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You are here: > News > November 2, 2007

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AERO offers at least $5 million award for a working clean energy tech

Company offers a $200,000 up-front licensing award for an outside-the-box energy technology, followed by the much larger award paid within two years of commercialization.

    "What we want to prove is a closed loop, self-running OU electrical system that simultaneously runs a load of 1 Kw or more." -- Dr. Steven M. Greer (Nov. 2, 2007)

Sterling D. Allan Interviews Dr. Steven Greer (55 min; mp3; 13 mb; Dec. 3, 2007; Free Energy Now)
Dr. Greer is the founder of the Disclosure Project and a leading expert on UFO suppression and associated advanced, clean energy technology sequestration.  Greer also founded AERO to protect and launch a revolutionary energy technology that meets the screening criteria of 'self-running with at least 1 kW of usable electricity.'

AERO image from their website:

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Ignition Secrets DVD by Aaron Murakami 

A&P Electronic Media

Magnetic Energy Secrets, Paul Babcock, Parts 1 & 2

Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann


Adapted by Sterling D. Allan
for PureEnergySystems News

CROZET, VIRGINIA, USA -- Advanced Energy Research Organization, LLC (AERO) has announce an up-front $ 200,000 USD licensing award and a minimum $5 million two year royalty program for a qualifying new energy breakthrough.

The Charlottesville, VA energy research company is conducting a world-wide search for promising, outside-the-box inventors and scientists who have provable energy generation inventions that need support, further development and widespread public exposure.

AERO's forerunner was SEAS Power, which has been offering a similar $1 million "Z Prize" since September 2002. (Ref.)  So far, no inventors or companies have both qualified and agreed to the prize terms.

AERO CEO, Steven M. Greer, MD notes that, "Over the past 100 years, many major energy breakthroughs have withered on the vine, died with the inventor or been absorbed into secretive corporate or government programs. It is AERO's mission to see that these new technologies are protected, supported and massively disclosed to the public so that we can go beyond our current addiction to oil, gas and coal and begin a new, sustainable era in human history."

"AERO is uniquely qualified to see that such technological innovations make it to market. Our network includes 'A-list' celebrities, Nobel Prize winners, current and former heads of State, and millions of people who follow our work," said Greer. " The inventor or team that has a qualifying system for energy generation will have the full force, support and protection of this unique, global network."

Greer has made a name for himself in the Disclosure Project, which seeks to make public the knowledge that has been sequestered by governments and black ops regarding UFOs and extraterrestrials.  There appear to be many high tech energy capabilities that have likewise been absconded, but this AERO project focuses on technologies that are available, having come from the grass roots.

His badger-like gumption to not be intimidated by the powers that be has won him wide respect and a large following.

Some, who have worked with Greer in this endeavor over the years have been critical of his strong ego, but are nevertheless hopeful that he can pull off the leadership role he cordons off for himself in bringing a breakthrough energy technology forward into the marketplace.

The criteria set forth by AERO for the $5 million award are:

  • The inventor or team must own or control the rights to the technology.

  • The invention must be already built, robust and running reliably, with a net exportable (usable) power output of at least 1 kilowatt or greater, able to be test run with a load for at least 72 hours without interruption.

  • The system must use no power from the power grid and if batteries or capacitors are used, they must remain fully charged.

  • The system must be a closed loop system (that is, the output energy is sufficient to run the energy needs of the system and also provide the minimum 1 kilowatt of usable net power.)

  • If it is a water-to-fuel system, the system must be able to electrolyze water into hydrogen and oxygen to create enough on-demand fuel to run the system (again, closed-loop) and create the minimum 1 kilowatt of net usable power.

  • Systems using solar, geo-thermal, wind, nuclear or fossil fuel input are excluded from consideration.

  • The system must not create greenhouse gases or other polluting emissions. The system must not use radioactive materials or other materials that are an environmental hazard or biohazard.

  • The inventor or team must be willing to bring the system to Virginia to be tested and this testing must be transparent and open (no hidden "black box" tests).

  • The system must be able to pass performance and efficiency testing by three independent scientific groups and be fully reproducible from plans by an independent third party (AERO will sign a non-disclosure agreement with the inventor(s) as needed to assure confidentiality.)

  • Output must be in watts, not volts, joules, horsepower etc. The system must be configured to be producing real measurable power in usable wattage.

  • The inventor or team must be willing to license the system to AERO, LLC.

  • The system must have plans adequate to fully reproduce the effect by an independent third party skilled in the art of fabrication and electrical engineering but with no other input from the inventor.

  • The inventor or team must be willing to cooperate with AERO to further develop (at AERO's expense) the technology, as needed, so that a manufacture-ready, beta-tested, UL listed system is achieved.

Once the above criteria are met and a licensing agreement is in effect, AERO says they will grant $200,000 as an up-front licensing award fee, followed by a minimum of $5 million in royalties within two years of a manufacture-ready, beta tested, UL listed system being created.

In addition to these awards, AERO says they will pay the inventor or team to work with them to develop this manufacture-ready system.

Greer explains the reason AERO expects the output to be in Wattage, not volts, joules, horsepower etc.

"Over 17 years we have seen horsepower output systems so odd that custom-made, one-off hp measuring equipment is required to get an accurate read, and /or whose output cannot match a commercially available generator in rpm's etc, so that a custom generator has to be made - to get a real world, meaningful measurement. And so forth.

"We are interested in electrical power - that is what the world is using. We have found that some will claim OU heat- but have no heat exchanger to convert to wattage, etc.

"Or [regarding] water-to-fuel; they can make Browns gas, but not run a standard electricity producing generator; and when they do, it is not as much gas as they thought (mostly air), and it is not OU, self-running, and the loop cannot be closed (system run from output power generated).

"We are not new to this. We feel that regardless of how the system is working, what we want to prove is a closed loop, self-running OU electrical system that simultaneously runs a load of 1 Kw or more."

# # #


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Worth Billions

On Nov. 2, 2007, M.D. writes:

Such a technology would be worth 2 or 3 billion in licensing alone.  This sounds like a rip off to me.  There are people willing to pay many times that amount.

On Nov. 2, 2007, Sterling Allan responds:

Greer's offer is not for the person seeking to become filthy rich.  It presents the following advantages that most entities cannot or will not offer:

- A protective network for disruptive technologies; the network being comprised of both temporal security and massive exposure for safety in numbers.
- Rapid roll-out.

For other advantages and reasons for using their network, review their Strategic Overview.

* * * *

AERO Quickly Obsoleted

On Nov. 2, 2007, *** wrote:

The down side of AERO's offer is that once a device is known to work, their is no need for AERO! 

Once the big players know the devices works they simply make a great offer and run off and 
do it. Small players like AERO only have one technical advantage, to move first on new technology when the risk is high. Once the risk is reduced to "ZERO", my grandmother could sell high tech to any company in the world because the market is looking and very open now and ready for a change.

The commercial and technical benefits of a working prototype can be demonstrated at any test facility in the world at no cost to the supplier. Labs will jump at the chance to test any 
new device at no cost to the inventor or company if it has great potential to solve the pending 
energy crises and pollution issues at the same time. This is a no brainer.

AERO is behind the power curve, meaning that the world is looking hard at all new technologies that make economical sense to implement and are non-destructive to the environment. 

AERO has no track record of bring any new technology to the world market. They will have a very long learning curve, which will delay and reduce the income of any company or inventor who team with them.

If the new technology doesn't produce any bad by products like CO2, radioactive waste and other nasty stuff and is cost effective, the company or inventor will have a line waiting to purchase the technology. The world wide energy market is a multi-trillion dollar market.

On Nov. 2, 2007, Sterling Allan responds:

Once a technology moves through the three stages, then yes, anyone in the world will run with it.

"All truths passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; Second, it is violently opposed; and Third, it is accepted as self-evident."

However, the whole point is that disruptive technologies come into this equation at either stage one or stage two, in which case it requires an entity with great courage and fortitude to stand by it and take it the distance. That is why the role AERO proposes to play is so valuable.

No, they might not be a known player with a proven track record in the energy industry, but they do have a network of people who are very likely to be able to pull this off. But most importantly, they have courage and fortitude. Most mainstream players not only lack such attributes, but they contribute to the ridicule and opposition.

On Nov. 2, 2007, *** replied:

I do agree that some one needs to fill this role that AERO is looking to fill.

Moving technology from the concept to proven hardware is both difficult and costly. AERO doesn't plan to support this part of the development, but only come into play once all the risk is gone and run off with the golden nugget. AERO plays no role in supporting the development or cost in this part of the problem which is the most difficult part of the mission, from my stand point.

Once all the data is collected and a working device is on the table for all to see running, producing electricity, any one of us can go out a sell as many units as one can produce in a given day. I see no problems in getting large sums of funding to support massive large scale manufacturing. Any company or inventor that can develop such a device will have 1000's of high quality companies to manufacture your product, since profits will flow like water.

The three [stages]  maybe true in the past, but I would think that they could be modified to something like this.

If it works and it's cost effect to replace existing technology and it can make a profit and it doesn't depend on hydro carbon fuels and doesn't produce secondary byproducts which are know to be harmful to environment, then I see no way to stop such a new energy device.

Limited funding can stop any R&D effort from moving forward. Just remove the funding and you can stop any project dead in it's tracks. Working on a shoe string is almost like no funding, since it's also slows down the the effort to develop the device in a timely manner.

It's clear that [AERO is] taking advantage of small companies and inventors alike. That is why I posted. I have studied this problem now for 6 months in detail. I truly believe that should any small company or inventor struggle (fund their project) to develop a working device with great market potential they would do well to shop around for the best deal.

On the other hand, should they team up with a second group or company to support the R&D effort, then this is a different matter altogether. The development of good working relationships early on in the R&D effort is advised.

See also

Page posted by Sterling D. Allan Nov. 2, 2007
Last updated November 21, 2014





"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
All truth passes through three stages:
   First, it is ridiculed;
   Second, it is violently opposed; and
   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

    "When you're one step ahead
of the crowd you're a genius.
When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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