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You are here: > News > May 2, 2009 Naysayers Spoil the Mylow Magnet Motor Show

Yesterday, Mylow said that now that the MIB pressure had subsided, he was ready to begin posting lots of videos again..., but then he encountered the barrage of extreme negativism over on a Free Energy forum where people should have been patient and helpful; so he pulled the plug.

"Mylow is not a scientist, he's an inventor, and his reaction here is akin to an artist who has unveiled a masterpiece, only to have it mercilessly criticized.  Do you blame him for covering the piece back up?" -- Sterling

On the evening of May 1, Mylow posted a parting statement explaining why he was removing all his videos.  He cited the personal attacks and extreme rudeness over at where he should have been welcomed and helped.

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by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

I was very excited after talking to Mylow yesterday evening around 7:00 pm Mountain.  He said that since he posted the videos of his accelerating all-magnet motor on April 29th and 30th at YouTube, he has felt less and less nervous about the MIB element (my phrase) who have threatened him.  He thinks I was right to advise him to not be afraid of their bullying tactics trying to stop his sharing this with the public, but to post videos anyway.  "I'm going to be posting a lot of videos now."  He also said he's almost to the point where he would feel comfortable having people come and see it.

Motor Crashes

He had not sent the thing off to a private party as he had indicated in the annotations of one of his videos.  To the contrary, he had just gotten off the phone with PMMTester, and while he was on the phone with him, Mylow thought to try lifting the stator while the motor was running.  He said as he began lifting the stator, putting his pinky under the up-side-down-T joint of the stator apparatus and begin lifting that the motor resisted and actually crushed down on his pinky.  He then got a more firm grip and lifted it.  As he did so, the rotor disc began rising, and then crashed, sending magnets all over the room.  This supports the statement he's made numerous times about the attraction between the rotor and stator magnet getting stronger as the rotor speed increases.

The impression that struck me intuitively as he described this is that he may have some anti-gravity stuff going on here, and that may be why the MIB are so keen to put a stop to his sharing this with the world.  Someone else said that a few weeks ago.  As long as the setup is constant, things are in resonance, and stay together, but when movement is introduced (lifting the stator), the system wants to maintain the distance, hence resisting and pulling down on his pinky.  He said he weighed the rotor apparatus, including the base and the magnets, and it is 12.5 pounds.

It makes him want to get a stator assembly that could be more sturdy and adjust incrementally up and down.  "This might be a way to adjust the speed!" he said excitedly.  I told him that there are a lot of people involved in the forums for this project that would be glad to machine a new set-up and send it to him.  And if they need some compensation, there are others willing to chip in to make donations to augment the revenue coming in from plan sales.  Accordingly, I've added a donations page.

"I would love to build a 5,000-Watt generator", he said.
He also clarified to me that all his motors thus far (except the S.M.O.T. set-up he did, which didn't work, but is a close approximation to what he's doing), have been in attraction mode, not repulsion.  He said that when you get to the cog, rather than giving up, you keep adjusting things until the cog goes away.  "You listen to the motor, 'Feel me out'."  That's easy to say for someone with a gift like he does.  He said that some of those earlier videos he posted (both for Version 1 and Version 2) illustrated that process.

How He Assembles Rotor Magnets

I asked him if he had his camera running when he lifted the stator and the thing fell apart; but he said no, reminding me that he was on the phone with PMMTester at the time.  At first, he thought, "Oh no, it took me three days to figure out how to get that to work."  But then he remembered that he had made marks on the disc where each magnet went, so he thought he could easily have the thing reassembled and running within 20 minutes to an hour.  I suggested that he film himself as he puts it back together, to show people how he does it.  "That will be boring", he replied.
"Oh, no it won't, I assured him.  I, for one would watch it with rapt attention, taking careful notes."

He said that what he does is glue down a few magnets and test them through the stator.  When he glues a magnet on one side of the disc, he glues one with the same spacing on the opposite side of the disc (180-degrees).  When he likes the feel, he then takes a piece of paper from a legal pad and etches marks on it where the inside and outside edges of the magnets are, then he uses that as a stencil to lay down the same number of magnets after that.  Then he tests the magnets going through the stator to see how they feel.  "None of the gaps are exact matches.  It doesn't work when you make them exact.

"Magnetism is a media, not static; it moves at different rates with different forces.  If we could see an animation [of the magnetic field flux] you'd be surprised at what you'd see.  It would be like the animations of the Sun's magnetic field when it is distorted with sun spots."

More Magnets Coming

When I informed him that I had shipped more magnets to him, he said something like "Oh no," as if overwhelmed.  He has so many magnets already.  I explained that the advantage of these magnets is that they are presently in stock and readily available. 

At first, when I described the two stator magnets I was sending to him (HS-90 from, he wondered if they would work.  But then I reminded him that in an earlier video he had said that this magnet worked, but the operation was "wobbly".  A light came on, and he reminded me that this was before he had come up with the two off-set stator magnet configuration which stabilized the setup.  He pulled that magnet out of his pile and compared it in size to the ones he extracted from the electromagnetic motor.  He said it was 3/16 wider looking from the top view of the assembly.  He joked with me, "Yes, I know how to read 16ths on the tape measure now."  He said the HS-90 is a lot stronger than the other stator magnets he's been using.

We wondered if this larger size would work, since it would make the overlap quite a bit wider than the bar magnets are long.  The sixty CB-65 ceramic block magnets I'm sending him from are 1/8 inch shorter than the 2" magnets he's presently using.  He said that the gap between the two off-set stator magnets is crucial.  Without it, they merely introduce a strong cogging effect.  I'm guessing that finding that spacing is probably challenging, even for someone with a knack for this like Mylow seems to have.

PMMTester is also sending him the rotor disc and stator assembly he made, which is nearly identical to the one Mylow has been using.  First, PMMTester wants to try and get something working himself over the weekend.

Again he asked if he could reimburse me for the magnets and stuff we're sending him.  "I have money," he said.  I reminded him that we're covering the expense from the revenue coming in from plan sales.  He's only interested in helping humanity.  He has not pecuniary interest whatsoever.  "I don't own this thing.  This is a gift to humanity."  He said he broke out in tears when he heard Al Witherspoon speak of Howard Johnson's prediction that the person who would replicate his work and carry it forward successfully would be a "simple person."  In an email the next day, he went on to say that HJ had said he would be "Shiloh" -- close to "Mylow."

The reason he didn't fill the disc with bar magnets in the videos he posted on April 29,30 is because he ran out.  I guess when he made the one for the BlackOps in their facility, they supplied enough magnets to fill the disc (purposely leaving one out for the flipping effect?).

I asked him if all the bar magnets in his rotor are the same.  He said "yes."  He said he started getting his bar magnets back when he was 18 (he's around my age now), picking up more from Radio Shack whenever he could, getting them instead of other things that his friends would consider necessities, going without so he could have the magnets to play with.

He said he ran into the guy recently who was remagnetizing his stator magnets for him 2-3 months ago.  He said he could make some aluminum disc assemblies for him to use in his experimentation.

More Witnesses
He said a few days ago he got a knock on the door from his apartment neighbor at around 2:00 am.  She was wondering what that noise was that she has been hearing at odd hours of the night -- sometimes a clunking.  She's the neighbor who is on the other side of the wall where the dresser is on which he sets his motor on.  He let her in to see it.  She said, "Is it some kind of Pizza thing?"  He explained what it was, and she said, "That's crazy," and her curiosity was satisfied, and she left him in peace.
He's been letting family members and friends see it.  He invited his boss/partner over to see it, but he said, "I don't want them to get in trouble with 'them'," referring to the two agents who showed up at work a couple of weeks ago asking for Mylow, saying he was in a lot of trouble. (Ref.)

His twin brother came by recently as well, and wouldn't get near it.  "It freaks him out."  As a college graduate, he's in many ways the polar opposite of Mylow and "the biggest skeptic of all" according to Mylow.  "That's supposed to be impossible," the brother said.  "This is beyond the holy grail."

You're "Lucky"

Mylow said his brother called him the other day after seeing my story at PESN about Mylow's having possibly met with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden while he was in Chicago on Monday.  "What are you doing standing by Mr. Biden?  How did you pull that off?"  He said.  He thought for sure that the photo was of Mylow standing next to Biden.  The resemblance was so close that his twin brother had a hard time believing it wasn't Mylow, even though Mylow was adamant that I had posted the photo as an "uncanny resemblance" with symbolic overtones, not as actually being Mylow.
Something occurred to me last night as I was thinking about all this.  I can't remember off the top of my head whether it was the NSA agent who came by a couple of days ago to apologize, or whether it was one of the agents who was interrogating Mylow when he went to have his meeting behind a one-way glass wall with the "very important person from Washington" last Monday, the day VP Joe Biden was in town, and they then just let him go, despite his non-cooperative attitude; but they told him, "You are lucky."  Actually, they probably meant it as code for Mylow's bird, Lucky, the one shown in the video with the cat batting it, wanting so badly to do more than just play with it, then finally jumping off the ledge when the curtain is pulled back and the audience is revealed, bringing to light its nefarious intentions.
Mylow IS Lucky.

He conjectured that the cessation of the bullying could have something to do with the "important person" he met with Monday instructing the MIBs to back off.

Full Steam Ahead
So, with that ominous threat removed from his life, he was feeling more inclined to pull out all stops and forge ahead with the open source project, posting lots of videos.  The next video he planned to post was to show the magnetizer that had lent to him, and to show how it works, and to show a compass next to his stator magnets that he pulled from an electric motor he had stripped the magnets from.  People say it is "impossible" to change the polarity of those magnets without some extreme measures which surely a simple device wouldn't be able to do.  Mylow says those crescent magnets are now oriented from leg to leg.  This next video would address that.

He said he got the motor from Science and Surplus in Chicago.  He also said that before he threw it away after pulling the magnets out, he noted that it had a stamp on it; and if he remembers correctly, it said: 12.5 Volt, 1.6 Amp (probably 2), 25 Watt [he told PMMTester 12 V, 2.1 amps (remember, he's not a scientist)].  ShuShu (sp?), Made in Japan.
We talked about having him put his motor on his glass table.  We talked about him putting it out on the sidewalk in front of his apartment during the day while people are off to work, so as to not become a spectacle.
We talked about him letting PMMTester and me come over and help him prepare for some local news coverage, then going national.  At the end of our conversation he even talked about taking the thing to a local flea market and film people's reaction to it.
He said he would also like to invite in one of the worst skeptics, and have him sleep on the bed there in his "lab" where the motor sits on the dresser.  He would remove the toothpicks he put in to stabilize the stator from clicking twice for each rotation of the disc.  His wife made him stop the motor the other night because it was making such a racket, getting faster and faster.  "I can't sleep" she said.  So his "punishment" for the skeptic would be to make him sleep in the very room with the motor, keeping him from being able to sleep with the "click, click, click, click" of the device -- no other motor sounds, except the bearing noise and some aluminum-on-aluminum rubbing in the bearing assembly.

Clearing the Air

He told me, "I have to clear the air."  He apologized for the way he has been treating me.  "I thought you might be a spy," because the MIB things started happening after he began to communicate with me -- strange call dropping, noises on the phone, then an actual visit by the NSA guy on April 2,3.  He now realizes that I had nothing to do with those things, other than perhaps that I'm also being "watched", and may have helped them birddog him because of the credence I was giving him.  He realizes that my intentions are as pure as his.

Skepticism Run Amuck

After this amazing development in talking to Mylow and having the discussion that we did, imagine my disgust when a few hours later I checked in to Mylow's account to see what might be there, hoping to see his magnetizer video, only to find that he had deleted all but one of his videos, and that it had an annotation superimposed through its duration berating the rudeness over at
"I understand your skeptic remarks, but when you get personal, that draws the line for me. "
He pointed out that nyctuber had said he wished Mylow would "crawl under a rock and die".  In Mylow's most recent video, Mylow inadvertently showed his face in front of the camera.  nyctuber grabbed a screen shot and posted it at OverUnity with some silly bubble caption.  The problem is that Mylow does not want his identity publicly known, and doing this is a flagrant violation of his wishes of privacy.  Nyctuber would be banned from the forum if I was running it.  Yes, I posted the photo of Biden and the guy next to him, and said there was an uncanny resemblance, but doing that and showing an actual photo of Mylow are very different in their breach of privacy.

Looking at it now, I find it fortuitous inasmuch as it provides public evidence to what I said the other day about Mylow resembling the guy standing next to Joe Biden on Monday.  I also see it as a sign that his television appearance is coming soon, and this exposure is helping warm him up to that.

Paul Lowrance has been extremely rude and jealous from the very beginning.  Bill Mahess has likewise been underhanded, like an animal turning on its trainer, biting the hand that feeds it.  Mylow told me a couple of days ago the Bill's replication was the closest to working of the various bar magnet configurations he'd seen.  Desertphile has epitomized kindergarten sandbox antics lacking any intelligence and being full of spite.  For example, he has maintained that "Mylow is Sterling".
Mylow mentioned a few others as well who have been rude and crossed over lines of human decency. "You are getting personal, and that's why I will be removing all this ..., because of your type of people."  Then to the forum owner, Stefan Hartman, he said,
"I hope you're happy... for letting all this go too far.  I had good intentions for this, but after reading all this on your website, I have to say: 'Too bad; that free energy devices don't get anywhere.'  Now I am very pissed.  I wanted help, not personal attacks."
In his conversation with me earlier, he said: "Skepticism is what is killing Free Energy devices."

For whatever reason, Mylow has religiously read every post at  Weeks ago, I advised him to stay away from there because the negativity has had such a detrimental effect on Mylow's psyche.  He told me yesterday that he has printed out every page, and that there are now thousands of pages (several printed pages per the 265 internet pages).

I posted a compilation of comments regarding this "Rude" subject earlier today.  There were some very insightful things offered by several people.

I have long said (for eight years) that in my experience, the MIB factor, which is real, is only about 10% of the obstacles that have to bring a free energy device to market.  I give a whopping 40 percent to "interpersonal conflicts, inventors with impossible personalities, greedy players."  In other words, human junk -- that is the biggest obstacle by far.

Where to from Here?

I don't blame Mylow for letting all this negativism and vitriol get to him.  I doubt there is a person alive who could undergo all those emotional daggers and not become embittered.

Hopefully this present report will help Mylow put things in perspective and soften up some and not tune the open source crowd out entirely.  For every awful treatment he's encountered, there have been easily ten very supportive and helpful gestures (actually more like 99% at YouTube, while it was probably less than 50% at OverUnity) .  Ultimately, I hope he doesn't let the forum bullies get to him, just as he ultimately did not let the MIB bullies get to him, but he persevered.  The myriad of others who want to help bring this technology forward for the benefit of the planet during this very crucial time in history, should not be punished for the poor behavior of a few who have spoiled it for everyone else.
I call upon Mylow to seek the highest that is in him, forgive those who have abused him, ignore such treatment from now on, and just focus on those who are wanting to help.  I also call on those who are supportive of this project to boycott until they get their act together.  We have a great forum for those involved in helping.  The private Steorn forum has also been very decent, from what I've heard.
Magnetmotorman, who claims to have built a working magnet motor three years ago, chimed in with several comments today, including the advice to Mylow: "Those who are trying to hit you hardest will soon become your best assets.  Trust me...this is always how it works."

That might be true of most, but there are some who are so cantankerous that their actions are more like those of a paid agent provocateur.  If they are not, they might as well be, as they serve the same purpose.

But as for me and many others, it is onward and upward.  We will see this through.  I hope Mylow stays with us.  What he has started will not be stopped.  The genie is out of the bottle.
Some day not long from now he will be the celebrity of our day -- a true hero of our times of topsy turvy out-with-the-old-and-in-with-the-new.

# # #

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