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You are here: > News > May 3, 2009

Mylow magnet motor crop circle; glass table video

On April 29, a crop circle was found in Wiltshire County, UK -- the same day Mylow posted his first video showing his bar-magnet motor.  That and several other crop circles that showed up in that region seem to be commenting on Mylow's motor.  See Mylow's long-awaited demonstration of his all-magnet motor on a glass table.

Crop circle discovered April 29, 2009 at Wiltshiire Roundway Hill, in Oilseed Rape field, U.K.
Image by Lucy Pringle Copyright 2009

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by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

I was listening to the April 30 archive, hour 3 of the Coast to Coast AM radio show this morning and came across something that struck me as potentially relevant to Mylow's all-magnet motor.

Linda Moulton Howe said that a set of some very unusual and highly precise crop circles have showed up in Wiltshire County, England in the past few days, the most recent one being April 29, 2009.

Since that was the day that Mylow posted the first of two videos showing his new bar-magnet all-magnet motor (ref), I was curious to see if there might be any ties between the crop circle formation and his motor.

Another thing that clued me in to a possible parallel is that Linda had mentioned in the show that the formation had "eighteen arcs swirling from a center made of five [concentric] rings around a small flattened circle." Mylow's version 2.0 motor has two sets of eighteen magnets, and it certainly involves a "flattened circle" or rotor disc.

Linda postulates that this crop circle represents a calendar countdown to December 2010.  That may be the case, but that doesn't mean there can't be other intended messages from these crop circles as well.

The April 29 crop circle, for example, brings to mind the idea of a magnetic vortex brought about by the two sets of eighteen magnets in Mylow's version 2.0 motor.

Many researchers consider crop circles to be made by beings of a higher dimension, whether visiting extraterrestrial beings, or perhaps even messages transmitted across vast distances of space, laid out in the easels of modern farmland.  Considering the potential impact of the emergence of the magnet motor technology being introduced by Mylow, I don't think it is at all unreasonable to think that these advanced beings are providing this as commentary on his work.

Here's another crop circle, the first of the set of six, which appeared on April 14, called the "Sundial". 


Linda's figure [above] compares the crop circle to the megalithic sundial.  Note how closely it bears resemblance to Mylow's Magnet Motor -- both his first design with upright channel magnets, which he called the Stonehenge version, and the latter design with bar magnets laid down. What's more, the way the image is displayed in a pie-chart type of configuration makes it even more analogous to Mylow's recent motor with two sets of 18 bar magnets, with a fairly large gap in between. The section of the sundial image with lines going through it is nearly exactly proportional to Mylow's motor. 

Images and diagram drawings of recent crop circles worldwide at dating from Nov. 16, 2008 through April 29, 2009.

As I looked at the collection of photos on various websites covering these recent crop circles, I was struck by the many correlations to Mylow's motor.  (See images to the right.) Some earlier crop circles are actually concentric circles that closely resemble the Mylow magnet motor disc.  (See bottom right of the chronological collection.) 

As I look at some of those images, I can't help but think that they might be giving us clues as to what is happening on the atomic level with the magnetism and other interactions, such as the eddy currents, in Mylow's motor.  The sun-looking image, for example, could be clueing us in to the possibility that the source of power in these motors comes from a galactic source, perhaps from the sun or the magnetic flux caused by the planets circling around the sun.

Linda reported that since April 14, there have been six crop formations laid down in oilseed rape (canola) all in a very small confined area in Wiltshire County, England, near Avebury, which is the largest stone circle in the world.  The man-made formation is 427m (1401ft) in diameter and covers an area of some 28 acres (11.5 ha). (Ref.)  It's tied into megalithic astronomy going back 4,000 - 5,000 years ago.  

Avebury Image

I think it also resembles Mylow's motor based on Howard Johnson's design.

Postulated original layout of Avebury stone circles, near where the April 29 crop circle appeared.
Source: Wikipedia 

Five of the six formations are described "as the most elaborate and geometrically sophisticated that have occurred in British crop circle history." -- Charles Mallett, who runs the silent circle information center west of Avebury.

The sixth formation was found on the morning of April 29, 2009 by an airplane. It was reported on top of Roundway Hill, southwest of the ancient Avebury stone circle. Eyewitnesses are assuming it was made on the night of the 28-29th.  

According to Linda, the reason why people are so impressed by these new formations is they are in what is called yellow-flowering oil seed rape. It is one of the most difficult crops to move in. Some varieties grow as high as five-six feet tall. You go through, and it pops off pollen, you become completely drenched in water and yellow pollen, and it tangles around your feet. And yet, here are some of the most precise formations any of us have ever seen, and it's in oilseed rape. Nothing is bent or broken in places where visitors have not walked.

A Note About "Lucky"

PMMTester clarified something for me.  He said that when Mylow was in the interrogation room in Chicago with the "very important person" from Washington (probably Joe Biden) (ref), the same lady who had dropped by his work place with a man the week or so prior, told him "You are so lucky."

In the past, they've been much more forceful with people, not letting them get away with defiance as Mylow has, and carrying through on their threats of consequences for breaching their express requests.  Regarding their decision to just let him go, she said: "I've never seen this happen before."

Glass-top Table Video

Last night around midnight Mountain time, Mylow opened another YouTube account, magneticmotor1, and posted another video, this time showing his all-magnet motor sitting on a glass-top table, starting from zero then slowly accelerating through nearly the duration of the video. He also shows a top view as well as a view under the motor. He also shows his face. His wife is heard in the video as well, witnessing the motor and concurring that there are no hidden wires or other contraptions, but that the spinning motion is just from magnets repelling magnets.

Here is Mylow's original video link, which is likely to disappear soon.  We have made a backup, which isn't as high of resolution as his.

Disregard his statements about this being "a fake". He's just being sarcastic to all the naysayers who never seem to be satisfied with the evidence he's been producing.

Then today, Mylow posted another video, this one being his commentary about all the negativity that has been thrown at him from

Here is Mylow's original video link, which is likely to disappear soon.  We have made a backup, which isn't as high of resolution as his.

Unfortunately, Mylow seems to have a personality that hones in on the negatively, and ignores all the positive support he's been receiving from me and many others.

I believe that the crop circle message above conveys to him that not only is the planet counting on him, but the universe is rooting for him.  He has no reasonable excuse to wallow in self-pity.  Self pity is never an appropriate response to anything.

Come on Mylow.  Snap out of it.  We need you.

# # #

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(Determined to be a hoax)


Page composed by Sterling D. Allan May 3, 2009
Last updated December 24, 2014




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