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You are here: > News > April 29, 2007

Drought Abatement Project Support Sought

American scientist James DeMeo, Ph.D., has proven rainmaking methods that could alleviate the epic drought baking Australia.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2007

James DeMeo, Ph.D., with his successful rainmaking machine patterned after the work of Wilhelm Reich.
Image source: with permission

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Worst Drought in 1000 Years

The Australian economy is on the brink of going under due to the worst drought on record. If rain does not come, irrigation to all primary producers will be cut in seven weeks to be diverted for human drinking.  Livestock will die; food crops will fail, vineyards and orchards will perish. (Ref.) Australia is not the only nation in the throes of crisis due to drought.  This is a global crisis of growing proportions (refs) -- unless something can be done to bring rain.

Rain-making Technology Available

This is why Robert Jones and others in Australia are seeking to get James DeMeo, Ph.D., of the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab to come down from the United States.

DeMeo is a leading specialist in the field of Weather Engineering Technology. (Ref 1, ref 2, ref 3)  He has 29 years experience in drought abatement, beginning with documented results under the auspices of the University of Kansas, and subsequently having seen success in some of the driest regions on earth.

He has refined the Wilhelm Reich Cloudbuster which "consists of a special movable antenna resembling a large 'pipe organ', which can be aimed at different parts of the sky. The device taps into and influences natural energy currents in the atmosphere and ground, and when used in certain specific ways, wind and weather patterns respond accordingly." (Ref.)

Past application of this technology by DeMeo and his colleagues has stimulated significant useful rainfall in each region where it has been implemented throughout the world. This is supported by meteorological data collected during field trials in the 1980s.

Data sample:
Results of 12 Cloudbusting Operations in Kansas.
Data has been averaged together over a period of one week, showing the rains and percent cloud cover for three days before operations, the day of operations, and three days after operations. There is a peaking of rainfall starting immediately after the onset of operations, with a secondary peak two days later. Cloud cover remains higher during the days after operations as compared to before. From: James DeMeo, Preliminary Analysis of Changes in Kansas Weather Coincidental to Experimental Operations With a Reich Cloudbuster, Thesis, University of Kansas, Geography-Meteorology Department, Lawrence, 1979.

"We don't try to 'milk' one or another cloud for rains, like the cloud-seeders do, but rather undertake to restore natural energetic pulsation, which as Reich discovered is a fundament for good cloud growth and development", said DeMeo. (Ref.)

The technology has been tested over time in different geographic locations.

Individual field trials were undertaken during mild to severe droughts in Florida, Illinois, Georgia/S.Carolina, Arizona, Washington State, and California. Results were very positive, with a restoration of natural rainfall episodes, generally within 48 hours after operations commenced. 

The technology works as demonstrated by the scientific requirements of cause-effect and repeatability.

Rain stimulation experiments have also proceeded in arid and semi-arid lands in the Southwestern USA, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Namibia and Eritrea. The results were also positive in these cases, sometimes far beyond expectations, with the termination of drought conditions and development of significant rains over adjacent desert areas.

Financing DeMeo's Work for Australia

DeMeo is looking into flying to Australia mid May to deploy some of his rainmaking equipment.  The project is estimated to require around $10,000.00 USD -- "loose change compared to the billions being lost through this drought and the economy we are about to lose if we don't take action", said Jones, who is dropping everything to focus on helping to bring this about.

DeMeo says that rainmaking can commence within a few days of his arrival, based upon his bringing key components with him by air freight and purchasing other materials on-site.

He will be in charge of the project, and will decide where best to begin.  "Locations of operations are determined as much by logistical realities as by where the atmosphere is stuck, and what needs to be done.  Much depends upon what I see with my own eyes after arrival."

Jones said, "if financial support arrives soon enough, we have a chance. We may be able to save Australia's food crops and other primary industries in time to return rains before the irrigation is banned."

Financial contributions toward this effort should be directed to the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab's research fund. OBRL is a non-profit science research and educational foundation established in 1978. (Link)

Despite the Government

Jones has written many letters to the Australian government and industry representatives but has failed to gain any active response as of yet. DeMeo also petitioned the Australian government to no avail.

"The harsh reality is that millions could die from crop failure, water shortages, poverty and disease unless rainfall can be restored", said Jones. "Many more economies will go bankrupt including our own."

"I feel obligated to act upon this knowledge and do all within my power to duplicate former drought breaking success. And seeing as the technology does exist to stimulate rainfall I will feel partly responsible for those deaths if I did not try my best to prevent them."

Other Rain-makers

Peter Steven's Atmospheric Ionization device.

DeMeo's organization is not the only independent entity pursuing weather modification for drought relief.  The Wilhelm Reich approach has been studied and even attempted by numerous individuals in Australia.

Peter Stevens has an approach he calls atmospheric ionization, and recently formed a discussion group to report the progress he has been making with running his device and rain resulting. (Ref.)

Jones himself has seen cloud cover modified first-hand through an electrolysis-like cell he built and which he named a "proton cell", which inadvertently also affected the weather patterns overhead. (Ref.)

DeMeo is not necessarily enthusiastic about the attempts by various Australian tinkerers.  Indeed, he wonders if some of these well-meaning attempts done incorrectly might actually be contributing to making the Australian drought worse.  He says that the instructions often found on the net for the Reich Cloudbuster, especially the "chembuster kits", clearly fall into this category.

# # #


  • Correspondence from Robert Jones
  • DeMeo Press Release, 15 January 2003
  • Correspondence with James DeMeo
  • Correspondence with Peter Stevens


Additional References
Compiled by Robert Jones, to show the scale of drought.

Subsequent Coverage

  • Events: Orgone / Weather Control >
    Interview with James DeMeo about Orgone technology - Former professor DeMeo, a foremost world expert on the subject of Orgone Energy, discusses the well-documented yet still shunned work of the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich and his findings on the orgone energy, or life-energy, which has application in health, mechanical energy, and weather work. Upcoming conference. (PESN; June 3, 2009) (Comment at


James DeMeo
Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory, Inc.
Greensprings Center, PO Box 1148
Ashland, Oregon 97520 USA 
email: <demeo {at}>

Robert Jones 
+61-07-41290429 office


Raining on Target Locations Within 48 Hours

On April 30, 2007, Peter Stevens wrote:

Gday Sterling.  Completed another trial.  In fact, we are still running the machine and have shown that indeed it can rain on the locations targeted within 48 hours.  Follow-up rain is continuing too fall even after we have [moved the machine away] for up to three weeks.  So far we have been on constantly since March 13 2007 and will continue to run the machine until flooding rains come.

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  • Weather Modification a Long-Established, Though Secretive, Reality - New legislation not designed to foster pleasant or productive weather, but planned as tool of weaponized weather control, already well tested and in use since 1976. Amateur and hostile weather-makers alike likely to lose their technology to the military. (PESN Sept. 6, 2005)

See also

Page posted by Sterling D. Allan Apr. 27, 2007
Last updated November 21, 2014





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