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You are here: > News > April 6, 2009

Mylow's All-Magnet Motor "Not a Fake"

Mylow gives more info about how his motor works, how the recent episode with the MIB guy (NSA) rattled him, tells of non-symmetric polarity in his stator magnet, encourages replication attempts.

This story is a continuation of a story we posted on Apr. 3

"...the Congressman's secretary confirmed that an NSA visit did indeed take place with Mylow on Friday."

Mylow's replication of Howard Johnson's magnet motor.  April 3, 2009.

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Ignition Secrets DVD by Aaron Murakami 

A&P Electronic Media

Magnetic Energy Secrets, Paul Babcock, Parts 1 & 2

Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann


by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2009

Yesterday evening, I phoned Mylow, and he was very glad to hear from me. He acted like we hadn't spoken for months, even though it had only been a day.

"Not a Fake"

After expressing that gratitude, the first thing out of his mouth was, "It is not a fake." As I have been telling people, Mylow was saying things like that on April 4th out of sarcasm. "If that's what they want to hear, that's what they're going to get," he added, near the end of our hour-long conversation.

More on MIB Incident

In speaking about the MIB incident on Apr. 2 and 3, I should make it clear that Mylow never used the term "MIB".  That was my choice of words for suppression bullies.

Mylow told me yesterday that the guy was NSA (National Security Agency). Mylow saw that when the NSA guy showed his badge to the police officers when they arrived on the morning of the 3rd; at which point the officers backed off from arresting him and the attorney. "They turned around and walked away," is how Mylow described it.

Talking about when the NSA guy showed up on the evening of the 2nd, Mylow said he has never been so afraid in his entire life, given the threatening manner, glare, and words the guy said to the effect of: "We know all about you; we've been watching you; and we'll know if you don't do as we have told you."  Mylow said he felt cold, and it was as if his heart dropped to the floor.  "He told me things I can't even speak of."

He said his attorney and the NSA guy arrived in separate vehicles.  The vehicle the NSA guy was driving had 3-4 small antennas poking up from the back of it.  He said the license plate said something like GSV (?) US on it.  His lawyer was not wearing a suit but was dressed casually.  The NSA guy was wearing a dark blue suit.

"The reason my lawyer was coming was just to talk about some of the legalities regarding this device."  He recalled that there was a sound of fear in the lawyer's voice, and he wondered what that was about.  Then when he showed up along with the NSA guy, he could see why.

He said his attorney spoke to him (Mylow) very intently, "please listen to this guy."  When they came in, the motor was spinning there on the glass table where I had him set it to shoot a video for us; but he wanted to wait for his attorney to arrive to get his advice.  (I wonder what he thinks about that now.)

Mylow said the NSA guy shot about 20 minutes of video and took a bunch of pictures.  

[April 7 Note] Mylow said he tried to stop him from taking pictures and video, but his lawyer grabbed him by the arm to stop him, saying: "You don't know what he can do to you."

At one point, they stopped the motor, and asked Mylow to get it going again, which he refused at first; but his lawyer, who has been with him for like a couple of decades, talked him into it.  They then boxed it up, took Mylow's papers and left.

He said the paper they handed him, stating that he was to stop working on this stuff for the sake of preventing a disruption to the economy [e.g. the bullies losing their control over the playground] had some kind of official U.S. Government looking stamp on it.  He said that he ended up ripping it up and throwing it out. 

When they brought Mylow's motor and papers back the next morning, the NSA guy said, "Here's your toy.  Keep it that way.  Have fun playing with your toy."  He also said something to the effect that it didn't work [when they tried to run it wherever it was that they took it?].  He also told Mylow to not post any more videos.  "We will know [if you do]" (as if that would be hard, since anyone in the world could have subscribed to Mylow's YouTube channel).

I think it's kind of silly that they would do this, seeing that Mylow had already conveyed all the information we need to replicate the device.  All their intimidation visit did was piss a lot of people off, making them more determined to see this be proven and developed.  In the first 24 hours since we posted the plans, following this MIB incident, we've sold 58 at $25 each, even though the information is available for free from our open source project site (spread all over and not concise or clear). The plans pitch page has had nearly 4,000 visits.  That's day one, and many of them will be attempting to build one.  Imagine how the excitement will build if/when successful replications begin emerging in a few days.

Mylow said he's been having nightmares since that incident last Thurs/Friday.  Every hour or so he looks out the window to see if there are any unusual cars parked in the street or something.  He has a hard time falling into a deep sleep, for fear of what might happen if he does.  I hope he learns to get out of that fear.

Congressman Concerned about MIB Incident

I was phoned this morning by [JB (not John Bedini)], who was asked by a U.S. Congressman to look into this MIB incident with Mylow.  He said the Congressman was going to be mentioning the incident in a Committee for Homeland Security meeting later this morning.  JB is an inventor himself who has had an MIB incident as well.  They took his computer then brought it back.  The Congressman asked JB to keep him abreast of the Mylow situation.  JB has the plans to build one himself.  He also has some ideas about how to engineer it to withstand the higher speeds without falling apart.

JB phoned this afternoon to report that the Congressman's secretary had been able to confirm that an NSA visit did indeed take place with Mylow on Friday.

[April 7 Note] Mylow said he phoned the Chicago police to ask about why the incident did not appear in their police records.  They told him something to the effect, "It was just a minor domestic incident, so the officers didn't write it up."  That contradicts what the person I called from the Chicago Police Department said.  He told me that they had received no calls from that address since January.  In my report on April 3, I said that I'm guessing my telling PMMTester by phone that I was going to call the police department, then taking an hour before I actually did, tipped them off and gave them time to clear those tracks.

Remarks about Replication Attempts

Speaking of the many replication attempts being made, Mylow had several remarks.

First, he said that people shouldn't expect that it will just work in the first configuration. "They have to play with this thing. It took me 10 hours to come up with the last configuration" (which appears in the Apr. 3 video)

In the plans that I posted via I based it on his last configuration made to work with the stronger stator magnet I sent him, which is also called for in the plans, so hopefully it won't be too difficult for people to repeat the effect.  The primary difference will be the rotor magnets.  The ones Mylow is using are no longer manufactured.

Once we have an exact parts-configuration set up, we will be able to post plans that should result in a motor that works immediately.

Second, Mylow said, "Pay attention to details," in other words, follow the instruction parameters as close as possible.  He's been surprised at the wide range of variants he's seeing in the replications.

He said that he's been sending messages of encouragement and suggestions to those who are replicating, but they don't seem to be acknowledging his input.

His biggest comment was regarding something he found in Howard Johnson's material: "Symmetry doesn't work."

Mylow talked about what a rush it was for him when his motor first started working.  "The hairs on the back of your neck stand up."

He also marvels at the simplicity of the design.

Regarding finding the proper placement of magnets on the rotor, he said that when he feels "that smooth momentum [on a short run of magnets], that's the pattern I'm looking for; and I repeat that [through the rest of the rotor]."

Weird Stator Magnet Effect: Non-Symmetric Field

Mylow mentioned that he was tempted to post another video showing a very strange effect he's seen with the stator magnet.  He said that when he places the magnet on the iron filings viewer, the field shows strong on one pole, and nearly absent on the other.

He also mentioned that as his stator magnet has grown weaker, he has to move it closer to the rotor magnets to obtain the same speed.

What's Next for Mylow

Mylow said that he's started working on Howard Johnson's rail car motor using arch magnets based on a couple of photos that he said are "worth a thousand words".  Also, his primary objective with Johnson's Stonehenge magnet motor is to get it to self-start.

He said his brother is getting in touch with the University of Illinois regarding doing some analysis of this device.

He said something to the effect that the next public demonstration will be in front of TV cameras. 

Mylow considers Howard Johnson to be "a brilliant man," and he feels honored to be part of validating and spreading his work for humanity.  He is absolutely uninterested in the possible monetary gains that might come from these projects.  He is motivated by the desire to help humanity.  The 1/3 Mylow, 1/3 HJ heirs, 1/3 PES revenue split I'm doing on proceeds from plans, kits, units is my proposal alone.  He's never said a word about it.

He mentioned that when he deleted his YouTube account, this wasn't just about the negativity he's encountered, but that "the spotlight is coming from somewhere else", seeming to refer possibly to some kind of internal or external spy type of element that was making him nervous. But he also mentioned that he deleted his YouTube account after he read a comment on alleging that he was causing people to waste their hard earned money.

Regarding the Skeptics

Regarding the skeptics who allege that this is all a hoax, he joked that he finds that ironically complimentary because of the brains and skills it would take to pull off such a hoax.  "I'm just a normal guy."  "If I knew how to [manipulate] videos, do you think I'd be working where I am?"  He drives a truck in Chicago.

"What's really whipping my butt is why the fellow inventors don't explain why it is working, rather than all the reasons why it couldn't possibly be working."

Regarding someone's comment about the jerkiness of the video being evidence of video editing, he said that the version from his high definition camera is very smooth.  It was in uploading it to YouTube that the jerkiness was introduced.  I've seen that effect on videos I've uploaded; it's part of making very large video files viewable with a much lower bandwidth requirement.  A copy is never as good as the original, especially with the compression used by YouTube. 

Some of the noises in the background in his April 3 video include a "steam heater, that makes a whistling noise."  He also described a clicking noise that happens when the vent on the radiator closes.

Regarding the skeptics who allege that he's using an air compressor to blow air onto his rotor to make it spin, he laughed, saying that he doesn't even know how to use an air compressor; and he has to have someone else fill up his tires at the service station.  I would add that if he had something like that going, the dangling beads from the lamp next to the motor would not be hanging still.

# # #

Regarding an edit request for the above report, on April 06, 2009 6:33 PM Mountain, Mylow wrote: "its ok go for it."


(7:47 minutes) 
April 3 Video with annotations by Sterling

(From two weeks ago.)

Mylow's replication of the Howard Johnson magnetic motor (YouTube originally posted by MYLOW12136; March 17, 2009)


Open Source Site

  • MYLOW's Magnetic Motor based on Howard Johnson's Design - YouTube user "Mylow" of Chicago has apparently successfully replicated and is now open sourcing the late Howard Johnson's all-magnet motor, Stonehenge model, that Johnson worked on in the early 1980s to demonstrate to the U.S. Patent Office. (PESWiki; March 18, 2009)

Related Materials

  • NSA warrantless surveillance controversy - Under this program, referred to by the Bush administration as the "terrorist surveillance program", the NSA is authorized by executive order to monitor, without warrants, phone calls, e-mails, Internet activity, and text messaging, and other communication involving any party believed by the NSA to be outside the U.S., even if the other end of the communication lies within the U.S. (Wikipedia)

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    Mylow Magnet Motor Saga - A simple inventor in Chicago is stirring the imagination of many magnet motor enthusiasts around the world with the myriad of videos he's posted, open sourcing the design to bypass suppression and facilitate rapid development. (Examiner; April 22, 2009)


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  • How Mylow Replicated Howard Johnson's Magnet Motor - Story of how a garage tinkerer's 30-years of persistence finally paid off in replicating one of the first publicly announced all-magnet motors. He doesn't seem to realize how much of his own inventiveness came to bear. (PESN; March 20, 2009)


Thanks for Your Courage

On April 6, 2009, Craig wrote:

On behalf of myself and all those that don't take the time to thank Mylow and Sterling for the BOLD efforts to bring clarity and truth to what has been happening, I would like to say "Thanks".

Mylow has been extremely brave given what's happened to him, to share his story to Sterling and vicariously to the rest of us. Sterling has graciously taken the initiative and time to present a well written article that I hope all of you have taken the time to read. It has answered many of the pending issues we've brought up.

I wish Mylow well as he moves forward boldly going where few have gone before and I hope his elected official is successful in addressing this NSA scare tactic that was perpetrated upon Mylow.

By the way. Anyone who "claims" to see the BIG PICTURE regarding the negative impact of Mylow's/HJ's invention on the economy doesn't remember the 80's era when PC's and robotics were going to put millions of people out of work. 

This is the EVOLUTION of energy generation and who knows what new things will spin off from it. ie from PC's sprang software, tech support, networking, internet, web design, and so on.

Big business is worried the most because THEY will be the one's most impacted, followed by the exporting countries. It's just too bad they are so short sighted and haven't put their money where the future is. Status quo seems to have been their mantra.

* * * *


On April 7, 2009, Al Witherspoon, who claims to have seen Howard Johnson's magnet motor run in 1978, and says that Mylow's replication is very believable, wrote:

New Energy devices that fall into the realm of FREE or Near FREE concepts are viewed by some as a form of Economic Terrorism. So, sure, it may be a matter of National Security from their standpoint.

I personally would never consider it terrorism in any real sense of the word. It might be considered a threat but who is it a threat to?

It's a threat to everybody just about. We have an economy that is heavily oil based. This is unfortunate but it's a done deal a the moment. Sudden positive changes in our mode of economic operation can produce both negative and positive results even when the intent of the actions are benign. Of course, we all know this, right? 

So, when talking about the PTB's likely definitions of economic terrorism I thought that it would be a good thing to show some sort of express opinion other than my own since I marginally know what I'm talking about:) Craig, let's see what WIKI has to say.  
Ah, so it appears, according to this that the concept of 'terrorism' is defined by some very simple example. This obviously gives the PTB's a long arm in relation to identifying things as 'terrorism'. The web is full of stuff on this topic. 

There are also other groups that have a vested interest, on a more personal level, in slowing the progression of such technologies if not just outright snuffing them. These groups may be of the stature such that they are able to command the assistance of various law enforcement entities such as the NSA, FBI, state and local agencies.

Then on the other hand they may be able to operate independently and in a more covert manner. When some individual of such an intimidating stature comes to your door, it hard to tell who they might really be. You can make them show you credentials all day long and it will not likely provide any comfort. What are credentials? A badge? Documents? 

One of the best credential that these people might bring with them is a gun. At that point it is not likely that you'd be getting in the phone telling them to please wait while you 'check them out'

It is most likely that the credentials of these people were likely not shown for a sufficient period of time such that Mylow could view them. Also, they do (or did) have a rather intimidating stance about them. It's hard to think about things such as credentials when your first thoughts are of escape and survival.

From what I've read so far it does not appear that these were MIB or NSA in the traditional sense.

It is not the focus of the FBI to address such matters except from the standpoint of a terrorism issue. However it is possible that possession of such devices may fall into the category of economic terrorism as set forth by definition of the PTB's. Therefore it would be reasonable that the FBI would have jurisdiction over such matters.

I have had contact with only two bona fide NSA agents and that was thirty years ago. These guys didn't wear black suits or drive unusual vehicles or vehicles that appeared out of the ordinary. Also they did not have little antennas sticking out of their trunks, hoods or anywhere else. They do have communications equipment though. However, they don't all dress the same or drive the same types of vehicles. I am told by my friend up in Fairmont that it largely depends on the nature of the assignment and and what is available for use at the time of the assignment. He also said that License plates for FBI were almost always of U.S. Government issue and of overt I.D. but that NSA used whatever they wanted and often the tags were not registered. He also said that if an NSA agent chose to intervene on a matter that the protocol of an FBI agent was to provide full cooperation.

It's easy enough to find out if a plate is registered to an individual or if it is actually registered at all. If someone comes snooping around you may want to get their tag number and run it. At least you can find out of it's a real tag or not. On the other hand, it makes sense that if you're running a covert operation that you have the tags registered for real but under a name that comes up as unidentifiable.

Enough of this for now! 

The thing is: If the NSA is involved it is very likely that you have no recourse or protections. This can even be true of many local police departments.

The PTB's as I call, them, which encompass a number of different factions will leave no stone unturned. However, it's just like any other law enforcement unit in that they are very busy and have to maintain a focus on priorities with regard to the merit of leads that they receive. They're always watching but the next step is a matter of resources available to act.

The thing to do in order to circumvent all this threat and duress is to keep a low profile from the very beginning. This is where Mylow made his first mistake. Messages were sent to him in regard to this but he either did not receive them or the person screening his mail chose not to divulge them to him for whatever reason, deemed them irrelevant or simply had no idea that there was actually a serious threat that existed in the first place. There are other reasons why he may not have reacted. Also, it's quite possible that the reaction that we have seen is the delayed result of some cultivated fear of impending threat.

So, if you're gonna build this thing you will probably do well to consider what steps you need to take in order to protect yourself.

The first step might be to simply keep quiet about the fact that you even have one. This has the disadvantage of not being able to more effectively 'tell the world' and open their eyes. However, there may be safety in numbers such that very soon enough people will be able to step forth and bare indisputable witness in unison.

The level of operation doesn't even need to be highly advanced. Just having a unit which demonstrates a very modest level of OU function will be enough to gather the credence and support of the masses. After all, this is what the PTB's want to prevent. They do not want the dissemination of this technology to bring an uprising of massive public research and demand.

Therefore, the beauty and true utility of the Mylow project may be that it affordably facilitates the advent of mass research and awareness. You personally can do your own special part to save the human race and this planet by contributing to that cause while at the same achieving your own free energy objectives.

* * * *

On April 7, 2009, Sterling Allan responded:

Al, I disagree with your saying that Mylow made a mistake in not keeping this quiet. I believe he was extremely heroic on going public as he did. We've been anxiously waiting for years for someone with 1) a working device, 2) the non-selfish temperament to want to give it to the planet, 3) the courage to do it. Though we've had a lot of people (nearly 1/month for the past 8 years) approach us, none have ever done it before. 

I wish he had allowed either PMMTester or Mike Schuckel to come in and see his working device, and I wish he would have shot the glass table demo for us; but we'll just have to replicate it and do that ourselves. In our case we'll also say, "Here's our address, come take a look for yourselves."

* * * *

See also

(Determined to be a hoax)


Page composed by Sterling D. Allan April 6, 2009
Last updated December 24, 2014




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