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You are here: > News > April 1, 2009

Mylow Gets His All-Magnet Motor Running Again

Mylow has received the alnico magnets I sent him.  He said one of them worked so well that the centripetal force of rotation made some of the rotor magnets fly off.

UPDATE: Due to the instability of the system as yet, with things falling apart and crashing in his set-up, Mylow is unlikely to want to come to demonstrate his unit tomorrow at our San Jose State University event, as originally hoped.

Mylow's replication of Howard Johnson's magnet motor.  March 19, 2009.

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by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2009

Two weeks ago, a YouTube user, MYLOW121363 ('Mylow') posted a video of his replication of Howard Johnson's all-magnet motor.  We got in touch with Mylow to help him open source his set-up, which appears to be the first successful replication of Johnson's technology in the three decades since Johnson first announced his device.

Unfortunately, the iron stator magnets Mylow has been using have diminished in magnetism to the point that they are nearly dead, and the shop that was re-magnetizing the magnets for him in the past stopped doing it.

So on Monday I ordered a couple of horseshoe magnets (HS811N & HS90) from and had them shipped to Mylow. 

He received those today, and has spent a lot of time trying them out.

He said that the smaller of the two, which is just barely larger than the stator magnet he has been using, worked so well that the centripetal force of rotation made some of the rotor magnets fly off. He didn't count the rotation speed, but he said, "It was going one, two, three, four...[rapidly]", at the speed he recalls, which I would estimate it to be at least 300-400 rpm.

I asked him if this over-speed problem might be remedied by backing the stator off, so it's not as close.  However, he said that when he pulls it back that it has a braking effect.  I'd love to see these things in a video, and I hope he'll put his camera on a tripod and post this for us to see. 

He said that the attraction between the stator and the rotor magnets is so strong he has to hold the stator apparatus to keep it from sliding toward the rotor magnets. I suggested that he tape the base of the rotor to the base of the stator to keep them in position, then use the new screw adjustment mechanism he devised to bring the stator in and out of position.

He said he did this, but between the bearing movement and the stator assembly not being solid and moving back and forth, he hasn't been able to get it to a configuration where he can let go of it without things crashing into each other.

He also said it was harder to find the "sweet spot" from where the acceleration takes off, starting the rotation of the rotor.

The larger of the two stator magnets is so strong, he said that it accelerates in a pulsing fashion. It jerks as if it's looking for an equilibrium but can't find it, then stops, after making around a dozen unstable revolutions. When it stopped, he said it sucked the rotor magnets off the disc, smacking them into the stator magnet..

He said that there is some really strange stuff going on with the motor. PMMTester, who is screening email on Mylow's behalf, suggested he manually hold the magnet up next to the rotor magnets.  Mylow said that when he did that, the rotor began to spin, and the faster it span the more the stator magnet was attracted toward the rotor magnets, to the point that is was almost more than he could hold.

While we were talking, he was working on the thing, and I heard a couple of noises that sounded like the rotor dinging as it rubbed up against something and the magnets hitting it as they came unglued and flew to the nearest magnetic surface. It sounded similar to the end of the video he showed on the glass table where the stator disc ran into the rotor, at which point he turned the camera off.

I've ordered three more magnets to send him which are much weaker, but still in the same approximate size range.  One is a channel (square C), one is a hipped horseshoe (legs more narrow than higher in the arc), and the other is a no-hip horseshoe.  Those will probably be arriving next Tuesday.

To follow the progress, or better yet, to dive into the project, visit 

# # #

(From two weeks ago.)

Mylow's replication of the Howard Johnson magnetic motor (YouTube originally posted by MYLOW12136; March 17, 2009)



Open Source Site

  • MYLOW's Magnetic Motor based on Howard Johnson's Design - YouTube user "Mylow" of Chicago has apparently successfully replicated and is now open sourcing the late Howard Johnson's all-magnet motor, Stonehenge model, that Johnson worked on in the early 1980s to demonstrate to the U.S. Patent Office. (PESWiki; March 18, 2009)

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan April 1, 2009
Last updated December 24, 2014




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