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You are here: > News > June 30, 2007

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Joseph Hiddink's Pursuit of Extraordinary Propulsion

Spurned inventor comes back out of seclusion to renew research into how flying saucers are powered by taking energy right out of the air or aether.

Correspondence from Joseph Hiddink <vliegschotel {at}> to PES Network, June 29, 2007

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In 1967 I had the good (?) luck to figure out the workings of the Flying Saucer. The Propulsion System and how they are powered by taking energy right out of the air or aether.

I built a small unit, went to 150,000 volts, got a heck of a poke and big bang was heard, the light went out. The Power Transformer on a pole 150 fee away had blown up.

I was called out on business. When I came home a new Transformer had been installed. A squirrel was blamed. My TV and HiFi had been zapped. I blamed the Power Company, bought a slew of transistors and fixed the sets.

A few weeks later I went to 500,000 volts, this time using long plastic rods to activate the switches and a scream from the kids above my workshop told me that the TV was on the blink again and so was the HiFi. Then the telephone of all my neighbours around started to ring. "Could I come and have a look at their TV..?"

Being on of these Good Neighbors of which you read in funny Novels, I fixed all sets for free but did not experiment at home anymore. Next experiment was in the "sticks".

I got a lightning strike on the tree under which my Van was parked, set it afire, scared the daylights out of me and some poor farm dogs, which were instantly transformed into the fastest whippets you have ever seen.

As a good Patriot I decided to offer the invention as a Birthday Gift to Canada. Canada was 100 years old!

It was looked over by the National Research Council, the Scientific Arm of the Canadian Government. They concluded I was an Idiot. Nobody could ever invent the device I claimed to have invented, it said in the Physics Books that it was only a theoretical problem, originating by Faraday in the mid 1800's.

No matter how many times I wrote and explained, they finally wrote to tell me that my letters would be henceforth in the wastebasket, unopened.

Eleven years later, my (US) Patent Lawyer phoned me that the Patent was going to be granted.

He urged me to inform the Governments of Canada and the USA immediately. "It is probably the biggest single invention I ever will have worked on and it could quite well be the Nobel Prize for you!"

Dr. Kahn of the Hudson Institute had told him that it had been evaluated at $600 Billion if the USA would have it before Russia. That was for the Space Application alone!

I wrote once more to the NRC. It was still ridiculed. I asked my MP to intervene.

Four months after the patents were granted, the President of the NRC, Dr. Schneider, wrote a highly insulting letter (regarding me) to my MP., copy to the Premier, Mr. Trudeau,  about this idiot, who did not know anything about Physics and could the Government do something to stop me from pestering them with his nonsense?

I wrote a polite letter to this President,

stating that someone must have mislead him, as I had the Patent now. I enclosed a copy of the Patent.

A letter came back: "Yes, I had the Patent after all, but, "they" were sure that it could not work, no financial assistance!"

I offered to come to Ottawa and have lightning come out of the clear blue sky.

No answer. They tried it and the NRC Buildings were hit twelve times inside one hour. That item was even in the Newspapers!

Now they had lost "face". They decided to keep on denying and poohooing this minor invention.

In the USA it went to the Propulsion Lab of Nasa in Cleveland, Ohio.

The learned gentlemen there were aghast.

Who would need them if we could fly to the Moon in an hour or Mars inside a day?

They were being paid big bucks and were not going to kill the Goose that laid Golden Eggs and (of course not) kickbacks from the different suppliers.

"Not interested, than you for the copy of your Patent!"

After the space disasters I believe that they decided to experiment with it and not knowing abou precautions to be taken blew their own Power Transformer Station to Kingdom come and a poor innocent tree was blamed for the blackout.

One year after I got the Patents I went finally on the Web and read about a certain MR. Tesla.

I realized that he had discovered the same thing. Two years later, while in the hospital with a heart-attack, due to a severe allergic reaction with Cashews. of which I had eaten a tin instead of making a TV dinner when  my wife was visiting friends 600 Miles away, my wife came back home. She found the stack of rejecting and insulting letters and concluded that they were the reason for the heart attack. She did not want me to work on it anymore, the strain was too much for her. Love won.

She passed away two years ago and now I am working on it again.

First a unit that takes power out of the air to keep an industrial device with a 72 volt battery constantly charged.

Next, a unit for home power. Then the real electric car like Tesla had. Next the power for air- and spacecraft. The fourth industrial revolution is coming.

To ensure a long and happy life, I have given the complete circuitry to trusted people in Canada, the USA and Europe.

If anything would happen to me it will be splashed all over the internet.

The units will be leased, so as to get a constant income and keep the Tax man happy.

Here in Canada the Ontario Provincial Government is not interested, the Politicians have their fingers in the Energy Pie, e-mail and faxes are not answered. The Federal Government referred me to the Minister of the Environment who is all hopped up on getting the funding of many billions of dollars to bury Nuclear waste. No answer from him either. For 100 Million Dollars we could fly it to the Moon or dump it at Jupiter.

A real spacecraft can be as big as a football field and be crewed like a Naval Cruiser.

Don't worry, the US Navy People were not interested, neither were the US Marines interested in a floating of flying vehicle to be used in hilly country like Iraq or Afghanistan.

The poor Oil Barons in Calgary got $510 Million to fight pollution. With $5 million I will get better results than they ever will get.

Type >One Terminal Capacitor Joseph Hiddink< in your search slot of your computer to read some more.

Patents are expired but I left one insignificant item out to ensure that an unfriendly power would not be able to use it.

When I get enough capital I will have to take at least 1000 patents out. There are myriads of applications. It is like inventing the wheel. Of course I might be on the wrong planet this time around.

You also will understand that it is not something that should go to a University. Any disgruntled student could zap all the Computers, Cell-phones and even car computers.

The US Patent number is 4,095,162

Canadian Patent  1,043,434

I think that it is more of a Professional Jalousie than anything else.

After doing a stint in the Netherland Marines (trained in Camp LeJeune for the invasion of Japan, which was stopped by the Atom Bomb), I went for a few years to Indonesia, came home and finished High School in Holland.

(Only 24 subjects, all compulsory for five years, most subjects are by that time on the level of two years University).

Discovered in my spare time that a Diode could be made to amplify on short waves. Picked up daily for one hour Police Broadcasts from New York and Chicago on the two or three meter band. Built a circuit that would give one Audio Power Output Tube a push-pull output.

After graduation I trained for a few years as a Steinway Tuner/ Technician and invented the "Tuning Felt" now used by professional Piano tuners.  

Then I got a position at Philips as a Techwriter. After three days, reading the Philips Technical Publications, where it was explained why they had a light colored Mask around the outside of the picture tube, I suggested the use of a Fluorescent Tube around the picture tube and was called an idiot. It would give distortion and interference.

Later used by Sylvania as the "Halo-Light TV" The Push-pull circuit was no good, as their calculations showed no output. Stupid idea!

Later used in the US as the Circlotron amplifier.

Two months and thirty ideas later I suggested the Diode Amplifier and was old that "Every idiot knew that a diode could not amplify!"

I decided to emigrate to the USA.

The waiting list was as long as the distance from Florida to Hudson Bay, I went to Canada instead. Then my stupid inventions were used and published and the Philips Engineers decided to look in all these other stupid ideas of mine.

Yes, a diode could be made to amplify on FM and Radar frequencies.

The Varactor Diode Amplifier, now used in every Radar Set around the world. No credit to me.  In 1967 while trying to get funding from the Ontario Development Corporation, the Degreed Engineer told me that I could not have invented it as I had no degrees.

When I countered that neither Edison or Bell had any degrees, he told me angrily: "Do not compare yourself with these men, they were REAL inventors!"  No funding.

# # #

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan June 30, 2007
Last updated November 21, 2014





"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
All truth passes through three stages:
   First, it is ridiculed;
   Second, it is violently opposed; and
   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

    "When you're one step ahead
of the crowd you're a genius.
When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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