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You are here: > News > November 18, 2008

Supertanker Takeovers by "Pirates" has Insider Fingerprints

Could this happen without insider complicity, or is it a likely a ploy by oil interests to generate anxiety and get oil prices moving back up again?

by Paul Noel
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We are seeing news stories about pirates taking supertankers.  This might appear to be a fairly plain and straightforward news story.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

It is a fact that there are not more than a few ports around the world where the oil could be off loaded and be of any value.  All of these ports are in very strict hands of the oil industry.  Iran itself is unable to even refine its own oil and is strangling at this moment under the very fact I am talking about.  The USA only has about 3 ports where such tankers can off load.  South America only has about 3 such ports as well. Europe only has 4 or 5 such ports.  These are "National Capital Assets" and are highly guarded and no ship may dock and unload cargo from the tanker that have been taken without permission of a major Nation State. No pirate anywhere on earth can get any value from Hijacking a Super Tanker.  Don't think for one moment that the nations would pay a ransom for the poor wretches that man such a ship.  They will not even pay health insurance on such persons or a decent wage.  They care not if such persons live or die.  These are contractors or "expendable persons."

What you are looking at is an INSIDE JOB by the world banking community who is trying to strike sufficient terror to keep us flat in a war and fully mortgaged into that war rather than repairing our economic house.  This is a terrorist attack by the financial elites and using the pawns they financed in the horn of Africa to take us to the belief that we must rush to war. 

It is quite impossible for the Somali Pirates to have even boarded the ship from their little "boats" without considerable warning. Such ships are rather like 100 foot high steel walls.  They have neither ladders nor boarding sites that could be taken without being entirely at risk.  Such a ship could have called in and been reached by helicopter or US or Allied war planes in minutes.  A US based F20 or F16 or such could have reached the site in a matter of less than 10 minutes from call.  In the time necessary to climb up the side of the ship, a war plane could have raked the pirates with 20mm cannon fire.  A US chopper could have been there based from the fleet assets in the region  in less than an hour.  Radar and Satellite contact with such a ship is never broken world wide.  This cannot be a "Pirate" attack.  To board a super tanker is nearly impossible even when unopposed.  If the crew had merely altered course or so much as fired small arms against the pirates, a boarding party would have little or no chance. This is why the US forces or others have not backed a rescue party.  Such a mission would have very high casualties. 

The real issue here is to look at who stands to benefit.  It is no accident that the Saudi's and others who have been suffering a short fall in the price of oil and are desperate to get that price up at any cost suddenly suffer a pirate attack which would drive up the price of oil by up to double.  Suffer the loss of one super tanker and cargo or two means nothing.  $40 Million in cargo and another $20 million in ship, means nothing against driving the net cost of oil up by $200 Billion or $500 Billion.  This is clearly an inside job.  This is an attempt of desperation to extract more money from the already broke western European and US Economies.   We are suffering Economic Terrorism by the world bankers.  The Saudi's etc. are absolutely broke financially. Look at their banks if you doubt this.  They too are having to do "Bail Outs" and "Stimulus Packages" on their economies.    China just had to cough up $585 Billion (their whole wad) to do such a stimulus.  Now they will have to spend it on OIL and not on their economy.  This is a war.  But the war is not against Al Quada  or such. It is against freedom and liberty.  It is to expand slavery over all mankind.  The world bankers are doing this.

# # #


Like "Bank Robberies" of Old West

On Nov. 19, 2008, Sterling Allan wrote:

This reminds me of the accounts I've heard of early Western bank robberies that were done with the complicity of bank presidents, who would get a piece of the action.  Hence, some of the famous bank robbers were able to go so long without getting "caught."

Google News Snapshot: 

The following is and excerpt of what appeared in a Google News search for Pirates Taking Supertankers as of Nov. 18, 2008; 10:00 pm

Pirates take supertanker towards Somalia
CNN International - 19 hours ago
It is routine for pirates to take hijacked ships to shore, where they will keep them while they discuss negotiations. A multinational naval force including ...
Video: Pirates Seize Supertanker Loaded With Crude AssociatedPress
Somali Pirates, Aargh, Take Another Ship ABC News
Miliband warns of piracy danger BBC News
New York Times - Los Angeles Times
all 3,182 news articles »

Times Online
World briefs: Pirates seize supertanker off Africa
Newsday, NY - 20 hours ago
The pirates were taking the tanker and crew to anchor off the port of Eyl, said a spokesman for the Navy's 5th Fleet. The port on Somalia's northeastern ...
Reuters World News Highlights at 1400 GMT, Nov 18 Forex Pros
all 1,525 news articles »

The Associated Press
Saudi FM: oil supertanker hijacking 'outrageous'
The Associated Press - 16 hours ago
ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Saudi Arabia's foreign minister condemned the "outrageous" hijacking of a Saudi oil supertanker by Somali pirates and said Tuesday ...
Piracy crisis exposes need for Somalia solution Reuters
World grapples with pirate puzzle
Why Somali pirates are hard to defeat MSNBC
The Sun - Christian Broadcasting Network
all 157 news articles »

Hong Kong grain ship hijacked by Somali pirates
Reuters UK, UK - 4 hours ago
The raid came after a supertanker with a $100 million (66 million pound) cargo was seized by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean at the weekend, ...
Video: Somali Pirates Strike Again CBS
Pirates strike again with capture of Hong Kong cargo ship
Hong Kong cargo ship hijacked off Yemen coast AFP
Times Online - Reuters South Africa
all 265 news articles »
More Stocks to Watch stories
MarketWatch - 2 hours ago
... (6) A huge Saudi Arabian Crude Oil Supertanker is helplessly under total control of Pirates docked in Somalia as is incicated by the articel excerpted ...

Saudi super-tanker taken to Somali pirate lair
AFP - 9 hours ago
MOGADISHU (AFP) — A hijacked Saudi super-tanker, carrying 100 million dollars of oil, anchored Tuesday off a notorious Somali pirate port as sea gangs ...
Somali pirates hit the jackpot with supertanker
Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia - 6 minutes ago
The Islamists, who are close to the capital Mogadishu, say that if they take control they will stop piracy as they did during a brief, six-month rule of ...
Hijacked Saudi oil tanker anchors off Somalia
Herald News Daily, ND - 10 hours ago
appendChild(div); } } })(); More on Oil & Gas AP Reuters Saudi super-tanker taken to Somali pirate lair AFP More... Video: Pirates Strike Again Video: Free ...
Somali pirates hijack Thai fishing boat, 16 crew Olberlin
Owner of hijacked supertanker working to free crew Howell Times and Transcript
Somali official vows to rescue hijacked ship White Rock Reviewer
Hinesberg Journal - Brocktown News
all 3,024 news articles »  YHOO

BBC News
South Korea seeks navy support against Somali pirates
Reuters South Africa, South Africa - 2 hours ago
On Tuesday, a Saudi supertanker seized by Somalia pirates with a $100 million oil cargo in the world's biggest ship hijacking reached Somalia. ...
Pirates flourish in lawless Somalia Saudi Gazette
all 436 news articles »

Times Online
Royal Navy delivers captured Somali pirates to Kenya, UK - 14 hours ago
The development comes as pirates continued to hold the 25-strong crew of the supertanker, Sirius Star, which was attacked on Saturday. ...
Royal Navy hands over 8 Somali pirates PRESS TV
all 18 news articles »

China Daily
Oil closes below $55 after fresh dip to 22-month low
MarketWatch - 7 hours ago
The fully loaded super tanker carrying about $100 million worth of crude marked the boldest action ever by Somali pirates. Also on Nymex Tuesday, ...
Crude Oil Is Steady Amid Forecasts of Increased US Supplies Bloomberg
all 513 news articles »
Shippers avoid Suez due piracy, but no Cape stampede
Reuters South Africa, South Africa - 11 hours ago
The US navy said pirates had taken the Saudi Sirius Star supertanker -- taken at the weekend and laden with more than $100 millon worth of oil -- to ...
Ships diverted after Saudi oil tanker hijacked by pirates off Africa The Canadian Press
all 129 news articles »
Gasoline prices tumble in California, US
Los Angeles Times, CA - 22 hours ago
... nearly three years on a day when even the hijacking of a Saudi oil supertanker by pirates couldn't keep crude oil from continuing its own steep descent. ...
MARKET WATCH: Lower temperatures boost natural gas prices
Oil & Gas Journal, TX - 10 hours ago
In other news, Somalian pirates hijacked a supertanker, the 1080-ft Sirius Star owned and operated by Vela International Marine Ltd., a subsidiary of Saudi ...
Crude Oil Falls On Lower Energy Demand RTT News
Output cut fears, tanker hijack push oil to $58 a barrel Economic Times
all 1,361 news articles »
TV Worldwide's Maritime TV Selected as Official Webcaster of ...
MarketWatch - 14 hours ago
The tanker is about three times the tonnage of a US aircraft carrier, making it the largest vessel ever seized by pirates. Somali pirates in speed boats, ...
CNN Student News Transcript: November 19, 2008
CNN - 3 hours ago
In the wake of the hijacking of the Saudi supertanker, the US military is warning shipping companies to do more to protect themselves. ...
Hijacked Tanker: Pirates In Talks
Sky News, UK - 17 hours ago
The US Navy described the taking of the 318000 deadweight tonnes ship as an "unprecedented attack". The supertanker, owned by a Dubai based company, ...
TOP STORIES 11-18-2008: Senate Dems vote on Lieberman's future ..., MA - 13 hours ago
The Sirius Star, a Saudi oil supertanker that was hijacked by pirates on Saturday, is thought to have anchored off the coast of Somalia - a popular haven ...
Mullen: Exit dates in Iraq deal not a problem, VA - Nov 17, 2008
Mullen said that the interception of pirates is not a question of having the authorities or rules of engagement — the coalition has both, he said. ...
Pirates capture more ships off Somalia
ABC Online, Australia - 5 hours ago
Heavily armed Somali pirates captured the super tanker the Sirius Star on Saturday, 830 kilometres off the Kenyan coast. According to the International ...

Oil drops more than 3 pct on global recession fears, UK - Nov 17, 2008
"Earlier news about the Saudi supertanker hijacking caused a pop in prices, but now demand considerations are taking hold again." Somali pirates captured a ...
Oil Slick: Oil-Market Bears Speak Chinese–Or Do They? Wall Street Journal Blogs
Oil rises after supertanker hijacked Sydney Morning Herald
Crude Oil Falls as Global Slowdown Cuts Demand in China, Japan Bloomberg
all 196 news articles »
Somali pirates seize Greek carrier -maritime group
Reuters South Africa, South Africa - 6 minutes ago
MOMBASA, Kenya, Nov 19 (Reuters) - Somali pirates have seized another ship, a Greek bulk carrier, despite a large international naval presence in the waters ...

The Associated Press
Somali pirates hijack Saudi tanker loaded with oil
The Associated Press - Nov 17, 2008
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — In a dramatic escalation of high seas crime, Somali pirates hijacked a Saudi supertanker loaded with crude hundreds of ...
Top oil exporters' ship plans unchanged after hijack, UK - 13 hours ago
Somali pirates over the weekend hijacked a Saudi supertanker with a cargo of two million barrels of oil and the US navy said on Tuesday it was now anchored ...
Pirates seize another ship in Gulf of Aden
Financial Times, UK - 4 hours ago
The latest example of piracy came as a Saudi supertanker, seized by pirates on Monday and laden with an estimated 2m barrels of oil, was confirmed to be ...

Pirates hijack Saudi tanker off African coast: US
AFP - Nov 17, 2008
DUBAI (AFP) — Pirates have seized control of the Saudi-owned oil super tanker Sirius Star off the east coast of Africa and are taking it towards a Somali ...
Pirates’ hijacking of oil tanker heightens shipping risks
Business Mirror, Philippines - 11 hours ago
“The government is doing everything it can to try and protect the Filipino seamen from the Somali pirates.” International wire reports said the supertanker ...
Pinoy captives-at-sea reach 100 Tempo
all 22 news articles »

BBC News
Papers ponder pirates' practices
BBC News, UK - 21 hours ago
Beneath a picture of the supertanker captured by Somali pirates, he says the last thing shipowners want to do is to change a monetary deal into a gunfight. ...
Somali Pirates Seize Saudi Oil Tanker
조선일보(영문판), South Korea - 1 hour ago
The Saudi Arabian supertanker is the first large crude carrier to be captured by Somali pirates and the farthest out to sea so far. ...


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