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You are here: > News > May 1, 2009

NSA Guy Apologizes to Mylow? Motor Runs in Reverse

Mylow has posted yet another video showing his motor turning, this time in reverse as he swaps orientation of the stator magnets.  Account of NSA agent coming back to his apartment to make amends.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

One of Mylow's videos posted on April 30 shows the elements of his magnet motor assembly.

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Here's a review of today's correspondence with Mylow in this unfolding saga regarding the all-magnet motor he has been talking about and now demonstrating again in videos at YouTube.

He phoned me several times today, and each time he seemed less perturbed.  

He was really upset this morning because of all the continued negativity and skepticism even after posting his videos last night.  Though most people have been supportive and have been congratulating him and asking for more, some have continued to be rude and unimpressed that this guy seems to be breaking the ice in introducing a working magnet motor to the planet to replicate, improve, and reproduce -- all without the slightest interest on his part in receiving any compensation for what he's doing.  [We do plan on including him and Howard Johnson's heirs in the recommended 3% royalty from all commercial ventures that arise from this open source project, even though he hasn't asked for it.]

He was going to scrape all the magnets off his disc and have nothing more to do with this stuff.  He said, "people are not ready for this yet."

He said that Mother Earth, who has been on a course to bring some cleansing on the planet because of the pollutions, and could have benefitted from this change of course, mitigating some of the pending disasters, told him, "Hold off, Mylow; they don't deserve this." [Please don't deride Mylow for saying this.  I find it completely plausible, as the earth is just as much a living being as a tree or animal that walks on its surface.  Some people have a gift to communicate with animals or plants (think Doctor Dolittle).  Why should anyone be surprised that someone as naturally gifted as Mylow is with magnets would also be able to communicate with Mother Earth.  I think it's pretty cool.  It certainly conforms to my world view.]

"This is such an utterly simple technology that could make a huge difference.  I don't know why people haven't figured it out before now."

Near the end of our first conversation, he had arrived at work, and his boss/partner seemed to chime in.  From what I could gather, Mylow was showing him a video of what he had done last night.  The first thing out of his partner's mouth was: "You ought to patent it."

Mylow responded, "Can't, it's already been patented and the patent is expired."

His partner said, "Then how are you going to make money off it?"

Mylow responded, "I'm giving it away, open sourcing it."

I can only guess his partner's expressions, as 99% of humans seem wired for greed.

Then he concluded his call with me.

With the two more calls through the day, Mylow seemed to be in a better mood, and more lightened.

More Videos

When I spoke with him around 6:00 pm Central, he said, "I'm so excited."  He was telling me about his most recent video he posted and was still uploading at the time, which shows the motor running in reverse.  He switched the direction of the stator magnets, and sure enough, it makes the motor spin in the opposite direction, as I had predicted (in the replication plans I'm preparing).  I would also predict that the same would happen if he flipped the rotor magnets so they are S upward.  

He said that he also made the stator magnets more rigid so they don't bounce each time they pass over a change in rotor contour (magnets v. blank disc).  With that change, he said the motor runs even faster.  "The field is more focused."  He said that without proper assembly strength, the magnet device might tend to bust itself up.  That's why he has the stator magnets as high as he does.

Here's a link to his video, where you can see some of the comments people have posted.

Around 3:00 pm today, he uploaded his fourth video in this series (last night being the second and third).  This one was directed to the skeptics.  He methodically pulled the assembly apart and described each part, showing that there is not room for a hidden motor inside the fairly large bearing assembly -- that it is mostly solid aluminum.  I took screen shots and will be included them in the plans I'm preparing.

Here's a link to his video, where you can see some of the comments people have posted.

More Specifications

In the second call today, Mylow gave me quite a bit of information about the magnets and their parameters.  I posted these to the discussion list.

  • Correspondence >
    Bar Manget Dimensions, etc.
    - I wanted to pass on some crucial information for those of you wanting to replication Version 2.0 shown last night. (Mylow_Magmo; Apr 30, 2009 9:55 am Mountain)

Additionally, as mentioned yesterday, he thinks that maybe the eddy currents that are taking place between the stator and aluminum rotor are important in facilitating pole shifting, creating the coldness in the stator magnet, which he measured at 20ΊC.  He wonders if maybe there isn't some super conductivity taking place.

I asked him what it was about the design that took three days to arrive at a working unit using these components.  He said that the right spacing between the rotor magnets is not easy to find.

He said he doesn't think this motor configuration will make the magnets demagnetize, because it's working in attraction mode, rather than repulsion mode like his earlier designs.

He said that he tried lifting the stator off from over the rotor while the system was running, and the rotor started lifting up with the stator.  I remember him describing a similar phenomenon with the earlier designs.  As they got going, there was built up an increased attraction between the rotor and stator magnets.  That's why the rotor crashed into the stator in that one glass table demo he did back around Apr. 5.  The feet of the stator assembly were not fastened securely enough to the glass table, and the assembly moved over as the speed picked up and the attraction increased.

More on Last Monday's Interview with BlackOps

Mylow doesn't know for sure who he talked to last Monday in that guarded facility with a one-way glass wall.  (See story)  He wouldn't recognize Joe Biden's voice because he doesn't follow politics.  He was told that the very important person he talked to "is close to Washington".  He said that person did sound important, and interested, but that he didn't do very much of the talking.  Most of the dialogue took place with people on his side of the glass wall.  That's where the arguments and his defiance was primarily taking place.

The interview took 1-2 hours.  "They already have this technology [specifically this HJ-related version].  I just happen to be the only one outside their realm who has this."

In their earlier meeting last week, "They told me they secretly took it away from Howard Johnson.  HJ never told anyone."

MIB Stops By

I know there are a lot of things not just about the technology but about some of the story that has been going along with it that has been nearly impossible for most people to believe.  The development reported by Mylow today is no less strange.

He said that he had a visitor today -- the first guy that showed up back on April 2, intimidating him, scaring him more than he's ever been scared in his life, taking photos and video, then taking his unit and all his drawings and notes, only to return them the next day, warning him to post no more videos, and telling him that his unit was "just a toy; keep it that way," and telling him that it was in the interest of national security that he comply.  The badge he showed to the police the next morning when they showed up because Mylow's wife had called them to come arrest the intruders, was "NSA" -- National Security Agency.

But today his message was very different.  "Look, we know what you've been doing.  We don't like the idea that you're doing this.  It's okay.  I just want to thank you."  Indeed, these sentiments do seem to be contradictory, from disapproval to gratitude for his fortitude to do what is right, despite what they were trying to force him to do otherwise.  On the one hand, the agent is speaking as an agent, then on the other he's speaking as a human.

As an agent, he had Mylow sign a waiver that Mylow didn't really understand.  Something to the effect that he wouldn't sue them.

Moral of the Story

Could the reversal of the rotor direction and the reversal of the MIB guy on the same day possibly be symbolic for a reversal in the direction we've been heading as a planet?  Maybe we don't have to be largely cleansed off the face of the earth.  Maybe we can learn to live in harmony with nature.  Maybe Mother Earth can change her mind and tell Mylow to go ahead and help with this technology.

I'll tell you this, some of those really obnoxious skeptics who act more like paid provocateurs, should be glad they're not walking around in person with those of us who are trying to help bring this technology forward.  They might have a black eye or two.  Sheesh.  Where do these guys get off.  Why can't they just go find somewhere else to be obnoxious?  I agreed yesterday to have a moderator clear out such from our mylow_magmo discussion list.

Regarding Mylow posting annotations on his latest video saying all this is fake and a fraud, he is just being sarcastic and is letting himself be sucked into the bait of some of the most obnoxious skeptics.  I wish he could develop a thicker skin and just ignore them and focus on helping the myriad of supporters who are trying to help the process.

Regarding his annotation that he has shipped the device off to a private party, he did mention to me today that someone from Germany had asked to receive it to analyze it.  He did sound like he was paying attention to that request, but I was surprised that he followed through because he guaranteed to me that he would send me a working unit.  Hopefully that will still take place through some supplies we could send him -- involving readily available components.

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(Determined to be a hoax)


Page composed by Sterling D. Allan April 30, 2009
Last updated December 24, 2014




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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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