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You are here: > News > January 17, 2009

Scooter runs on 100% Hydroxy, no gasoline

Grad student, Jake Wall, fitted a scooter with a Bob Boyce like electrolysis unit and was able to run the scooter (in the garage) on just the hydrogen-oxygen mixture, using half the energy input the engine normally requires. 

by C. Michael Couch
for Pure Energy Systems News

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A new milestone has been reached in the Hydroxy field. Using an 8 plate, 7 Cell, Bob Boyce style, Hydroxy generator; Jake Wall (screename Jakerwall), an Idaho Biology and Agriculture Engineering grad student, has succeeded in idling and accelerating a 2002 Honda Metropolitan, 49 cc. ~4HP Internal Combustion Engine scooter, on 100 % Hydroxy alone.

Jake would like to do the road tests on a Honda Rukus that has the same engine but would be better for mounting the cells and batteries. "I think that two cells and two deep cycle batteries, along with a PWM (Pulse Width Modulator) that could be controlled by the throttle position sensor would allow you to drive the scooter," the young engineer said in an email interview.

He gets excited thinking that after the initial road tests were done, modifying the scooter's charging system for the load, and using a resonance system to reduce the electrical input required to make the needed volume of gas, would give you a "self-sustaining water scooter", presuming the system is somehow harnessing energy from nature. 

He estimates that the scooter takes about 1.5 liters/minute of Hydroxy to idle the engine and his current test system maxes out at about 5 liters/minute. He reasons that approximately 10 liters/minute would provide enough flow rate for "all driving conditions". Mr. Wall writes, "I bet it would even run better than gasoline."

His cell of eight 316 Stainless plates was configured as a "sealed series cell using spacers from Ed Holdgate". Mr. Holdgate is a machinist who has been working very closely with Bob Boyce the current Guru of Hydroxy and forum owner of the famous Hydroxy Yahoo!Group. Jake uses about 16 Volts at 50 Amps (800 Watts) to rev the engine for 30 seconds or so. Idling only requires 14 Volts at 25 Amps (350 Watts). This is verified by readings visible on the various videos he has posted to YouTube

These posted numbers for input leave the knowledgeable mechanic or hobbyist scratching their heads wondering from where the rest of the energy might be expected to come. A four horse power gasoline engine isn't supposed to run normally on the total 1600 Watts that would be required to double the current flow of Hydroxy into that system. 

One must consider that the "brute force" Boyce unit being used, is known to produce 2 times Faraday electrolysis output of Hydroxy. And this Hydroxy is estimated to be 6 times more powerful than gasoline. So that might allow one to expect to produce 12 times the Wattage input, leaving plenty of room for the doubling of performance Mr. Wall is expecting, 4 HP, or 3000 Watts worth of work. All of this is being done with a 17-19% efficient Internal Combustion Engine; can the reader imagine what will happen when someone couples Hydroxy up to a 30-70% efficient mechanical engine, like a Tesla Turbine or Stirling Engine?

Mr. Jake Wall admits that he will need some external funding to get to the next testing phase. Let us hope someone with a little extra money laying around grasps the importance of the work he is doing and steps up to the plate.

# # #


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