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You are here: > News > March 11, 2007
<On July 23, 2007, we were given permission to released this story, composed in March.>

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Hollywood Producer Announces Water Fuel Film in Production

Chris Patton, from Dark Horse Entertainment, describes his experiences over the past ten years documenting various water fuel technologies, including GEET and Brown's Gas, leading up to his present feature documentary film now in production.

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(Source: > Water Fuel Museum)

Dark Horse Entertainment helped launch a documentary film based on the book Water Car, by James A. Robey, who hosted this present interview.
(Image is a composite of DHE logo and the Water Car cover.)

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Ignition Secrets DVD by Aaron Murakami 

A&P Electronic Media

Magnetic Energy Secrets, Paul Babcock, Parts 1 & 2

Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann


Chris Patton, pictured here in the center, next to Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu on the right, is an independent film director, and an Executive Producer with Dark Horse Entertainment, a Hollywood Production company, whose titles include The Mask, starring Jim Carrey, Mystery Man, Time Cop, Alien Versus Predator, and more recently, Hell Boy.  Chris has been directing documentaries on advanced environmental technologies since 1996 and used to work with the International Tesla Society.  He consulted for many years as science advisor to CEOs, and has a background in international finance as well as mining and engineering.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2007

HOLLYWOOD, CA, USA -- On Saturday, March 10, James Robey conducted a 1-hour live interview with film maker and producer, Chris Patton, of Dark Horse Entertainment and Zero Point Films.

For the past decade, Patton has been traveling around the world, documenting various energy technologies, primarily seeking out the most feasible and promising technologies he can find.  This has culminated in his present endeavor, which, until this interview, had been a closely-held secret.

Technology Becomes Real

Patton explains how he became interested in alternative energy, and the first time that he personally witnessed a technology that showed him that there were some very real breakthroughs that had not penetrated the consciousness of the Western World.  He was involved in mining gold and diamonds in the Ivory Coast during the Liberian civil war in 1996, and was astonished at the resourcefulness of the people to be able to make due with what little they had.  One of the mines was powered by a single-cylinder diesel engine fueled by something like 80% water and 20% diesel and corn oil, "or something like that".  While he was there, this was taken for granted to a certain extent, but when he returned to the States, he realized in earnest that this was "impossible" according to Western wisdom.

Following the failed mining operations due to the civil unrest that killed his partners and stripped him of his investment, Patton liquidated his assets, took what cash he had left, and hit the road for about six years, documenting these suppressed environmental technologies and naturopathic remedies for chronic diseases.

Hooking up with the International Tesla Society, he began documenting scientists and engineers who had come up with exotic technologies that defied explanation but that could be demonstrated.

Traveling Witness

Patton's travels began with a two-year stint following the work of Paul Pantone's GEET plasma technology that allows an engine to run on just about any liquid mixed with just a small portion of petrol.  "What he would do is take these 5 kW generators, modify the exhaust manifold so that it would vaporize the gasoline before it reached the engine, [significantly increasing] its mileage.  He somehow created a plasma reactor accidentally, where you could get away with using ten to twenty percent fuel, and the rest could be whatever liquid was laying around the house as waste.  And it produced practically no emissions, and the exhaust pipe ran 'cold', which meant it was creating an efficient burn."

Patton describes seeing the demonstration of this technology many times, and his amazement at the myriad of scientists who would try to explain what was happening, yet it was obvious that none of them knew how this was taking place.  Robey points out that recently an academic report was published that validates the plasma claim Pantone has been making for years. (Ref.)

This phenomenon lead to three areas of research.  "Some theories were that it was electrochemical.  Another theory was that it was a self-inducing plasma field that was able to break down any liquid that was going into it into its constituent [elementally-recombined] gasses."

Patton described what he thinks was happening. 

"Inside, he had a cast-iron pipe that was about 6-8 inches long.  In the center of that pipe he would place a steel rod that was spaced from the edges by 1/8 of an inch.  He'd put that in the exhaust manifold.  What happened was when the engine was drawing fuel, it would draw into the pipe, around this steel rod that was in the exhaust manifold.  The exhaust coming out was about 400 - 500 degrees.  As the cold fuel came in, what would happen is you would create this electrostatic charge on the steel rod that would turn it into a plasma reaction that would break the liquid and gases down almost atomically as soon as the engine got hot enough.

"When you fired it up, it would choke for a minute, because it wasn't hot enough to create the reaction.  Once it was warmed up after thirty seconds, you could essentially pull the gas tank off the system, like we did at many conferences, and pour pickle juice, beer, motor oil -- anything you had on hand -- down that engine.  He would hold this white rag up, and while we were talking he would hold it onto the back of the tail pipe.  After his 20-minute talk, he would hold it up, and there would be no black carbon on that handkerchief."

Patton also touches briefly on the unfortunate political struggles involved in Pantone's operation that caused it to fail and for Pantone to end up in jail and a mental institution.  "Some personal lifestyle issues got him into trouble, and unfortunately, the ego overcame the intelligence when he got into court, and he thought he would impress everybody by making some claims about what his system could do, and that they should release him right away, because needs to help save the world.  And of course that got him an instant one-way ticket [going the other direction]."

Tesla Technologies

In the next chapter of Patton's foray into extraordinary energy technologies, he explored a wide array of Tesla-related technologies.  "People were able to keep batteries' charged by self-charging them with unique components; or electronic systems that were radiant energy receivers or ambient energy antennas."  The list also included devices that would power themselves, while offering up additional power for external use, so that "you could power your house with a self-sustaining power supply?

"I began following these systems around the planet; and there were quite a few claims.  It was at the height of the Art Bell era.  Everyone was talking about UFOs, Free Energy, Over Unity technologies, and extraordinary science.  At the time, I was sort of on the cusp of that, because I was the guy documenting those claims for radio personalities and for the International Tesla Society.  So I was on the front line.

"Every time a phone call would come in, I would be jumping in my 'bat-mobile', racing across the planet, trying to find out who, what, when, where, and why; and if it was legitimate. I was fortunate enough to have some really bright people come along with me on occasion, that had a lot of experience in alternative energy and fringe science.  They would come out three to validate or invalidate the claim, to say, 'It's interesting, but it's not usable', or 'It's interesting, but not quite up to snuff, but it's a phenomena worth keeping your eye on."

Brown's Gas

Patton also describes his work with George Wiseman and Brown's Gas technology in which electrolysis pulsed with a square wave rather than a sine wave, produces a common-ducted hydrogen-oxygen mixture that had highly unusual properties.  He tells of a mining colony that used the process to sift copper and gold away from other minerals and quarts.

Feature Film Documentary Announced

Patton then tells the story of how while producing for Dark Horse Entertainment, a division of Dark Horse Comics, the world's third largest comic book publisher, he pitched the idea of  doing a feature film documentary on new energy technologies.  He had been pumping them with information from James Robey's book.

At first, the idea was to create a fictional story, but if fictionalized, the sense was that the truth was too unbelievable and the story would come across as too fantastic.  Then Patton suggested, "Maybe we should just tell everybody, using James' book as a guideline, the actual history of water car research, and what happened to them, and maybe, just maybe, we can get the studio to buck up for a couple of these technologies, and we'll demonstrate them in the film."

Following that presentation to Studio Exec's, "It took less than 24 hours, and we were approved on the project, and we've been shooting for eight months."

Since that time, a major studio has come aboard to work with Patton's company, Zero Point Films, to produce the film.  The topic has been broadened to include several other affordable, clean energy technologies that have been well-proven but not yet implemented on a large scale.

Patton expects it to be in theaters "by the end of the year."

Water-Fuel Car Success

Electrolizer produces copious gas with minimal electrical input.

Referring to a still-living water-fuel technology researcher, Bob, who he has been collaborating with, Patton remarks, "The guy has given so many secrets out on the Internet.  [Ref.]  We've rebuilt his system at the studio -- Los Angeles, California.  I can tell you, this guy has done it. He nailed it. He gave us a gift. What he did is he showed us a way to split enough hydrogen-on-demand, combined with enough oxygen gas that we can keep a generator or a motor running with less than four amps and around 100 Volts of energy, and it's enough hydrogen to keep a vehicle's engine running."

Scientists balk saying that this far exceeds Faraday's equations, and that such a level of hydrogen production would require many times more amps and volts.  "But when you're doing something that's closer to quantum mechanics, when you start shaking things at a sub-atomic level, the laws change", Patton remarks.

"What throws people is when [the standard] equations don't work.  Instead of acknowledging that there may be an equation that [science has] missed, they just hang fast to the equations that they know, and lock onto them, and say, 'If it's not this, it's nothing'."

"It's too bad for them, because when you start breaking out of classical physics, and you start looking into what quantum physics actually has explained and offered and can demonstrate, you realize that not only have we not touched the surface, but there are so many levels of energy, and so many different ways to tap it, that if you can harness it, it's ... almost an infinitesimal amount of energy per square footage of space."

Celebrated Tokyo Inventor

Patton also takes several minutes describing his interactions with Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu, who built a multi-million dollar off-the-grid home in downtown Tokyo.  In contrast to the U.S. where clean energy inventors are often harassed, threatened, and sometimes killed, Nakamatsu is a national hero for his work in many areas, including energy.  His home doesn't exhibit the typical solar panels or windmills, but uses numerous schemes designed by Nakamatsu, who holds more patents than Edison.  The south-facing wall, for example, is lined with thermal-coupling devices which convert the suns heat into electricity.

Collage prepared by Chris Patton, who is shown standing by the home entry.

Patton mentioned a project under way to replicate the principles in Dr. Nakamatsu's home in a new home in California.

Ongoing Collaboration

The film will focus on proven technologies that can bring clean energy solutions to the planet.

Patton has also been in regular communication with the New Energy Congress to discuss various technological aspects of the film, as well as to help smooth the way for emerging technologies to be able to make it into the market.  The NEC launched a similar documentary film project last Fall, and with the match-up with Patton are now a year ahead of where they had been.

Patton is working with World's Nest to develop and distribute some advanced environmental systems very soon.

# # #


  • Dark Horse Entertainment - One of the studios Chris Patton is involved with.
  • - James Robey's website.  "1805-2007: 202 years of turning water into fuel!"
  • Water Car - How to Turn Water Into Hydrogen Fuel! - book by James A. Robey,. 2006 (
  • Free Energy Video Project - Similar project commenced by the New Energy Congress and the New Energy Movement, now superseded by Patton's project, and supported by NEC and NEM. (
  • Exclusive Interview: Part II With Dark Horse's Mike Richardson - Regarding sequel to Monarch of the Moon. (; Sept. 26, 2006)

        "IESB: I hear Chris Patton is possible putting together a Tesla film, and with the Prestige movie coming out, Tesla being featured in it, is this a Dark Horse project at all?

        "MR: Chris has talked about doing a Tesla project for many years and at the same time I am researching a Tesla graphic novel that I am doing with Rick Geary, we just did one last year on Cravan another little known but yet amazing man in history. We are doing a series of these, Tesla is the next one on our list and then we have a very surprising one that’s going to make people laugh out loud when they hear it, not because of the subject matter which I think will be very interesting, but more the fact of the creative choices we’ve made and the fact that the person involved is still alive and working and allowed us to do it and the approach that we are doing because it makes so much sense it’s funny once you think about it."

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan Mar. 11, 2007
Published on July 30, 2007.
Last updated November 21, 2014





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