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You are here: > News > December 5, 2007

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Free-Energy Battery Inventor Killed at Airport?

Official statement cites "natural causes" but others familiar with the disruptive potential of the inventor's technology to the existing power structure consider it a probable assassination. 

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2007

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reported death as "most likely not a homicide."

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On Nov. 11, inventor of a revolutionary, affordable, clean energy technology, Arie M. DeGeus of AMDG Scientific Corp was found slumped in his car, totally unresponsive, in the long-term parking lot of the Charlotte Douglass International Airport in North Carolina.  He was taken to the hospital and died a short time later.  The autopsy suggested heart failure, so officials were saying the death was a result of a medical problem or natural causes, and not likely to be a homicide. (Ref.; ref.)

Those who were involved with his research are doubtful, citing, among other things, that he had been in relatively good health.  The timing is also suspicious.  He was apparently on his way to Europe where he was to secure major funding for the development and commercialization of his technology, which could make oil obsolete as a fuel source.

Charlotte Macklenburg Police detective, M. Conner, said that it would be a while yet before the toxicology report comes in on this case.

Tom Bearden, a well-known figure in the cutting-edge, clean energy technology industry, wrote a lengthy report on the inventor, his death, and his technology.  He said:

"DeGeus was the inventor of a thin wafer-like material/device that somehow specially aligned the atoms or electron currents ongoing in that material, so that the wafer produced a constant amperage at a small voltage – continuous real power, or in other words a strange kind of “self-powering battery”. 

Bearden also speculates about the cause of death, citing a technology that shoots an electromagnetic beam that destroys the body's control of its heartbeat.  He said there are two basic sizes of the Venus ECCM technique.  One has a range of around thirty feet, and the other, about the size of a bazooka, has an effective range of around 200 feet.

Bearden claims to have been hit with such a device along with his colleague Ken Moore while at a restaurant several years ago.  They felt the fibrillation and saw the would-be assassin about 20 feet away, with his suit coat pulled back, exposing a book-sized shooter.  Fortunately, they were near an emergency exit and were able to get away before a lethal dose was received.

DeGeus had been in Salt Lake City a couple of weeks ago, demonstrating the technology to some people who were also seeking to raise money for its advancement.  That group said that DeGeus was not the only person who knew how the technology works, and they hope to see it go ahead even though DeGeus is no longer around.

The above information has been brought to the attention of the Charlotte media and police.

# # #

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  • Plasma / Nuclear / Batteries > Arie M. De Geus' AMDG Scientific Corp - The late Mr. DeGeus discovered novel energy generating technologies, all of which feature ‘over-unity’ energy production, relating to fractional hydrogen, low-energy nuclear transmutations, electrodynamics, torsion fields and electro-gravitics. (PESWiki; Dec. 7, 2007)


Keeping the Addiction Up

On Dec. 5, 2007, Ken B. wrote:

The money and the willingness is there to do anything to keep us on the drug.

* * * *

DeGeus Involved in Many Technologies

On Dec. 5-6, 2007, Ted Loder of AERO wrote:

I just read your report on DeGeus's death. Is this Arie DeGeus? If so, his age was around 67-68 I believe, not 45 as the article suggested. I knew his birthday and knew he was a bit older than me.

I visited his lab a number of years ago and spoke with him many times by phone. He had many technologies that he was working on.

Arie died on Nov. 11, 2007.

* * * *

Sounds Like the Electrinium Battery

On Dec. 6, 2007, before we had published our article on the Electrinium Battery, which story had been in the hopper before the DeGeus story, John Aspray <john {at}> sent the following email regarding the above article.

Wafer thin battery with atoms aligned, sounds like the Electrinium Battery proposed by the mysterious Arthur P Summera.

I attach, what appears to be, his only publication. [Ref.]

I have tried to find out more about Mr Summera, but to no avail. I suspect that he is no longer with us as it sounded like he was quite aged when he wrote his book.

My apologies if this information is already known to you.

* * * *

After receiving this email we published the following story that was in our hopper:

Batteries / Zero Point Energy > Electrinium Battery Remains Unreplicated - Theoretical battery proposed in 1980 would consist of an alloy of two different metals that induces the atoms to give off the Zero Point Energy as electrons. So far, no one has built this device. (PESN; Dec. 6, 2007)

* * * *

AMDG Scientific

On Dec. 7, 2007, Michael McDonnough phoned regarding DeGeus:

DeGeus' company is AMDG Scientific Corp, in which AMDG stands for Arie M. DeGeus.

He was probably in his 70's, and overweight, being a fan of rich foods.  He was four years old when the Nazis came through his village in the Netherlands.

McDonnough's group was in negotiations a number of years ago to license a technology based on a world patent held by DeGeus on a Nuclear Transmutation Process.  However the funding fell through.

DeGeus had several technologies that he would bring out when funding opportunities arose, wanting to get them all financed.

One of his associates listed on the contact page of their site, Thomas G. Stanford, is a professor at the University of South Carolina.


The contact information given on their website is:

Arie M. DeGeus
AMDG Scientific Corporation
10510 Garners Ferry Road
Eastover, SC 29044

Phone (803) 647-7008 [no longer in service]
(803) 647-7181  [no longer in service]
Fax (803) 647-7009 

Joseph P. Phelan 
Phone (939) 273-1495 [prefix given on website is a typo]
Cell (939) 537-2745 

Thomas G. Stanford
Phone (803) 777-4101 

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan December 4, 2007
Last updated November 21, 2014





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