the MIB component seems to have pretty much gone away. Now it's just the perpetual skeptics that get to him.

Mylow said that he's proceeding in this in defiance of the advice of family, friends, and his lawyer, not just the earlier MIB threats. He feels as if he has a spiritual calling to do this. "It's as if all those great inventors from the past are telling me to go for this thing."

When he gets back to Chicago, Mylow intends to show his motor on national television. [He later decided to postpone this.] I plan to join them at that point. Maybe someone in the open source community will have achieved a replication by then. Maybe several.

More Videos

Mylow posted two more videos yesterday, after I posted my last story about this saga at PESN.

The first was another video showing his motor running on a glass table. This time he showed inside the base of the bearing assembly, and showed under the table, to further dispel the skeptics insistence that there must be a hidden motor or wires somewhere. He also purposely gets his face in the camera, crouched behind the motor, and animatedly addresses the skeptics in the audience. His wife walks in while he's filming, and vouches for the motor as well. It is probably the most convincing video yet.

Here's a link to the version posted by Mylow on May 3, 2009, which we've backed up.

The second video shows him actually struggling to get the motor to spin. Instead of proceeding as it moves past one rotor magnet set to the next, it cogs and bounces to a stop at the next magnet set. He went ahead and posted it, to illustrate that this isn't easy, even for him.

He told me today that it is "very crucial to get magnetic focusing," and that Howard Johnson spoke a lot about this.

Here's a link to the version posted by Mylow on May 3, 2009, which we've backed up.

Building Owner Sees Motor

Mylow said that the owner of his building came by to collect rent. Mylow and his wife were in another room. They heard the lady ask, "What is this thing?" It wasn't turning when she went into the room where it was, but she turned it with her hand and it continued turning, picking up speed.

Mylow said she turned pale. He also got on her case for touching his piece of equipment.

When he explained what it was, she said when she was in the Philippines years ago, she knew of a guy who had something like this, and he was killed.

Took it to Work

Mylow said he took his motor with him to work to show his boss/partner. The partner asked, "Can I put it on the compressor on the roof? We're spending $10,000/month for electricity to run that thing."

Mylow's Twin Brother Vouches

I was able to talk to Mylow's twin brother by phone today. He described himself as having been "the biggest skeptic" when it comes to this kind of claim. But when he went to Mylow's place the other day when he was doing his demonstrations of the motor on a glass table top, he said he "was sitting there in amazement." He noted that the stator magnet is situated "right smack in the middle of the rotor magnets" (on a plane over them). He felt the stator magnets, and said there were "extremely cold." He used the tachometer that PMMTester sent Mylow, and said that by seven minutes, the motor finished accelerating and maintained an equilibrium speed.

"Something is going on that is way beyond normal science," he said, having had his college training and professional career in mainstream science.

He also said that he personally had a dubious government entity incident. He said a couple of people came by his place of employment asking for him in regards to the work being done by Mylow. He told them (or had an intermediary tell them), "That's my brother's business, talk to him about it."

He said he is saddened by all the ridicule that Mylow is receiving. "He's definitely opened Pandora's box."

More on MIB

Mylow said when he was in the BlackOps facility, building the two devices for them, that he was under pressure to do it. "They had guys in there with guns, security guards." They called the one they were most interested in because it could turn a generator, HJA1. 

Regarding their telling him that his motor could bring about economic destruction, he said that "the economic destruction began long before this motor came along." If anything, this motor could introduce an entire new industry -- one which would move people away from dependence on a central authority, and empower a distributed energy paradigm, both literally and symbolically. So yes, it threatens the status quo powers who have been ravaging our world for too long.

I was telling Mylow about another magnet motor claim in which an antigravity component seemed inextricably tied to the function of the motor, and it nearly went through the lab roof once. (BTW, I typically encounter around one new claim per month, but have been getting more frequent lately, like every 2-4 days). Mylow mentioned one he heard of by Howard Manger (sp?). It was a small magnetic device composed of three overlapping spheres, which he said was conveyed by extraterrestrials. It lifted off during one demonstration and was never seen again. In a later phone call (we had about six today), he mentioned that the BlackOps had shown him something they had which was nearly identical to what he's seen on the Internet about Howard Manger.

Interest from All Over

As the added witness of each new video accumulates, as well as the increasing skeptic-proofing that Mylow is able to integrate into his shooting of the videos, the more people are taking this seriously, and sending serious inquiries to know more, or to work together in some capacity.

Mylow said he's been getting inquiries from Universities, from Sandia Labs. He's had business inquiries from Germany, Holland, and Australia.

"I wish people would stop making offers of money. I'm not in this for any monetary gain. I'm in this purely for humanitarian reasons."

"I'm not patenting anything. This is a gift from God."

We at PES Network, Inc. are helping Mylow open source this technology via the official website (thus designated with his permission), which is housed at Anyone is free to pursue whatever commercial venture they wish with this technology. We only ask as a matter of courtesy that you provide at least a 3% royalty, which will be split three ways evenly: to Howard Johnson's heirs, to Mylow, and to PES Network, Inc. for administering and promulgating this project and like projects. This is not per Mylow's instigation, and whenever I bring it up, he seems uncomfortable, as if I'm speaking in another language. He really has no monetary interest in this whatsoever.

Plans for the motor assembly are available from which now include version 2.0, which is this most recent design using bar magnets on the rotor.

You can also make a donation if you wish to help that way.

More Information on the Motor

Mylow said that he doesn't think the magnets are demagnetizing now like they were before in his other arrangement. "It's not losing any speed."

He said that when he put the stator magnets he got from the electromagnetic motor on the remagnetizer to change the polarity, he left it there for two days.

While he was on the phone with me, Mylow pulled out his ruler and gave me the following measurements. Remember, Mylow is not a scientist, so there is the possibility that one or more of the measurements will not be correct.

He said the distance from the bottom of the stator to the top of the rotor magnets to be 1-1/8 inches. And the gap (horizontal parallel to the stator support bar) between the two stator magnets is 5/16 inches. He confirmed that the bar magnets in the rotor are 1/2 x 1/2 x 2 inches. He also gave me the dimensions of the stator magnets.

Finally, he measured the inner then outer distances between a few rotor magnets. Inner gap: 5/16, 5/16, 4/16. Outer gap: 9/16, 8/16, 9/16, 9/16, 17/32, 8/16, 10/6. He emphasized again that these are not uniform gaps. He laid down a uniform system one time, and it did not work. Non-uniformity seems to be an important component to these things working.

He is quite sure that both the rotor and stator magnets he's using in this motor are ceramic magnets.  [The coloring is not necessarily consistent with this.]

Before he left to go pick up PMMTester from the airport, he took a few photos of the magnet motor and its components and sent them to me, which I made available for download

Giving Mylow a Break

So Mylow is going to be away for a few days, taking a break from all this public interface via the web. He's on a spiritual quest of sorts, to pay his respects to Howard Johnson and maybe meet a few of his family and associates in the area. He's not taking the motor with him. He'll get back to that when he and PMMTester return.

To those of you who have been following this saga, I would ask of you to look inside your soul and ponder if you might have a destiny to fulfill in helping carry this work forward. I don't think there could be too many people wanting to help. It's just a matter of people taking on tasks and initiative, and becoming leaders to carry forth their vision of how to fulfill their own personal destiny in this quest to turn the planet from the course of destruction that they've been on, to one of redemption and sustainability and abundance. 

We don't have to fulfill the worst case scenario probable futures that some have envisioned for this planet. There are many gradations in-between. The more we rally to the highest that is within us, the better our lot will be, and the less painful will be the transition from the control-based world we've been in, to the freedom and responsibility-based world of enlightened, empowered individuals we're headed to.

The "kill shot" from the Sun (earth burned by fire) scheduled for Dec. 2012 (or whatever massive calamity is pending) to wipe out most of the parasitic human inhabitants doesn't have to happen, or at least not as severly, if Mother Earth is satisfied that we've changed sufficiently. Whatever your religious vernacular may be, I'm sure you won't find it hard to find parallels to your own world view in what I'm saying here. This and other breakthrough technologies that can be unleashed by this logjam-breaker development being instigated by Mylow, can emerge to the blessing and saving of mankind, if our hearts are right.

Let us choose wisely. Not only are our grandchildren depending on us, but the intelligent beings, angels, and Gods throughout the universe are watching with great anticipation, rooting for our success, and hoping for our triumph.

The coming millennium of peace and sustainable prosperity will not be something thrust upon us, it will be something we've collectively chosen, while the old, worn out models of the past fade away.

# # #

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    Mylow magnet motor crop circle; glass table video - On April 29, a crop circle was found in Wiltshire County, UK -- the same day Mylow posted his first video showing his bar-magnet motor. That and several other crop circles that showed up in that region seem to be commenting on Mylow's motor. See Mylow's long-awaited demonstration of his all-magnet motor on a glass table. (PESN; May 3, 2009) (Comment at

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan May 4, 2009
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