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You are here: > News > April 28, 2009

Mylow Defies the BlackOps; Posting more Videos of his Magnet Motor

Yesterday Mylow met with a "very important person" -- possibly VP Joe Biden -- behind a one-way glass wall.  He declines their invitation to work with them and says he's going to continue to open source the technology.

See Mylow's YouTube channel, projectmagma, where Mylow is posting his videos.

U.S. Vice President, Joe Biden, was in Chicago yesterday.  Was he the "important person" that met with Mylow?  Ironically or perhaps synchronistically, this photo that appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times and the story itself contains what I would consider to be some amazing symbolism, even though it took place prior to Mylow's meeting.  The photo has Biden standing next to a guy (on his right) that has an uncanny resemblance in appearance, apparel and build to Mylow.  Biden has a look on his face that seems to be saying: "Oh, my God, we're losing control; we're going to be exposed; the gig is up; what's going to happen now?"  The story, titled "Biden Talking About Energy in Chicago" (which was the topic of Mylow's meeting) is talking about his trip to a factory that makes insulating windows, bringing to mind the one-way glass behind which the "very important person" hid while talking to Mylow.

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by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

This story may be the most interesting yet in the amazing Mylow Saga that began last March 17 when a guy who goes by "Mylow" at YouTube posted a video showing an all-magnet motor starting, accelerating, then reaching equilibrium speed.  He has been giving this technology away to the planet in an open source project that I've been coordinating on his behalf.  

To come up to speed on this story and what has transpired thus far, go to and click on the "Latest" tab on the right.

Would Mylow Go With BlackOps?

A couple of days ago I reported that Mylow was being corralled by BlackOps for his Magnet Motor.  The news story was an account of my trip to Chicago on April 25 to meet with Mylow, and how he told me of the involvement of a very powerful entity ("more powerful than the government" [though it involves elements of the governments of the world]) that is interested in his motor and is trying to get him to work exclusively with them, and to cease his open sourcing activities.

I reported how he described them and their many-decades-long modus operandi, including how they have threatened and intimidated Mylow to comply with their instructions.  They threatened him with his life if he didn't stop communicating with me and PMMTester (the two he's been dialoguing with), or if he didn't stop posting videos at YouTube.  They showed him all kinds of advanced technologies that they have in their control for their own use to keep them in power, that are not available to or known by the public.  He thinks they were trying to impress him as well as scare him -- how could he possibly defy them, if they have these capabilities?

Until he phoned me this morning, the last I had heard from him was around 4:00 pm Eastern by email when I was at JFK airport on my way home (going the long way for good rates).  He said: 

"They were here last night.  They want me to meet some one important. I don't know who it is. The device that is in the picture [see] is being developed at a secret location.  They want me to put it together. I am scared. I won't be back if I go with them. Something wonderful is going to happen, and the world will not believe I had something to do with it....  They are not forcing me, but this guy that they want me to meet is close to the man in charge."

My advice to him was: 

"For what it's worth, I strongly urge you not to work with them. They do not
have the planet's best interest at heart. The BlackOps were behind Hitler,
Stalin, etc. They do human sacrificing. They do mind control. They are
about as evil as this planet is able to dish out.

"They might think what they are doing is for the best, but their methods of
coercion and murder and manipulation are not of God; and the society they
wish to birth -- the New World Order -- is the Satanic Beast (666)
prophesied in the Bible.

"Don't be sucked in by them.

"You need to open source this and allow the people of the world to have a way
to come into their full potential and break off the bonds of the beastly
element that has run the show for the last century or more here in this country.

Because it had been so long since I heard from him (nearly 42 hours -- a long time considering how frequently we had been in touch in the previous two days), it looked as though he had gone with the BlackOps, not realizing what he was getting into.  That was reflected in my radio show last night in which I gave an overview of the saga up until then.  (It turns out that he actually left three messages on my voice mail yesterday that I didn't get until today.)

Now that it appears the the "important person" Mylow met with may have been none other than Joe Biden, that certainly causes some pause as to what I said to Mylow about the dark nature of the BlackOps.  It's one thing to say it with no specific names or faces involved.  But once a known face comes into focus, the dynamics change a lot, as does the believability or unbelievability.

For those not schooled in the history and modus operandi of the conspiracy that for centuries has been plotting against freedom and for world socialist domination, associating a U.S.-civilian-elected person of Joe Biden's stature with such a sinister plot is completely ludicrous.  After all, isn't this administration all for clean energy?  Why would they be using such strong-arm tactics as they have been with Mylow over the past few weeks, scaring him more than he's ever been scared in his life?

Remember, in the case of conspiracy, what you see by way of public appearance, is very different than the reality of what is going on behind the scenes.  It's the Orwellian double speak.

Mylow's Meeting with the 'Very Important Person'

They came to pick him up in a dark-tinted-window vehicle at around 12:45 Central yesterday.  The place they took him was different than where they had taken him to assemble a working magnet motor for them last week.  He said the place looked like a prison, with towers, and was in the South part of the city.  He said there were lots of the government-looking, black-tinted- window vehicles around the building.  When he went into the building he had to clear out everything from his pockets and be patted down for weapons.  He did not retrieve the contents of his pockets until he left the building later.

He was taken to a room with a glass wall (one-way), and spoke with the person through the glass wall.  He said they asked him very many questions and that the meeting took a long time.  There were other people in both rooms as well who were involved in the questioning.

They were not happy with the defiance he was exhibiting, and he was not letting them bully him, but he was standing up to them.

For example, they asked him about the videos on his camera.  He said they were not there any more.  They wanted the camera anyway.  He said no.  They said they wanted to see his videos.  He said they could see them on YouTube along with everyone else.

They threatened him with the kinds of things they could do to him.  He said he didn't care, and that he was not going to let them scare him.  "You're not going to stop me from doing what I'm going to do."

To me, he said: "I'm not on the side of the Black Ops.  I'm on the side of PESWiki and Overunity and free energy."

In Defiance -- Proceeding with Open Sourcing

When he phoned me this morning, it was immediately apparent that he was not going along with the BlackOps, but that he was in active defiance of them and their threatening requests.  "I'm taking a very critical chance in posting this stuff."

I was wishing I had a digital phone recorder so I could record this historic conversation (with his permission).  That way I could easily then upload it for others to listen to as well.  (Anyone want to donate one? or recommend one?  There are so many times I wish I had one, given the very interesting people I talk to.)

He told me that he was going to post all his videos (including the ones he shot on April 2 of his motor running on a glass table?), and that he was uploading as we spoke.  He would use public exposure as his defense against their threats on his life.  The more people know about this technology and how to make it, the safer he will be.

He's going to show the assembly of the higher-power motor made from bar magnets he got from Radio Shack, showing every step of how to make it.  The first video already uploaded this morning shows the disc cleared, and the two offset stator magnets in position.  He also clarifies that the bar magnets are situated horizontally around the perimeter of the disc, like railroad ties.

Evolution of a Self-Starting All-Magnet Mylow Motor -- Part 1 (YouTube; April 28, 2009) 

He told me that the way he had drawn things on the napkin while I was there wasn't to scale and in the right orientation.  He wishes he could still do drawings like he used to be able to do in High School.  

When he spoke with me on Saturday in person, he said that the BlackOps were very interested in particular in the engine-mounted magnet motor drawing he had done, telling him that it was a very plausible configuration, and wondering where he had come up with that.

Screenshot from the video Mylow posted of his old drawings on around March 18. [link pending]

In proceeding in this manner, he said he was also acting against the advice and wishes of his wife, brother, a friend, and his attorney, who have been suggesting that he stop working on this stuff and just let it go.

He's doing it "for the world.  This can't be bottled up."

He also said one of his motivations has been all the skepticism that has been expressed about his motor and his story.  He wants to show all the skeptics how wrong they are.

Cat v. Bird; A Parable for MIB v Mylow?

On April 10, 2009, "Mylow" posted a video showing his cat and bird sitting on a window ledge together. The cat bats at the bird a few times, tipping it off balance a couple of times, but in the end, it jumps off the ledge and lets the bird be.  I can't help but find this quite symbolic for the saga that has been unfolding here.

Mylow is the bird that could easily be killed and eaten by the cat.  The BlackOps are the cat, who so much wants to do more than just pat the bird.  But instead, they finally let Mylow go.

That's the wording Mylow used today to describe the end of his encounter with them.  "They just let me go."  They also returned to him his magnets (Radio Shack?) that were on one of the running units he had made for them.

I say, "Good for them."  Good kitty.

Got The Cupcake Running

The "cupcake" Mylow has been referring to is the magnet motor using the tiny rotor magnets I sent him from  He told me today that he's been working on getting it going ever since after our meeting on Saturday evening.  In one of the phone messages he left for me yesterday, he said he didn't think he was going to be able to get it to work.  He had scribed a circle with about a 6-inch diameter, but the weight of the large disc seemed to be working against the operation of the motor.  But this morning, he said that he finally was able to get it to run -- very slow.  He said that it ran for nearly two hours once.  I would be happy with that.  This is now the seventh iteration he's gotten to run.

He obviously was not satisfied with that, so he began the hunt for a smaller disc to mount it on.  Hence the video he posted this evening, showing what looks like a hard drive.  He think that disc and bearing assembly will work.  The take home lesson he wanted to make was that it takes patience to get this stuff to work.  You have to keep trying until you get it.

He was telling me this evening about an encouraging letter he has on file from the office of President Clinton in 1999 in response to a letter he had written about the potential of the magnet motor technology.  He's been at this with a passion for a long time.

Remagnetizer from

Mylow said that his twin brother was there at his apartment yesterday(?) and commented on the re-magnetizer apparatus that loaned to him.  He couldn't believe that it could change the polarity of the magnets Mylow extracted from a regular motor, changing the orientation of the polarity from going from the back (arc) to the front, to going from one leg to the other; yet the compass confirmed that the polarity was indeed changed.

He also mentioned that the Radio Shack bar magnets don't need the permeability plate to run.

He also said that the type of magnets that the BlackOps had given him to build a motor with at their facility were made of Samarium Cobalt, as called for by Howard Johnson, but also very expensive.  He also said that when the lady plopped down the drawings by Howard Johnson made in 1978, that were nearly identical to what he had assembled for them, "I almost had a heart attack."  Then they grabbed it away.  He got the feeling that they (BlackOps) had been the ones to break into Howard Johnson's lab.

Of Conspiracy and Magnet Motors

Regarding some of the technologies that he witnessed that they had, he said that the Tesla's Ion Generator machine was real, and that the Philadelphia Experiment was real.

In response to some of the comments that have been posted on the forums regarding the advanced technology in satellites being just nuclear power, he said that in some satellites that is the case, but that in others, that's what they want you to think, but that in reality they are powered by even better technology.

"Before I had these encounters, I didn't really believe the stuff about a conspiracy, but now I know that the secret society stuff is real.  There is a higher entity than the government and elected officials."

He said they asked him where he came up with something like this (the simple magnet motor).   "You are the luckiest man in the world.  You have a gift.  Be careful who you give it to."

He said it is quite the phenomenon to see one of these motors running.  "It changes the way you think: physically, visually.  It's weird -- like alien technology."

# # #

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan April 28, 2009
Last updated December 24, 2014




"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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