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You are here: > News > May 29, 2008

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BlackLight's Hydrino Going Commercial

The BlackLight Process is said to generate enormous amounts of cheap, non-polluting heat that will replace the thermal power in coal, oil, gas and nuclear power plants that is then converted to electricity.

Edited by Sterling D. Allan
for Pure Energy Systems News

Animation of the Solid Fuel Reactor
Short overview of the BlackLight Process in BlackLight's new solid fuel reactor cell. Flash Player required.

Diagram of the BlackLight Plant Process
This diagram shows how a BlackLight Reactor may power a steam turbine. Flash Player required.

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Cranbury, NJ, USA -- BlackLight Power Inc. announced Wednesday the successful testing of a new energy source. The company has successfully developed a prototype power system generating 50,000 watts of thermal power on demand.

The company is presently in discussion with various engineering and manufacturing firms to to prepare this 50 kW unit for commercial production.

“The BlackLight Process generates enormous amounts of cheap, non-polluting heat that will replace the thermal power in coal, oil, gas and nuclear power plants that is then converted to electricity,” said Randell Mills, Chairman, CEO, and President of BlackLight Power Inc.

With gasoline prices continually escalating, Mills says the BlackLight Process is the breakthrough we’ve all been waiting for. “The hydrogen-burning car has been possible for decades, but there has never been a way to produce cheap hydrogen until today. We are projecting that we will be at the scale of power generation necessary for a power plant to replace the gasoline pumped in a day at a station with hydrogen from water in approximately 24 months.”

Incorporating existing industry knowledge in chemical and power engineering, BlackLight Power (BLP) is pursuing the immediate design and engineering of central power plants utilizing the BlackLight Process. BLP plans on developing pilot plants with architecture and engineering firms with anticipated delivery in approximately 12 to 18 months. 

The BLP process has been replicated and validated by independent scientists and has received interest from financial institutions and power utility plant operators around the world. BLP plans on licensing its technologies.  This breakthrough was entirely supported by private capital with no government investment.

Dr. Shelby Brewer, former CEO of ABB Combustion Engineering and Assistant Secretary of Energy during the Reagan Administration said of this announcement: “In my nearly 50 years in and around the energy business, I’ve yet to see a breakthrough as promising as this one. When I was studying to become a nuclear engineer in the 1960s, I never imagined I would see a day like today.”

Michael Jordan, former CEO of Westinghouse and current board member of BlackLight Power, says “the breakthroughs announced by Randell Mills and his team of scientists will go down as one of the most important advances in the field of energy in the last fifty years.”

BlackLight Process

BlackLight Power, Inc. is the pioneer of technology based on the patented process of releasing chemical energy from hydrogen called the "BlackLight Process." BlackLight has mapped the physical structure of electrons in atoms and molecules that has helped generate a prospectively efficient, clean, cheap, and versatile thermal energy source.

The  BlackLight Process is a novel chemical process causing the latent energy stored in the hydrogen atom to be released as a new primary energy source. This allows the negatively charged electron that is otherwise in a stable orbit to move closer to the naturally attracting, positively charged nucleus to release large amounts of energy. 

This patented process of releasing chemical energy from hydrogen generates power, heat, plasma (an energetic state of matter comprising a hot, glowing, ionized gas), light, and proprietary new compounds. 

The BlackLight Process is a breakthrough in power generation by the invention of a solid fuel that uses conventional chemical reactions to generate the catalyst and atomic hydrogen at high reactant densities that in turn achieves very high power densities. 

In principle, power plants would utilize continuous regeneration of the solid fuel mixture using known industrial processes; and the only consumable, the hydrogen fuel, would be obtained ultimately from water due to the enormous net energy release relative to combustion. The catalyst causes the hydrogen atoms to transition to lower-energy states by allowing their electrons to fall to smaller radii around the nucleus with a release of energy that is intermediate between chemical and nuclear energies.

The primary application is as a new primary energy source

The process is also a new field of hydrogen chemistry. Specifically, energy is released as the electrons of hydrogen atoms are induced by a catalyst to transition to lower-energy levels (i.e. drop to lower base orbits around each atom's nucleus).  The net energy released may be over one hundred times that of combustion of the hydrogen fuel with power densities comparable to those of fossil fuel combustion and nuclear power plants. 

As hydrogen atoms and catalyst atoms are normally found bound together as molecules or are bound in other compositions of matter, BlackLight has invented a solid fuel that uses conventional chemical reactions to generate the catalyst and atomic hydrogen at high reactant densities that in turn controllably achieves very high power densities. 

The hydrogen fuel could be obtained by diverting a fraction of the output energy of the process to power the electrolysis of water into its elemental constituents. With water as the fuel, the operational cost of BlackLight Power generators is likely to be very inexpensive. Moreover, rather than air pollutants or radioactive waste, novel hydrogen compounds with potential commercial applications are the by-products. 

Mills has released a paper/presentation (pdf; 5.83 MB) outlining the full documentation and explanation of the BlackLight Process.  He is committed to announcing all future progress as it occurs.


Two of the potential applications of this technology are in heating and electric power production.

The heat-generating prototypes have shown the BlackLight Process to be potentially competitive with existing primary generation sources over a range of scales from micro-distributed to central power generation. The BlackLight Process thermal power source may be ideal for interfacing with commercially available electric power generating equipment including Sterling engines and turbines for micro-distributed and distributed electrical applications, respectively. 

On larger scales, the BlackLight technology may be well-suited for the utility industries and could reduce or eliminate problems such as those arising from the variable regional supply and price of fuels such as coal, natural gas, and oil, the cost of building out a suitable supporting infrastructure and transmission grids, and eliminate pollution, greenhouse gas emission and other market, supply, infrastructure, or environmental adversities. 

Commercial-scale devices demonstrating means of extracting the energy have been operated in batch mode at BlackLight. BlackLight envisions the scale-up of energy devices to commercial power generation levels will require the application of existing industry knowledge in chemical and power engineering, and not new technology breakthroughs. 

BlackLight Process experimental results on its process and compositions of matter are published widely and have been replicated by independent groups.

About BlackLight Power Inc.

BlackLight Power Inc. is the inventor of a paradigm-shifting new primary energy source and a new field of hydrogen chemistry with broad commercial applications. 

BlackLight Power has invented a new primary energy source with applications to heating, distributed power generation, central power generation, and motive power based on a new chemical process of releasing the latent energy of the hydrogen atom, the BlackLight Process.

BlackLight Power, Inc.'s wholly owned subsidiary, Millsian, Inc., is dedicated to developing new molecular modeling applications based on The Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics (GUT-CP), a revolutionary approach to solving atomic and molecular structures that uses the solved structure of electrons for the first time. 

BlackLight has built an extensive patent portfolio worldwide and will license companies to use commercial processes and systems that it develops in power, heating, lighting, chemical, and laser products as described by its licensing strategy. 

BlackLight occupies a 53,000 square foot modern research and development facility equipped with over 10 million dollars worth of laboratory equipment. Its technical core competencies are theoretical physics, chemical engineering, chemical and material characterization, thermal power measurement, characterization of plasma processes, and power engineering. In addition to its Cranbury facility, BlackLight has collaborating labs worldwide. 

For more information, please visit 

# # #


  • Blacklight Power press release, May 28, 2008 (
  • Media kit from Blacklight Power
  • Phone conversations with BlackLight personnel.

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