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You are here: > News > September 15, 2007

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Inflatable, Affordable Electric Car Announced

Low cost inflatable electric car is announced as world's first crash-proof, long range, flat-pack vehicle.  Imagine a pre-deployed air bag forming the body of the car.

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Concept drawing from XPVehicle's website.

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA -- XP Vehicles™ announced on Thursday that it's Whisper™ electric car is being developed for online direct ship distribution at sub $5000.00 price-points.

A baffled pressure tube system (think Zodiac™ rubber boat) provides the actual supporting and protective structure of the vehicle. 

How safe is it? Recall that NASA recently threw tens of millions of dollars of ultra-sensitive electronics onto the surface of Mars from nearly a mile up and then bounced that same delicate gear for over a mile over boulders and everything worked flawlessly.  This was due to the instruments being shrouded in an already expanded inflatable housing that has served as the model for the Whisper™ body structure.

Anyone looking at the warnings on their visor can be concerned about the dangers during airbag inflation so XP simply built a vehicle entirely out of next-generation, always inflated, safety airbags. The engineers for the Whisper are confident you can drive it off a 25-foot cliff without serious injury to its passengers. They claim this is the safest car ever designed for drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

Initially designed for the Southeast and Western Asian markets, the car will float in an emergency such as a flood or tsunami and can be assembled by any two people of reasonable competence. 

The vehicle, similar in appearance to rounded edged sports cars, will be configurable online by each customer much like you build and customize personal computers online today at various major retailers. Colors, trims, features, and styles will be user-configurable on four different body-types.

The vehicle is so light it can go many times further on the same energy pack as other vehicles. Device Conduit Technologies is providing the novel, low cost power system. The sealed composite membrane tube structure uses a layered web material system. The wheels use eight hub-mounted motors. A large luggage area can carry home all of the groceries or luggage needed for the vast majority of everyday circumstances. 

The whole vehicle packs into two cardboard boxes for shipping by common carrier anywhere in the world.

XP is seeking distribution partners for large territory contracts. Sales are not currently open direct-to-public.

XP Vehicles is a Bay Area start-up formed by technology experts and a consortium of companies who are each expert in their component area. Multiple issued and pending patents protect this disruptive technology and distribution system.

Scott Redmond, who issued the above press release, said:

We have already been funded through seed round and are raising our A round. 
The only people we need to take us seriously today are VC's. They get all of
our deep data. Then we will pop out of stealth and go public with details. 

We have over $35M of other peoples studies on previous approaches. We have
done our own extensive studies. 

We have more studies and crash tests to do.

Our founders have over 20 issued patents between them.

One of our founders helped design the GM EV1. 

One of our founders is in the Iraq war bill and just completed a large
contract for DOE.

We are pretty much only talking to venture capitalists these days.

# # #


  • Press release received by email, plus additional email correspondence with Scott of XPVehicles.

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