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You are here: > News > January 8, 2007

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Bob Boyce's Electrolyzer Plans Available to All

A system for high-efficiency electrolysis that involves the alleged production of monatomic hydrogen, which has highly unusual and effective properties in accentuating mileage.

by Michael Couch
for Pure Energy Systems News

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Bob Boyce was winning races in mini power boats down in Florida, using Hydrogen for fuel. The problem was that hydrogen wasn't easy to locate and acquire everywhere he raced. So, he began to research making his own.

Eventually he ended up making his own Hydroxy on demand in what might be called the "brute force method". He'd drain his batteries producing the Hydroxy that fed his engines.

One day he started noticing that at a certain RPM his power kicked up suddenly; as though he had a nitro boost or something. After a few recurrences of this, he broke down his system to find out what was causing his boost at that rpm.

It turned out that one of the diodes in his Alternator had failed and was pumping an AC into his electrolyzer. When that certain rpm was reached the output from the electrolyzer suddenly increased.

Researching further by having the gas analyzed at a local college, he found that when the frequencies kicked in he was producing much more monatomic hydrogen. He went on to perfect his electrolysis to the point that it generates a large volume of gas and mostly monatomic hydrogen.

PVC Pipes running to his special bubbler are 1 inch in diameter to handle the large gas flow required for big genset and auto operation. The electrolyzer cell itself is either 61 plates for torches and small motors; or 81 plates for larger gensets, boats and autos. Each cell is isolated from the others in that they are not connected by the water and electrolyte (KOH 28% or NaOH 20%).

Today, though Bob has gotten out of boat racing, he makes his own PWM3 Controller for Hydroxy torches and gensets. They aren't for sale but you can find the info in files on the Web. The controller uses three 556 Dual 555 timers. Each dual uses one 555 for pulse width and the other for frequency, generating 42,800; 21,400; and 10,700 cps respectively.

These frequencies drive the 25% modulation on top of the pulsed DC carrier "bias" current. The DC Bias voltage is input at the Toroidal Transformer's inputs which gets filtered into DC before reaching the plates of his electrolyzer with the AC Voltage riding on it.

It isn't critical how you get the pulses used to modulate the AC on the DC bias; any method will do. A pressure switch is needed to turn the cell off at 5 psi and back on when it falls to 3 psi. Bobs bubbler's have one way valves to retain pressure in the system so that production begins immediately when the system kicks back on. He uses many small holes in his bubbler inlet below the water so bubbles are tiny and diffused. This is to prevent a flashback from firing across several large bubbles back to the cell. Bob said it works well.

Plates are crosshatch sanded using no.80 sandpaper to create masses of points on each plate surface. Plate edges are seal for two reasons; to prevent all the separation from occurring only on the edges, and to prevent current leaking through the water from cell to cell.

Bob says this causes a magnetic circuit through the center of the plates in the electrolyzer. The result of all these refinements is that when the water is split, the bias voltage keeps it from recombining, and H molecules have plenty of electrons to absorb, preventing the two Hs from joining. Thus the extra large volume of monatomic Hydrogen molecules.

Water must be distilled; or clean, spring or rainwater. These last may require several filterings, to remove sludge; much like Joe Cell Charging water. The 6"x6" Plates are spaced 3mm apart exactly and sealed on the sides and bottom. Water levels must be maintained in each cell. Bob's has a supply pipe with holes drilled along it for each cell.

If your system is designed according to all the specifications of the Boyce system, Bob says, you will get another area of separation in the water between the cells as well as on the plates.

Mr. Boyce is a true humanitarian and has placed his system in the public domain in the hopes of helping the planet reverse global warming, end oil wars, and deliver free energy to the poor peoples of the world.

Someday, Mr. Bob Boyce will be hailed as a truly great American Inventor. Bob won't care for that; but hopefully the one who deserves the credit for his accomplishments will get it. He expressed unhappiness with several people who he tutored in Hydroxy production because they went on to patent or rather try to patent systems that were largely based on information that he has placed in the public domain.

# # #

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  • New Release of OU Electrolyzer Plans - Bob Boyce is one of the world's leading super-efficient electrolysis experts. A group of hydroxy researchers have compiled an updated set of plans including Toroidal Coil winding and hookup info enabling others to replicate the work of Boyce. (PESN; September 29, 2007)

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