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You are here: > News > January 27, 2009

Hydrogen-Boost has been upping mileage for eight years 

Industry pioneer, Fran Giroux, talks about his mileage enhancement system that typically increases mileage from between 15% and 50%.  Besides the onboard electrolysis unit, his system also includes fuel heating, a permanent engine treatment, an electronic control circuit to control the air/fuel ratio, a Scangauge, and driving tips.

Download Interview Audio File (12 Mb; mp3; 50 min)
On Jan. 26, 2009, Fran Giroux joined me on the Free Energy Now radio show.

Fran Giroux demonstrates his hydrogen boost system.

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by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2009

Yesterday I interviewed Francis Giroux of Hydrogen Boost. They have products available for purchase that involves multiple items in a performance system that is satisfaction guaranteed with typical mileage improvements of 15% to 50%. Their fuel pre-heat system helps vaporize fuel. The permanent engine treatment they provide increases engine efficiency. Giroux is one of the more well-respected players in the industry.

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “water 4 gas” or maybe “hydroxy” or sometimes HHO. It refers to systems in which an onboard electrolysis unit hooked to the vehicle’s battery produces hydrogen and oxygen from water. The hydrogen and oxygen gases are then commonly ducted through a hose into the air intake of the vehicle. Apparently the hydrogen acts as a catalyst to enable the fuel to burn more efficiently, wasting less out the tail pipe because the larger petrol molecules are broken into smaller molecules that can be more readily burned in the engine. This also results in significantly reduced emissions, as the fuel burns much more cleanly. The mileage enhancement claims in the hydroxy industry are anywhere between 10 and 40% or more.

There are thousands of people from around the world experimenting with and installing various systems along these lines. Fran is a pioneer in the industry, having had a commercial unit for sale for eight years now. He is also a member of our New Energy Congress, and he was the first sponsor of our Free Energy Now radio show.

Fran is careful to point out that the 15-50% boost he typically achieves on vehicles he installs his system on will only come by utilizing the full system, not just from one or two components.  He says an improvement of 15% is typical with equipment alone and 50% is typical with the implementation of the driving tips included in the system.

He said that according to all the tests he's done and the results his customers and partners have run, the hydroxy injection into the air intake can improve mileage and torque by a little bit, but not anywhere near the amounts often being touted on the web for competitor products.  He said his hydroxy unit is robust enough to never need replacing, though there is a fairly simple maintenance procedure that should be run to clean the electrodes in the electrolyzer, typically every 1000 hours of operation.

His system also includes fuel heating component to heat the fuel so that vaporization is more complete.  To achieve this, his system actually has the radiator fluid flowing around a heat exchanger system, transferring that heat to the incoming fuel.  He claims that an overheating engine will not surpass 220 degrees, and it takes 230 °F to begin causing problems with the preheated fuel. 

The Lubrilon (formerly "Slick 50") permanent engine treatment alone can give 3-8% improvement in mileage, while also enhancing performance and engine longevity.

Giroux recommends inflating tires to 50 psi, rather than the typical 30-35.  It used to be that such inflation would result in undue wear on the middle of the tire, but Giroux says steel-belt radial tires don't bulge like the old bias ply tires we used to have and work just fine at the elevated pressure. He points out that 50 psi pressure, when checked on the typical hot afternoon when most people check their tires, is actually equivalent to the 35 psi maximum cold inflation pressure indicated on the side of the tire, if checked on the coldest morning of the year. The elevated pressure gives much better mileage.  I certainly can tell the difference in my bicycle between a low tire and a tight tire.  It makes a huge difference.

One of the most surprising things Giroux said regarding improving driving habits, is that a slow start is not necessarily a good idea, just as driving slow isn't necessarily the best way to get good mileage.  Driving at 30 mph in third gear is not optimal.  The engines and automatic transmissions in our vehicles are designed to operate optimally within a certain range so that driving at 50 mph, for example (depends on make/year/model), is where the best mileage is achieved.  Similarly, accelerating at around 3/4 throttle is where the best efficiency is realized.  He asserted (but I remain unconvinced of this one) that the way we stop is more important than the way we accelerate.  The sooner you can let off the gas, the better.  Indeed, lifting the foot off the gas when seeing the signal change in the distance and coasting to a stop does make a difference instead of racing to the stoplight and stopping. Short blocks in the city are not optimal for this kind of driving, and can infuriate drivers behind who want to get through the present green light and don't want the person ahead coasting to the next red light.

I mentioned in our interview that as I've talked to various people in the hydroxy industry, developing various methods of improved electrolysis and hydrogen injection methods, that most of them have high regard for Giroux, and consider him to have the best product of this type presently available.

Giroux does offer business relationships for the distribution and marketing of his system, including exclusive territorial sales rights. I have a business relationship with Giroux in which PES receives a commission from any sales that result from our promotion of his product.  If you mention the promotion code "PES", you can get a 5% discount, and we'll get credited with the referral.

Hydrogen Boost has systems suitable for every type of vehicle and engine, from cars to tractor trailers, to boats and trains, to gensets and irrigation pumps.  

The complete Hydrogen Boost System; which includes a hydrogen generator, fuel heater, electronic control circuit, and Scangauge; comes with a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

# # #

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Hydrogen Boost on Max News (YouTube;


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